Best Vacuum For Fleas

One of the common problems that almost all pet owners suffer from is fleas.

Even though it is just a small insect, they are smart enough to bite all over your pet’s body.

To get rid of them, you need professional vacuum cleaning as well as anti-flea medication, sprays or shampoos on your pets.

Your carpets, furniture, beneath sofa, chairs, and blankets can be the source of fleas spread on your dog’s body.

So, even if you can remove all the fleas from your pet, you still need vacuum cleaning to get rid of them altogether.

To help you out, we will suggest you the 5 best vacuum cleaners for fleas (comparison & reviews) with diverse capabilities. So, depending on your cleaning condition, you will be able to choose the right tool for your house.

Best Flea Vacuums & Steam Mops Review

So, without further ado, it’s time to get your feet wet in the review section. We somehow enumerated the 5 most reliable picks for flea control here. Tried our best to sum things up, now, it’s your turn to go through.

Here are the 5 Best vacuum cleaners for flea control. Check detailed reviews below.

1. Shark Rotator NV752 – Best Vacuum For FleasShark Rotator Powered Lift-Away NV752

You would find lots of vacuum cleaner with the ability to clean your pet’s hair. But what about buying the one that does the work for three?

With Shark Rotator NV752, you are getting a cleaner with lift away pod, a powerful upright, and a convenient canister.

With its swivel steering, you can move around and clean furniture and even across surfaces. The canister is removable, and all you need to do is press a button. It will lighten the machine and turn into a portable one.

Therefore, it would be easy to reach areas that are hard to get to. In addition to that, its LED lights help you see things and clean up even more dirt and pet hair.

One of the key features of it is, the pet hair vacuum can rapidly transform to work on different surfaces. It offers two different profiles for thicker and low-pile carpets. Also, you can switch easily to clean hardwood floors.

The attachments?

Its washable microfiber pad and dust-away hardwood floor attachment can pick up all kind of debris without any issue. If your main concern is pet hair, the TruePet motorized brush with pet upholstery tool can handle all cleaning related to your fur folks.

If you have allergies and breathing problems, know that this vacuum cleaning system also features a HEPA filter which is completely sealed. It ensures that almost a hundred percent of dust and other harmful objects stay inside the vacuum and do not make their return tickets.


  • The Lift-away feature allows you to reach even under the furniture
  • A large amount of dirt carrying capacity makes it less hassle
  • The Bright LED light helps to see little things for better cleaning
  • HEPA filtration ensures proper sealing of dust and allergens
  • TruePet motorized brush attachment for cleaning pet hair


The vacuum is considerably heavy and not easy to maneuver on hardwood floors when it is self-propelled on carpets.

2. Shark Navigator NV352 Upright Vacuum For Fleas

Shark Navigator Upright NV352

At number four, we have a lightweight 2 in 1 Shark NV352 lift-away upright vacuum. The detachable canister makes it a portable cleaning power.

You can easily lift the canister away simply by pushing a button, and it allows you to clean certain corners that are hard to reach.

This vacuum cleaner makes maneuvering around furniture easy with the help of its swivel steering. You no longer need to realign the vacuum to switch direction. It will rotate the handle to whichever direction you want to move.

So, while cleaning your room’s carpet, you can quickly clean under your sofa or other furniture. Its solid unit will keep your floors and carpets cleaner than before.

Shark Navigator cleaner has a brush roll shutoff button that allows the user to switch between carpet and bare floor cleaning quickly. Its bagless technology will make things easy for you. There is no need for replacing old bags again and again.

If you are a pet owner, you would love this vacuum cleaner. It spots a pet upholstery tool that can remove lodged pet hairs from different types of fabrics. Additionally, pet power brush will help you to get rid of pet hairs from fibers and carpeted surface.

To turn the cleaning more efficient, a bonus crevice tool gets into unreachable areas and leaves no trace of dirt. Since its HEPA filter seals the dirt and dust inside the canister, you will not face any issue while emptying it.

[thrive_custom_box style=”dark” type=”color” color=”rgb(124,183,5,.15)” border=”#7cb705″]Also Read: Lightweight vacuum cleaners for the elderly.[/thrive_custom_box]


  • Lightweight and easy to pull, push and lift
  • Suitable for Elderly
  • Suction power is adjustable
  • Detachable canister increases the mobility of the cleaner
  • Bagless dust can make it easier to clean


Using more than 20 minutes makes it very hot. Due to the weak support, it can fall, and dust might spill all over.

3. Shark Rotator NV501 Vacuum Cleaner For Flea Control

Shark Rotator Professional NV501

Weight is one of the crucial factors for a vacuum cleaner with the portable feature. Most of them have portability but are not easy to maneuver. Nonetheless, with Shark Rotator NV501, you can vacuum swiftly however you want.

How it differs regarding the mobility compared to other upright cleaners? You will be able to carry it easily by lifting the body away from the floor nozzle. It reduces the overall weight of the cleaner. This mobility will allow you to clean different parts of your room aside from the carpet.

You may use it as an upright vacuum as well as a canister because a canister caddy is attached to it. The canister will not tip over, so there is no reason to worry when you pull it using the hose.

Although the manufacturer did not specify how far the hose can reach, it seems like there will be no issue to reach a considerable distance.

It will satisfy you with its bare floor cleaning performance. You will have numerous options to choose from. No matter whether you need to clean tight spaces or stairs, the provided crevice tool and dusting brush will help a lot to do so.

Even if you face difficulty to clean large bits of dirt with the floor nozzle, the crevice tool will not let you down. Additionally, cleaning carpet with its suction and a motorized brush is a lot easier. You can also clean pet hair with the turbo brush.


  • Usable as an upright and a convenient canister
  • It is lightweight and offers much more mobility
  • HEPA filter ensures complete sealing of dirt
  • Swivel steering allows moving around corners
  • Powerful suction leaves no room for dirt to stay on carpets


Hair gets lodged in the brushes, so you need to spend a few moments to clean before using next time. The LED light is not bright enough. Customers reported that the hose is a bit stiff.

4. SKG 1500W Steam Mop for Fleas

SKG 1500W Powerful Non-Chemical 212F

We all want professional cleaning of our houses occasionally.

But what if you can get professional floor and carpet cleaning all by yourself and whenever you want?

The SKG’s 1500W hot steam mop professional, versatile floor cleaner can help you with that.

Without using any harsh chemicals, it can provide you with deodorized and sanitized cleaning. Its 212F steam is powerful enough to dissolve stubborn stains and residue from babies and pets.

If you have pets, you are already disturbed by the fleas.

Thankfully, with this steam mob cleaner, there is no need to worry any longer. It completely wipes out harmful bacteria, and germs including insects like fleas and parasites to such extent that even their eggs do not get a chance to hatch.

With its 180-degree swivel shaped maneuvering triangle head, you can easily reach for cleaning to tougher corner areas.

Furthermore, its steam control settings will allow you to choose the cleaning mode according to your need. So whether you need to clean the carpet or wood, it will easily adjust to the condition.

Furthermore, you can select MIN to LOW for light cleaning. If your house or room is very messy, and you need some serious work, you can switch to its HIGH to MAX option for toughest cleaning. SKG cleaner can be used anywhere you want.

The package includes three pieces of microfiber pads. And, microfiber steam mops are great for hard floor surfaces such as tile, wood, laminate, and vinyl.

Therefore, you can wash these pads and reuse it. Additionally, the steam mop is non-toxic and environment-friendly for your family.

The machine features a sound alert system which will remind you of refilling water. Additionally, it can remind you if you unwillingly leave the steamer on.


  • Variable steam settings ensure working efficiency
  • Triangle mop head allows you to clean tough corners
  • Sound alert system lets you know when it is thirsty for water
  • Water tank can hold 8 ounces of water


The power cord is stiff and hard to rewind, and you need to use filtered water instead of tap water.

5. Dyson Ball Animal 2 Upright Vacuum For Fleas


If you have both kids and pets in your house, let me guess why you are here.

You probably are looking for a cleaner that is powerful enough to deal with the messes your kids and pets make.

Well, sit back and relax. We are about to introduce you to the Dyson Ball Animal 2.

Even though this cleaning machine does not come with a lot of extras, but it can clean the mess of your house no matter how tough they are to clean. Regardless of how hard the surface is, its self-adjusting cleaner can adjust between hard floors and carpets and do the toughest task.

It is often difficult to clean up distant heights and beneath the furniture spots. Thanks to its wand and hose that provides a smooth action to do the job for you. So, next time you do not need to bother switching positions frequently.

With great pets, comes great hair! Only pet owners can feel the pain while seeing hair on carpets. And it is often hard to remove completely unless the cleaner is powerful enough to do that. Luckily, this cleaner features a tangle-free turbine tool that can easily remove dog & human hair from carpets and covers.

What is the reason for cleaning if the allergens and bacteria make their way back to your room? With this cleaning tool, you can feel relaxed knowing that there will be no way back from the machine. The whole-machine HEPA filtration assures you of that.

Cleaning with a machine is something almost everyone is delighted to do. But when it comes to the time of emptying the canister, you know how uncomfortable it feels. You will be delighted to know that this cleaner comes with a dedicated button that releases the dirt automatically.


  • Powerful suction that can do the toughest task swiftly
  • Tangle-free turbine ensures there is no pet hair left on the floor
  • Whole-machine HEPA filtration leaves no room for germs to come back
  • Dedicated button makes it easier to empty the canister
  • Washable and reusable filters


The machine feels a bit heavy. Locking into an upright position is not something you would like to do. Additionally, it is difficult to push on deep pile carpets such as shag.


Can you Get Rid of Fleas by Vacuuming?

Traditionally, people used anti-flea medication and shampoos to kill fleas. But several studies including Ohio State University, have found that fleas can also be killed by vacuuming.

To understand it properly, you must know how fleas live. The adult fleas are the one that sucks the blood of their anticipated host. On the other hand, female fleas lay eggs on them. These eggs easily roll off onto the floor, pet bedding and furniture and hatch within 14 days.

So, even though you somehow managed to kill the fleas on your pet’s body, you still need to destroy the eggs before they spread all over your house.

If you vacuum, you can clean up to 96 percent of adult fleas and cent percent of those premature fleas at once.

Researchers are trying to introduce to us non-toxic ways to kill these insects. Because fleas tend to develop themselves in chemicals also.

Fleas have a waxy outer layer on them named cuticle. It helps them to hold water in and keeps them hydrated. What vacuuming does is, it brushes away their protective layer and causes them to die. So there is no way out if a flea ever gets into a vacuum.

Mistakes You Should Avoid When Trying To Remove Fleas From A Carpet

These are not exactly mistakes. I would say, these are some essential tips that many forget while vacuuming. If you really don’t want fleas in your carpet, these below-mentioned tips are undisputed to follow.

  • Do Not Stop Vacuuming Before At Least Two Weeks at a Stretch

If you think using vacuum cleaner once will do the job for you, you are wrong my friend. Fleas go through several stages during their lives. To ensure a flea free house, you must vacuum every other day for at least 14 days.

  • Make Sure You Are Covering Every Square Inch

To get the most out of vacuuming, you need to ensure that you are not missing patches of carpet. Do not rush during the cleaning process and vacuum every square inch of your carpet and under the furniture as well. You might miss a corner where eggs are waiting to be hatched.

  • Disposal of Vacuum Cleaner Bag

Do not ruin all you cleaning work by not giving proper attention to cleaner bag. Place the vacuum cleaner bag in an airtight plastic bag and dispose it in a rubbish bin. If you have a bagless vacuum cleaner, make sure you remove and empty the tank every time after vacuuming.

How to Get Rid of Fleas Naturally In The House?

You do not always have to use the vacuuming process to get rid of fleas from your house. There are some natural ways to do that too.

  1. Setting up Light Traps: Mix few drops of dish washing soap into a bowl of water. Place a light above the bowl. Then, place the bowl close to the areas of their territory. The light will attract them and make them drowning in the water.
  2. Steam Clean Your Home: Use heavy-duty steam cleaner on every area of your house including beds, carpets, and baseboards. Hot temperature of the steam will eventually kill the fleas, even their eggs. If you do not own a steam cleaner, you can rent one from home improvement stores.
  3. Use Food-Grade Diatomaceous Earth: This powder naturally pierces through the flea’s exoskeleton and kills them within a few moments.
  4. Anti-Flea Baths to Your Pets: During flea and tick season, you must give anti-flea baths to both your cats and dogs. Use essential oils to create natural flea shampoo and give baths to your pets. But be cautious before choosing essential oils.
  5. Washing: Properly wash and dry blankets, pillowcases, sheet, pet beds, small rugs weekly if there is an infestation.

Vacuuming Fleas with Bagless Vacuums

The process of vacuuming kills cent percent of pre-mature fleas. While on the other hand, it is up to 95 percent of adult fleas that can be killed by vacuuming. Even though only a few fleas can survive the vacuum touring, but in the end, they will eventually die inside it.

So, no matter whether your vacuum is with bags or bagless, you do not need to worry about the existing fleas. Therefore, it is totally fine if you do not sanitize the vacuum canister.

Make sure you are vacuuming regularly for 3-8 weeks. That is because, even though some fleas still live after the first vacuuming process, they will not be able to survive the next.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Now that you have come this far, it is obvious that you will have some questions banging in your head. Here, you have the most common queries asked on the internet that link between flea control and vacuuming.

How Often To Vacuum For Fleas?

It is highly recommended to vacuum every other day for 3-8 weeks. If your pets are adequately treated, then you need to make sure there are no new eggs. As within three weeks, the eggs hatch and eggs are the easiest forms to clean; you need to vacuum often to remove them before hatching.

Can Fleas Escape Vacuum Cleaner?

If ever a flea gets inside into a vacuum cleaner, know that it is a one-way trip. So, there is no way of getting out of it. Do not think that fleas will not try to escape, they probably will. But as the vacuum causes physical trauma to them, they will be critically injured and unable to move. Soon they will starve to death.

Can You Vacuum Fleas Off a Dog or Cat, and How?

It depends on your pet. If your dog or cat does not get scared of the sound of a vacuum cleaner, you are good to go. It will suck up almost all the fleas on your pet’s body. All you need to do is, use a small upholstery brush as a grooming aid. It will not hurt them. If you train your pet to get used to with the sound of a vacuum cleaner, he/she will enjoy the tight grip. But know that, most of the pets do not like the sound and are scared of it. So, before taking the further steps, make sure your pet is totally fine with vacuuming.

Can Fleas Live In a Vacuum Cleaner?

Chances are very low that they will survive the environment inside a vacuum cleaner. Vacuuming kills 96 percent of adult fleas, and make no room for a living of flea eggs, cocoons and larvae. It is due to how vacuum deals with them. If flea gets into a vacuum cleaner, the fans, brushes and strong air currents will violently hurt them. All these tortures bring savior injuries to fleas and cause them physical trauma which makes them unable to move. So, you do not even need to sanitize vacuum’s bag by burning and freezing. So, even though a flea somehow manages to stay inside of a vacuum, in the end, it will not be surviving for longer.


Bottom Line

Thanks a ton, if you journeyed all the way till the end of this article. The vacuum cleaners that we suggested can provide you with professional cleaning. They differ from one another regarding their features, designs and working capabilities.

Additionally, some of them stand for the best vacuum for fleas and pet hair. Hopefully, you will be able to make your worthwhile purchase from the list. If not, follow the buying guide and find your pick.

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