Best Corded Stick Vacuum of 2018

People loves stick vacuum because they are lightweight, easy to use, takes less space to store & most importantly they are budget friendly.

And when it’s a corded vacuum, you should expect the best cleaning performance comparing cordless version.

We’ve spent hundreds of hours researching various models & analyzing their power, durability, customer reviews; We found that Shark HV302 is the best corded stick vacuum for most of the people.

That is ultra lightweight, converts into handheld vacuum, suitable for multi floor types like carpet & bare floors and more.

Want to see more options?

Let’s check out our Top picks with different features and prices.

Best Lightweight Corded Stick Vacuum Comparison Chart

#1Shark Rocket HV3027.6 lbsUpright
#2Bissell PowerEdge Corded 81L2A7.5 lbsV_Shape
#3Hoover Cyclonic Corded sh2003010.63 lbsCyclonic
#4Shark UV450 Rocket Ultra-Light14.2 lbsUpright
#5VonHaus 600W Upright Corded5.6 lbs2 in 1
#6Bissell 3-in-1 Stick Vacuum4.05 lbs3-in-1


#1. Shark Rocket Upright HV302


shark hv301_stick vacType: Upright Stick Vacuum

Weight: 7.6 pounds

Cord Length: 25 ft.

The Shark Rocket Ultra Light Upright Vacuum is under eight pounds making it easy to move. It can be used to clean from the floor to the ceiling. There is an attachment to help remove dust from harder floors and a microfiber pad that can be attached.

This vacuum is able to remove large pieces of debris as well as dust from bare floors.

This Shark even contains micro tools so that it can be used to clean out a car. These tools can fit into the smallest of spaces. There are controls that can be set from hard floors to carpet.

There is also a hand vac that makes storage easy.

This Shark makes it easy to clean all different types of flooring. It is also designed to maneuver around furniture making it easy to control. This vacuum can be attached to a wall mount when it is not being used.



#2. Bissell PowerEdge Corded 81L2A


Type: Bagless Stick Vacuum (V Shape)bissell poweredge 81l2a corded stick vacuum

Weight: 7.1 lbs

Cord Length: 20 ft.

Best For: Hard floor

Budget: Under $60

The Bissell Poweredge 81L2A is a reasonably cheap priced stick vacuum with a V-shaped nozzle. It’s one of the best corded stick vacuum for hardwood floors.

The design is ingenious, to say the least. It helps ensure optimum suction power, and makes cleaning against the walls and baseboard easier.

It can pick up large amounts of dirt and debris, and its Swivel motion also makes cleaning of the floors a breeze. It has a 20-foot long cord so you can get around when needed.

Bissell 81L2A weights 7.5 pounds, which is relatively light weight. Storage is also no problem as it can sit upright on its own.

Plus it has a QuickRelease cord wrap, which makes the cord wind up very quickly.

There are some disadvantages in owning this corded vacuum cleaner. One is that it doesn’t have HEPA filtration. Moreover, the dust bin also fills up quickly.



#3. VonHaus 600W 2-in-1 Upright

VonHaus 600W 2 in 1 Corded Upright Lightweight Stick Vacuum


Type: 2 in 1 Stick Vacuum with HEPA Filter

Weight:  6.12 pounds

Cord Length: 19.5ft Power Cord

Best For: Hardwood Floors

Budget: Under $50

Weighing just 5.55 pounds, this VonHaus 600 2-in-1 vacuum cleaner is the unit you would want to have when you need to clean a large room or house. And it’s one of the most popular stick vacuum under 50.

VonHaus 600W another popular stick vacuum for hard floors, available in cheap price.

With its lightweight design, you will likely have no issues at all carrying it.

Unlike the item previously discussed, this VonHaus product has HEPA filtration that is very helpful for people who have respiratory problems like asthma.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a bag so there’s a chance that you will still be exposed to dust when you empty the vacuum cleaner. The bin has a 1.2 liter dust capacity.

In terms of suction power, it has a respectable 130 air watts. There is a crevice tool attachment in this unit that lets you clean hard-to-reach areas in your room.

And its cord is around 18 feet long. It’s not the longest in this list but good enough to allow you to clean a room without having to switch plugs.



#4. Hoover Linx Corded SH20030


Type: Bagless Corded Cyclonic Lightweighthoover corded stick vacuum sh20030

Weight: 10.63 pounds

Cord Length: 20 Foot with Cord Release

Best For: Hardwoods/Kitchen Floors and Rugs

Budget: Under $100

The Hoover corded cyclonic sh20030 is a relatively lightweight and compact vacuum cleaner that should be very useful if you are to clean tight and awkward spaces.

It measures under 9.55 pounds, with the nozzle measuring 11 inches wide. It comes with a two year limited warranty.

Despite the size, it can provide sustained suction thanks to its WindTunnel technology and multi-cyclones.

Air keeps flowing thus this Hoover sh20030 vacuum cleaner won’t lose suction while you clean parts of your house.

It can gather up to a quart of dust and dirt, which isn’t exactly the best. It may have a small dust bin but the good news is that it is very easy to empty. You simply have to get it out and push a button. The lid then flips open easily.

The unit has a 20-foot long cord. It would let you go to various parts of the house without being restricted by the cord. It’s just a shame that this Hoover unit doesn’t have HEPA filters.



#5. Shark UV450 Rocket


Type: Corded, Bagless, PortableShark UV450 Upright Stick Vacuum with cord

Weight: 14.2 Pounds

Best For: Hardwood Floor

The Shark UV350 Rocket Ultras Light Deluxe Upright Stick Extended Vacuum Cleaner is designed for versatile use.

It can be used as both a stick vacuum as well as a hand vacuum.

There is a swivel steering feature so that it is easy to control. There is a floor nozzle for extra control as well. This vacuum has a dust cap on it so it can be emptied after use.

A person does not have to mess around with an annoying vacuum bad. This vacuum is powerful and has 500 watts of power.

It has n extra light design so that it is easy to use and it also has an ergonomic grip so that it is easy on the hands.

When not in use this Shark model vacuum is easy to store. It can be mounted on the wall or it can stand upright and it will not tip over.


Benefits of Corded Vacuums

Corded stick vacuums have a cord attached to a wall outlet. It can be used as long as there’s a constant electricity supply. Unlike a cordless vacuum cleaner that uses battery, a stick vacuum with cord will continue to run unless it is unplugged, or when there is a power outage.

Corded vacuum cleaners are ideal if you are to clean a large space, because there’s no worry about losing power in the middle of the cleanup job. Moreover, a vacuum cleaner can last longer than a cordless unit.

Things to Consider in Shopping for a Corded Stick Vacuum

Suction power

According to market intelligence agency Mintel, the most important consideration for most vacuum cleaner buyers is suction power. Nearly 8 out of 10 buyers consider suction power as the most important consideration when choosing a vacuum cleaner.

However, most people believe that the greater power in motor wattage translates to better suction power. The truth is air wattage is a better way of measuring suction power than motor wattage. Suction power, after all, also depends on the design and efficiency of the vacuum cleaner.

Corded vacuum cleaners are most popular because of it’s sustainable suction power comparing cordless vacuum cleaners. So you need to check if the vacuum has sufficient suction capabilities before buying.


Corded vacuum cleaners come in upright, stick, handheld, and canister. The fifth type, robot, is usually cordless.

When it comes to functions, upright vacuum cleaners are more appropriate for use in carpets, rugs, and hard floors. Canister is lighter compared to upright vacuum cleaners, and thus, easier to maneuver. A canister vacuum cleaner is a better choice for cleaning underneath furniture and along staircases.

Handheld vacuum cleaners are best used for picking up dirt and hair in sofas and other similar areas, while a stick vacuum cleaner is suited for smaller spaces like apartments and condominiums.

Bag or bag-less

It’s really a toss-up between a bag and bagless vacuum cleaner. It’s up to you to decide which one works best. Bag-less vacuum cleaners trap dust and dirt inside a canister. When it’s full, simply empty it into a bin. The advantage is that you don’t have to buy replacement bags which can be expensive, aside from being inconvenient.

However, bagged models have a bigger dust capacity compared to bag-less units. An upright, bagged vacuum can hold up to 4.2 liters of dust while a similar model which doesn’t have a bag can only hold 2.6 liters.


no one wants to get sick, especially for people who are prone to allergies and colds. Thus it pays to have a corded vacuum with HEPA filter. Remember that the vacuum cleaner sucks up air containing dust and dirt particles, then filters it and expels it back into the room.

Thus, you’d want to get a corded vacuum with filters efficient enough in removing microscopic allergens especially if you have allergy sufferers in the family.

Vacuum cleaners with HEPA filters are proven to be effective at removing or reducing tiny microscopic allergens. You should also consider getting one with active charcoal filters that can absorb pet and household odors.

Final Verdict

Corded vacuum cleaners are preferred by homeowners who don’t want to be inconvenienced by using a battery-powered vacuum cleaner. While a cordless vacuum cleaner can be used practically everywhere, the inconvenience happens when the vacuum cleaner loses power in the middle of a cleaning job.

But with a corded vacuum cleaner, you can clean any part of the house without fearing for such scenarios. Moreover, corded vacuum cleaners usually have better suction power compared to cordless vacuum cleaners.

You can’t go wrong with any of the models discussed in this article, if you think a corded vacuum cleaner is the best option for you. Shop online now and include the five models in your short list.

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