Best Vacuum For Long Hair

In this article we will review the best tangle free vacuum for long hair in 2022 that are perfect for both human hair and animal.

Long hair can be a pretty annoying residue that lies around your house almost at all times.

Vacuuming long human hair/dog hair can be a severe problem, especially when don’t have the right vacuum cleaner to do so.

Tangle Free Brush Roll Vacuum Comparison

SharkShark APEX Zero-M
SharkShark Navigator ZU561
SharkShark Rocket Zero-M ZS351
BISSELLBissell 1650A Pet Hair Eraser
BISSELLBissell Pet Hair Eraser Upright (2087)
DysonDyson Ball Animal 2
DysonDyson DC65 Upright Vacuum
DysonDyson Cyclone V10 Absolute
EurekaEureka AS3401AX


Best Tangle Free Vacuums for Long Hair 2022

Want to know why these machines are so beneficial and how to pick the right one?

Well, time to scroll further and find out!

If you are a dog owner you probably feel like your pet is part of the family. While we love our dogs their hair can get everywhere! When dogs shed on the living room furniture it can really be unsightly. Luckily there is are some powerful vacuums that is designed to make your life easier.

Here are our Top 10 Best vacuum for Long Hair 2022. Reviews & Buying Guide Below:


1. Shark APEX Tangle Free Vacuum for Long Hair

Shark APEX Upright Vacuum with Zero-M Anti-Hair Wrap (AZ1002)


The Shark APEX Zero-M Anti-Hair Wrap is our best choice for the best vacuum for long hair 2022.

For those who are looking for superb versatility without losing power, the Powered ‘Lift-Away’ feature from the Shark APEX Anti-Hair Wrap will be a perfect vacuum that doesn’t get clogged with hair.

This vacuum is easily one of the most powerful in the market, coming with every useful function for long hair without reducing flexibility. From the different cleaning modes to the high-quality performance, the Shark APEX is surely a vacuum not to overlook.

  • Exceptional Suction Ability

Boasting ‘DuoClean’ technology for a dual brush that cleans deeper than most brushes, this vacuum will leave a polish feeling to your hard floors. However, this feature works far better when you add the ‘Zero-M’ technology and the 1350 watts of power.

This way, you can get the superior suction power from ‘DuoClean’ system with the uninterrupted performance that the ‘Zero-M detangling’ tech offers.

  • Incredible Versatility

While it has excellent performance, the APEX model’s most exciting feature is able to work as an upright vacuum, canister, or with its ‘Powered Lift-Away’ mode.

This makes the perfect vacuum so you can use the right mode depending on your needs. Adding the ‘Active-Glide’ tech for easy maneuverability and noise-reduction feature, you’ll get a fantastic product overall.



  • Excellent performance with ‘DuoClean’ system with 1350 watts of power
  • High-quality ‘Zero-M brush’ technology that reduces tangling & clogging
  • Top-notch versatility with Powered ‘Lift-Away’ mode, canister mode, and upright mode
  • Offers easy-to-maneuver design with a noise-reduction system for superb convenience


  • Heavy design can be a little problematic to handle


2. Shark Navigator ZU561 Tangle Free Vacuum


If you are expecting a powerful vacuum, the Shark Navigator ZU561 is precisely what you need. Coming with amazing suctioning power and the outstanding ‘Zero-M’ technology, this vacuum leaves nothing to be desired.

It works well for removing hair without tangling, provides amazing ‘HEPA’ filter with ‘Anti-Allergen’ technology, and even manages to be easy to handle. So, if you are looking for the best vacuum cleaner for allergies, the Shark ZU561 will be an excellent choice.

When it comes to great vacuums for hair, the Shark Navigator is one of the few you shouldn’t overlook.

  • Deep Vacuuming

The deep suction performance of the Shark Navigator is almost unbeatable in the market. Using 800 watts of electric suction power, it will get rid of all types of residues, including the long & short hair on the floor.

But what’s even better, it comes with the fantastic ‘Zero-M’ cleaner head which prevents tangling and provides a smooth experience. It works really well on carpets as well.

  • Great Portability & Handling

Providing a light design at only 13 pounds alongside a ‘Lift-Away’ feature, the Shark Navigator is a hugely convenient machine entirely. It works either as an upright or as a canister vacuum according to your needs.

You can handle it very easily as well with its light build, boasting a swivel steering design for easy maneuverability. Add the 25-feet cord, and you’ll have no problem using it around your house.


  • Excellent vacuuming performance with 800 watts of power
  • An uninterrupted operation for hair suctioning with ‘Zero-M’ cleaner head
  • Portable and easy to maneuver design with only 13 pounds and a 25-feet power cord
  • Great filtering system with ‘HEPA’ & ‘Anti-Allergen’ technology


  • A little hard to push and move in carpets


3. Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Tangle Free Brush Roll Vacuum

Bissell Pet Hair Eraser 1650A Upright vac

Having dogs in the home is a real joy. Being able to hang out with your best buddy is truly special. But dogs, especially those with long hair can shed all over your carpet and furniture. This can be very unpleasant and even unsanitary. Luckily you don’t have to worry about pet hair any longer because there is a vacuum that can save the day.

The Bissell Pet Eraser 1650A Upright is hands down the best tangle free brush roll vacuum for long hair. This amazing vacuum is very easy to handle and it comes with a tangle-free roller bar allowing it to easily pick up hair. Bissell has spent a lot of time and money developing this unit which comes standard with a patented Cyclonic Pet Hair Spooling System.

This vacuum has an extra long 8-foot hose and a 30-foot power cord that will allow you to cover a lot of area without slowing down. Perfect for pet owners the model has specialized pet tools onboard including a quick release wand.

A LED-lit crevice tool lets you get into those hard to reach areas and a Pet TurboEraser Tool safely removes pet and human hair from carpet. These are great tools that any pet owner should have.

If you have allergies you will be happy to find that this vacuum comes with a Smart Seal Allergen System that has a built-in a Febreze Pet Odor Eliminator. This system traps allergens such as pet dander and also eliminates pet odors leaving your home smelling fresh.

Watch the video below for more details how it works on long hair.


4. Dyson Ball Animal 2 Upright Vacuum for Long Hair

dyson ball animal 2 for long hair cleaning

The Dyson Upright Ball Animal 2 is the best vacuum cleaner for long hair. This vacuum is perfect for long hair dogs and even picks up human hair with little effort. The model comes standard with a powerful motor that provides maximum suction.

It features a self-adjusting cleaning head that seals in suction across wood, carpet, tile, and vinyl floors. This allows the vacuum to pick up even the tiniest particles making your home super clean.

Floors are not the only surface area this vacuum can cover and it comes with lots of attachments. A tangle-free turbine tool, stair tool, and combination tool are all included with the purchase of this unit.

In addition to lots of attachments, it also comes with a super long 35-foot cord which will allow you to cover a large area.

Pet owners will be happy to find that this model has a whole-machine HEPA filtration system that captures and traps all allergens and bacteria. You will never have to get your hands dirty because the Dyson Upright Ball Animal 2 comes with an easy to use push button bin.

As you can see, this is one impressive machine that can tackle pet hair and human hair without slowing down!


5. Shark Rocket Zero-M Vacuum For Human Hair

Shark Rocket Corded Ultra-Light Vacuum with Zero-M Anti-Hair Wrap Technology, XL Dust Cup, Hand Vacuum Mode, & Swivel Steering (ZS351)

The maneuverability & ease-of-use that the Shark Rocket ZS351 offers makes it perfect for demanding users. Those who want a machine that’s easy to use and won’t take much time to move and handle will surely appreciate the lightness and smooth design of the Rocket.

Still, this vacuum manages not to lose any suction power in the process of being versatile. It delivers outstanding vacuuming on any type of surface and works with the simple touch of a button.

  • Excellent Performance Entirely

‘Zero-M’ helps to reduce clogs & hair tangling in the brush, but the whole design of the Shark Rocket promotes a smoother experience than most of the other vacuums out there.

Paired up with a powerful suction capacity, you can pick up debris, dust, dirt, and long hair from animals or human without problems. And with the 30-feet power cord and the addition of LED lights, you’ll use this vacuum with almost no drawbacks at all.

  • Outstanding Flexibility

Weighing only nine pounds and offering advanced swivel steering design alongside a motorized brush for carpet cleaning, this device will be a piece of cake to use on any surface.

Its thin & easy-to-maneuver build is also fantastic for mobility. The best of all, you can transform it into a handheld vacuum so you can reach desired areas without reducing its power.



  • Light and thin build design for superb handling & mobility
  • Great performance with ‘Zero-M’ anti-tangling technology
  • Outstanding brush roll and suction power for exceptional performance on any surface
  • Very convenient ability to turn into an upright or handheld vacuum


  • Really cheap attachments may be disappointing for some users


6. Bissell 2087 Tangle Free Brush Roll Vacuum

Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Lift Off Bagless Upright Vacuum

For those looking for a vacuum with a tangle-free brush roll, the Bissell Lift-Off upright vacuum will come like a gem for them. It is the perfect option for those who prefer the quality of suctioning with great versatility over anything else.

  • Outstanding Performance Overall

With the 7 AMPs of power of its motor and the tangle-free brush roll that comes with, getting rid of a pet or human hair is the easiest thing to do.

You won’t have to spend more than a few seconds using the device to get the results you need. Add the the filtering system with ‘Smart seal’ and the ‘Frebreze aromatizing’ feature, you’ll get one of the best performances in the market.

  • Unmatched Versatility & Convenience

Offering a crevice tool with LED light, and the ability to turn it into a portable Lift-Off canister make this option unbeatable in handiness.

Add the ability to extend with a telescoping wand, and you’ll get exceptional versatility. Let’s not forget it also comes with a hands-free empty method, so you can get rid of residues fast and without getting dirty.



  • Superb performance with 7 AMPs of power and tangle-free brush roll
  • First-rate filtering system with ‘Smartseal’ & ‘Febreze odor’ eliminator
  • Convenient telescoping wand accessory & crevice tool with LED light
  • Versatile Lift-Off option for canister operation when needed


  • Feels really heavy and bulky to move which can be frustrating


7. Dyson DC65 Animal Upright Vacuum For Long Hair

Dyson DC65 Animal Complete Upright Vacuum

If you want a vacuum cleaner for hair on the carpet that does a neat job, then the Dyson DC65 won’t let you down. It is the perfect vacuum not only for carpet operation but also to enjoy a tangle-free experience.

But what’s even more important, it will impress you with its amazing suction power and overall performance. It comes with everything you could expect from a high-quality vacuum.

You’ll get a tangle-free turbine tool, a brush bar, several handy extra tools, a light design, and a 2-in-1 operation for more versatility. There’s practically nothing about this vacuum that could disappoint you.

  • Exceptional Suction Capacity

Getting rid of hair, dust, debris, or dirt will be a total piece of cake with this vacuum, especially with the ‘Radial Root Cyclone’ suction technology.

It still manages to offer 12 AMPs of suction power and comes with a unique brush bar that provides up to 25% better suction than other brushes. Add the tangle-free turbine tool for a smooth experience with hair and carpets to make an almost perfect vacuum.

  • Top-notch Handiness

An up-top tool for different vacuuming positions, an excellent dusting brush for flat surfaces and delicate furniture, a reach-under tool for hard-to-reach places, and a stiff bristle tool for superb removal of dirt from surfaces!

Plus, having the 2-in-1 combination tool for versatility and the additional stair tool, you’ll get the handiest vacuum in the whole list.



  • Great set of tools & accessory make a hugely convenient machine
  • Excellent suction capacity with 12 AMPs and ‘Radio Root Cyclone’ technology
  • 2-in-1 combination tool & stair tool provide great cleaning versatility
  • Remarkable tangle-free turbine tool for superb hair vacuuming experience


  • Very expensive



8. BISSELL Turbo Plus 24619 Vacuum for Long Hair

BISSELL Pet Hair Eraser Turbo Plus 24619

When it comes to eliminating long pet hair, there’s not a better choice than the Bissell Pet Eraser Turbo Plus. It works well as a regular vacuum for superb suctioning, yet it manages to provide an outstanding hair-detangling feature that only Bissell offers.

The ability to reach excellent versatility and performance at the same time without reducing overall ease-of-use makes the Pet Eraser Turbo Plus merely amazing. When it comes to vacuum hair that leaves nothing to desire, this one is one of the top contenders.

  • Superb Performance for Hair

Getting rid of pet and human hair is easy with this machine, not only with its great power but also it comes with specialized pet tools that no other brand offers. You’ll get a tangle-free brush roll, an Eraser tool, and a 2-in-1 dusting brush. With the edge-to-edge suctioning design, this vacuum is nothing short of fantastic.

  • Convenience at Its Best

You will get a hands-free empty bag that prevents you from getting dirty, and gives you the ‘Smart Seal’ system for the reduction of contaminants while using. Then the Febreze filter eliminates odors for an enjoyable vacuuming experience.

Finally, the quick-release extension wand for reaching difficult places gives very light and agile design at 17.5 pounds for easier operation. Surely, this machine will utterly impress you.


  • Fantastic for hair-suctioning with specialized pet-hair tools
  • Incredibly light & agile design for ease of use
  • Edge-to-edge suctioning system promotes a superb performance
  • A very useful set of accessories with an extension wand for more versatility


  • Heavier than most vacuums of its size & value



9. Eureka AS3401AX Tangle Free Brush Roll Vacuum

Eureka AS3401AX Brushroll Clean Technology

The Eureka AS3401AX is easily the vacuum with the deepest cleaning performance. Getting rid of residues stuck in the floor will be a piece of cake with this machine, thanks to its unique air suctioning technology. You will obtain the ideal performance for all types of operation, including hair vacuuming.

It is a vacuum with everything you need and an extra touch of features for an even more convenient experience. When it comes to being a little better than other options, this Eureka doesn’t fall short.

  • Astonishing Suction Capacity

The performance of this vacuum is just unmatched in the market. You’ll get the advantages of the ‘Brushroll’ cleaning technology that reduces hair tangles in the brush.

With the ‘SuctionSeal’ system, you will get outstanding suctioning power that goes deep in all surfaces. And with the ‘AirSpeed’ Technology, the vacuum manages to remove more dirt, dust, and debris from the floor with less effort.

  • Extremely Handy

There’s nothing about this vacuum that will leave you unsatisfied. From its 39-foot power cord for better reach, a 27-feet cord rewind, and a 12-foot hose stretch –  this vacuum is outstandingly flexible. Having the multi-surface cleaning brush plus the five available height adjustments, you’ll get the handiest vacuum in the list.



  • The top-notch suction performance with the ‘SuctionSeal’ & the ‘Brushroll Clean’ technologies
  • Removes dirt and dust from deep in any surface with ‘AirSpeed’ system
  • Highly convenient 39-foot power cord with rewind feature & 12-foot hose stretch
  • Offers various height adjustments and several hose accessories for versatility


  • Really awkward design makes it difficult to move & handle when suctioning


10. Dyson Cyclone V10 Cordless Vacuum for Long Hair

From a cordless stick vacuum to a handheld vacuum without roller brush, the Dyson Cyclone Absolute is the most versatile of all vacuums in the list. With the ability to go practically anywhere without problems, its excellent reach and unbeatable ease-of-use made this vacuum is not an option to overlook.

Not only it is completely cordless and versatile, it still manages to get rid of residues effectively. You won’t believe the amount of handiness and satisfaction that this vacuum provides until you try it.

  • Unbeatable Cordless Performance

When it comes to cordless vacuums, there’s just no match for the Dyson Cyclon V10 Absolute. The combination of a torque drive cleaner head with V10 digital motor allows the vacuum to capture & remove more dirt and fine dust from any surface.

When you add the fade-free performance, this vacuum becomes one in a million machine.

  • Great Convenience Overall

Offering up to 20 minutes in its maximum level, and up to 60 minutes of run time with the non-motorized tool, there aren’t many cordless devices as good as this one. Also having the excellent wall-mounted dock for charging and the three different power modes with stick/handheld design, you’ll get a convenient device entirely.


  • Exceptional versatility with stick design which transforms into a handheld
  • High-quality V10 cordless motor with driver cleaner head for superb suction power
  • Outstanding battery capacity that offers between 20 to 60 minutes of fade-free operation
  • Great set of accessories for a handier & more versatile experience


  • Manual ON switch needs to be held down while using which is pretty tiring on the hand


The Challenges of Vacuuming Long Hair

A vacuum without brush for hair may eventually be useless, as it will probably have problems.

Hair Tangled up in the Brush: Whether it is human hair or from long-haired dogs, it is pretty common to have annoying bristles lying around the house. However, it becomes a problem when the brush starts getting tangled with them. This reduces suction power and eventually makes the broadest & most effective performances very ineffective.

Clogged Hose & Blocked Air Flow: Clogging is common within vacuums with no detangling brush; this reduces suction power. And eventually, it blocks air flow which can burn out the device or overstress it. In the long term, a vacuum that clogs too much does not clean your floors effectively and leaves a lot of power behind.

What’s the Solution?

The best solution is to get rid of tangled hair in the brush, and to prevent clogged hoses is to get a tangle-free vacuum. For even better results, you can get a vacuum cleaner that doesn’t clog with hair. Getting a vacuum cleaner with both tangle-free and clogging-free design will prevent all problems with long hair.


What Makes a Good Vacuum for Long Hair?

If you are really interested in getting the best vacuum for long hair, there won’t be a better idea than learning more about these devices. Here’s what a good vacuum needs to have:

  • Tangle Free Brush roll

A brush roll that does not tangle with hair is a fantastic feature to have in a vacuum. This helps you to get rid of more hair & other residues without having to be continually detangling the brush by yourself. Eventually, this saves time, effort, and reduces downtime which can be pretty annoying.

  • Brush Roll On/Off

Apart from having a ‘brush-roll’ that reduces tangled hair while suctioning, it is also vital that the brush roll should offer the chance to be turned on and off when needed. This reduces issues when suctioning carpets or residues that can be too long or sturdy for the brush.

  • Removes Hair Wrap from Brush roll

Sometimes, a brush-roll that avoids hair tangles is not enough. Instead, a de-tangling technology can be a perfect choice. That’s precisely what features called as “Zero-M” from Shark vacuums offers. The ability to get rid of tangled hair in the brush while preventing it from happening has no price.

  • Tangle Free Turbine Head

A turbine uses air to suction more residues from the floor. At the same time, with the tangle-free design, it manages to prevent tangles even with longest or thickest hair.

Relying on the air capacity and mechanical performance of the turbine, this is a feature that won’t let hair to damage your machine. It’s pretty common among Dyson vacuums and works really well with all of its designs.

  • Easy-to-Access Parts

Whether it is a small or large vacuum cleaner, it is vital to be versatile and easy to use. Having parts that don’t demand much effort to change, clean, replace, and so on will always be very useful and time-saving.

Components such as the dust-bin and hose, for example, need to be accessible as they will be detached and attached continuously. This will add to the overall experience with the device and decrease wasted time.

  • Wide Hose Diameter

A vacuum hose, where the dirt, dust, and hair pass through is one of the most critical parts of these machines. When it is wide, it allows more suction capacity, reduces tangling & clogging, and eventually makes the vacuuming experience much more enjoyable.

  • Pet Hair Tools & Attachments

Tools & attachments that improve vacuuming performance are always useful. Those motorized or non-motorized tools will eventually get rid of hair more effectively, provide better reach, superior dirt/dust removal, and sometimes improve detangling capacity. Pet tools and additional attachments will then never let you down.


Steps to Remove Long Hair from Carpet Before Vacuuming

Removing hair from carpets is not easy, even with a powerful machine. That’s why there are several recommended things to do before using a vacuum on upholstery, such as:

  1. Use a dampened set of gloves to remove hair. Just put them up and soak them in water. Then pass them over the carpet or upholstery, and it should remove hair well enough. You can also use a soft sponge or a wet plastic towel.
  2. Spray a mix of fabric softener and water on the carpet. Then use a hard-bristle brush on the carpet to remove as much hair as possible.
  3. A pumice stone is another choice or an additional step to take. This stone can gather a lot of hair without damaging the carpet as long as you use it softly.
  4. Using an electric air pump on the carpet before vacuuming is also useful. While this may disperse hair all around the room, it is a great way to remove deep dust, dirt, and hair from carpets before vacuuming.


Final Words

Having long hair is fantastic, except when it comes to clean & when it falls. Right? No matter how young we are, leaving hair around the entire house is pretty normal.

It happens to everyone, including our dogs and cats. And this eventually makes our floors and furniture hairier than they should be. This could be either gross or annoying, but luckily there’s always a solution.

A tangle free vacuum cleaner will be the perfect way to get rid of unwanted long hair around the house. Whether it is yours, your loved ones, or just your pets, using a tangle-free vacuum is always helpful.

Getting the perfect long hair vacuum 2022 won’t be easy. With the many options for best tangle free vacuum cleaners for long hair out there, it will be a time-demanding task without a doubt. But surely, if you put an effort and read our reviews, the buying guide, and tips – getting the right product will be easier.

Just pick the product that best fits your needs & desires. This way you will ensure more satisfaction and less disappointment. Don’t waste more of your time and get the right product now!

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