Different Types of Vacuum Cleaners [Infographic]

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Vacuum cleaners come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors and of course, types.

It is definitely a task well worth it to pick the best cleaning tools to help keep your sweet home fresh and clean of course.

Knowing what to look out for is very essential in picking that right vacuum cleaner to help keep your house sparkling.

This article will talk about the different types of vacuum cleaners as well as some of the things you need to look out for when purchasing a vacuum cleaner.

Let’s check the Info-graphic Below

infographic_types of vacuum cleaners

Different Types of Vacuum Cleaners

  1. Upright Vacuums

These cleaners are quite really popular and are about the most sought-after types of vacuum cleaners on the market.

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These upright vacuums offer the best cleanup for your house than any other vacuums.

They also come with accessories as well as functions that are easy to understand hence, enabling ease of use.

Most models of these vacuums are designed with settings that let you use these vacuum cleaners on carpeted floors as well as you would use them on bare floors.

  1. Canister Vacuums

Canister vacuum cleaners are somewhere in the middle of the upright model and the stick model.

They have as much effect as the upright cleaners, but are designed with a slender frame in just the way the stick the stick cleaners are.

canister vacuum cleanerWith the canister cleaner, a separate canister is attached to a long wand.

Thus can be used to maintain carpeted areas as well as it can be used to maintain bare flooring.

This style of vacuum cleaner, however, is usually one of the most expensive options for a vacuum cleaner.

This is because it advanced technologically and also comes a multi-functional design.

  1. Handheld Vacuums

Handheld vacuums are those ones especially designed to help you get to those areas which are usually tough to get.

This is very commonly used with cars especially as it is held by hand.

BISSELL-Pet-Hair-Eraser-Cordless-Handheld-Vacuum-Cleaner[1]It is very versatile and so you can use to vacuum the tightest of places.

However, this will not work great for cleaning the whole house because with a handheld, this would take a lot of time.

  1. Stick Vacuums

If you want to get into that narrow place and get a great job done, the stick vacuum might be what you want to pick.

While it may not be as powerful as other vacuum cleaners, you can count on your it to fix the dirt in all the narrow places even on hardwood floors.

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Area rugs and light carpeting will also be very well cleaned with these.

These vacuum cleaners come with a long stick and a slender frame as well and are a great choice if you have only a little space to store it.

  1. Robotic Vacuums

You do not exactly need a lot of effort to use a robotic vacuum cleaner. It can do a lot of work all by itself.

These vacuums can freely move around your house and pick up all the dirt on the way as they move.

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They have the great advantage of being able to save you time as well as the ability to clean out spaces which larger vacuums cannot reach.

Basically, these vacuum cleaners work like robots (as the name implies) and can get your work done with ease and good speed.

  1. Wet-Dry Vacuums

These ones can be used to clean up wet parts or liquid skills.

They work with the same principles of the traditional vacuum cleaners.

Wet-Dry-Vacuum cleaner-min

The main difference is, they take in air better.

These vacuum cleaners are also very versatile and effective and can take care of just about anything or place you want to clean up.

  1. Central Vacuum Systems

A central vacuum cleaner which is also called built-in or ducted is the type of vacuum cleaner appliance is installed into a building as some sort of permanent fixture.

Central Vacuum Systems

Central vacuum systems are designed such that they can remove dirt and debris from buildings and send dirt particles through tubes which have also been installed inside the walls to a container which collects the dirt.

The power unit is a permanent fixture and is normally installed in a garage, a basement or a storage room together with the container for collecting dirt.

The central vacuum system normally works with a unit, a hose, a pipe and accessories. In all, central vacuum systems are installed in the house like a furniture and are set to clean up the house in due time.

How to Choose a Good Vacuum Cleaner- The Buyer’s Guide

  1. Hardwood Floors/Bare Floors

If your floors are bare, models that provide a number of attachments are a great option. Also see that they do not have as much heft as other vacuum cleaners.

It is also not safe to use regular upright vacuums on flooring like hardwood because it could cause some problems such as scratching your smooth floors as well as scattering debris across the surface and hence, defeating by itself, its very purpose. Check this guide: How to clean hardwood floors the right way.

Some upright vacuums are designed to work better on areas which are not carpeted.

Canister vacuums will be great for your rugs if you do have them. These vacuums usually feature a bare-floor brush so keeping your floors as sparkling clean as you want won’t be such a big deal.

  1. Carpet & Furniture

If you have carpeting all over your floors, you should think about picking models that are not designed for tiling and hardwood flooring. This will save your carpet from scratching and easily wearing out as such vacuum cleaners may be too tough for your carpets.

Upright vacuum cleaners can work very great for carpets because apart from being friendly, they come with sensors that will ensure that every single tiny thing that us dirt is taken out.

These vacuum cleaners will protect your carpet as well as get the work done. It is great to take the time to study your floors so you can discover which vacuum cleaners work best for the floors.

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  1. Bag or Bagless

If you or any of the people who you share an apartment with are asthmatic or sensitive to allergens, you might want to pick the bagged vacuum. The bagged vacuum will reduce exposure to dust when the bag is empty and most bags will trap a good amount of dust in your carpeting. Bear it in mind that you would need to replace the bags from time to time.

If on the other hand, you do not want the stress of having to replace bags and are not sensitive to any allergens, you might want to pick the bagless vacuum.

  1. Pet hair

If you have pets at home that shed hair, then picking a model that can help get rid of that perfectly is essential. Look out for cleaners that can eliminate that pet hair perfectly while still protecting your floors.

Do Your Research

Taking the time to make some findings is well worth it in picking cleaning tools for your home. Know your floors and study what kinds of vacuum cleaners are best for what floors to ensure that you can achieve the squeaky clean floors you desire while making sure that the floors are protected.

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