Under Cabinet Kitchen Floor Vacuum- Sweepovac Review

When it comes to ease of use; you really can’t go wrong with a built-in kitchen vacuum Sweepovac.

The Sweepovac is an under cabinet kitchen vacuum cleaner that has impressive suction power to keep your kitchen neat & clean.

It comes with a toe kick operation button that will help you clean your kitchen floor without having to bend over.

In this sweepovac review we’ll discuss if this cleaning appliance worth to buy?

Let’s get started learning more about this fantastic built-in kitchen vacuum!

Why Use A Built-In Kitchen Vacuum?

You might be asking yourself why you would use a built-in kitchen vacuum?

The truth is there are many reasons why a homeowner would want to install this type of vacuum in the kitchen.

First and foremost is convenience. One of the most trafficked areas of the home is the kitchen.

Dust and dirt can build up quickly on the kitchen floor and having an under cabinet vacuum can make cleaning it a breeze!

Another reason why you would want to have this type of vacuum in your kitchen is the fact that you don’t have to drag out that heavy upright vacuum.

Instead, you can pull out your built-in hose and handle the mess without breaking your back.

Under Cabinet Vacuum- SweepOVac Review

SweepOVac Kitchen vac review


You may be wondering if there is an under cabinet kitchen vacuum review for this particular model.

Unfortunately, there are not that many, and we wanted to shed some light on this under cabinet vacuum. Below you will find our take on this particular model.

The Sweepovac built-in kitchen vacuum has a lot to offer. This particular model helps you get those kitchen floors clean without having to bend down. An excellent replacement for the dustpan this vacuum can be turned on by tapping it with your foot!

The vacuum is perfect for those with larger kitchens and comes with an extra long 18-foot hose. This will allow you to reach all areas of your kitchen without issue.

Great for pet owners this vacuum has powerful suction and can quickly pick up pet hair. A real space saver this model is slim by design and will always be out of the way, unlike an upright vac.

Easy to install this vacuum can be retrofitted in any type of kitchen including RV kitchens and mobile home kitchens.

Built to last this model is made from heavy-duty materials that will last for many years. It comes with a 2-year warranty and the makers of this unit always stand by their products.

This no mess vacuum uses bags that are super easy to change out when full an indicator light will turn on letting you when it is time to change the bag.

The Features of SweepOVac

As you will soon find out the Sweepovac has a ton of features that you will love! Each of these features offers you something different and they are all designed for ease of use.

Very Easy Installation: One of the best features of the Sweepovac is that fact that it is very easy to install. In fact, a homeowner can quickly install this model with just a few tools.

This eliminates that need to hire an expensive handyman. The unit comes with installation instructions and takes about 30 minutes to get the job done.

No Mess Bags: The Sweepovac system comes with Spun-Bound Anti-Bacterial Bags that lock odors in. These bags trap dust and dirt and seal them inside so you never have to worry about making a mess when changing them.

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When the bag gets full an indicator light will come on letting you know when it should be changed. This is a very useful feature that helps prevent overfilling the bag. Once full simply pull out the tray and remove the bag.

Highly Durable: This model is a well-made vacuum that is manufactured from heavy-duty materials that will last you for many years. It is a self-contained unit that is super easy to maneuver.

Kitchen Toe Kick Vacuum: In addition to having a long hose that reaches far and wide, this model is also a toe kick vacuum. This feature lets you operate the vacuum by simply pushing the easy to reach switch with your foot.

So if you have a quick pill of spilled cereal you want to get up, simply sweep it in front of the Sweepovac and tap the button. This eliminates the need for a dustpan.


Installing SweepOvac

Installing SweepOvac built in kitchen vacuum is very easy. Watch the video how to do it.

The Pros & Cons of Sweepovac Kitchen Vac

The Pros

  • This built-in kitchen vacuum is easy to install and the job can be done by the homeowner.
  • It comes with a super long hose that can extend up to 18 feet.
  • The model has a full bag indicator light that will let you know when it is time to change out the bags.
  • It is quite powerful comparing most handheld or upright vacuum models.
  • The unit has a low profile and is very slim.
  • Can be installed in any kitchen, mobile home, or RV.
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty.

The Cons

  • Has limited cleaning coverage.
  • Is not designed to use as a wet vacuum.
  • May take homeowners some time to get adjusted to using this type of vacuum.

Frequently Answered Questions

There are several questions that people are asking online about the Sweepovac under cabinet vacuum. Below are a few of the commonly asked questions that you also may be wondering about.

Q: Is the vacuum good for pet hair?

A: The answer to this questions is a simple yes! The Sweepovac is great on pet hair and perfect for those with pets in the home.

Q: Can it be installed by the homeowner?

A: As we have already learned this model can be installed by the homeowner in as little as 30 minutes.

Q: How far will it reach?

The unit comes standard with an 18-foot hose that will allow you to reach every inch of the kitchen floor. You can also use the toe kick button to suck up dirt without having to bend over.

Q: How good is the suction?

A: This vacuum is quite powerful to keep your kitchen floor clean.

The Bottom Line

Overall it is an amazing vacuum that will save you a lot of time and effort. This under cabinet vacuum will help keep your kitchen floor clean while keeping a low profile. A real space saver the Sweepovac is perfect for any busy household.

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