iRobot Roomba 860 vs 880 vs 890 Vacuum Comparison [Best Price]

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iRobot Roomba 860 vs 880 vs 890 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Comparison & Best Price. Select the Best one for you.

For an adequate clean up of rugs, carpets, hard floors and all other kinds of surfaces, you need an ideal vacuum to help you to carry out the cleaning process effectively. However, these days, people no longer want to get their hands dirty, (metaphorically and literally) they would instead a machine do that work, after all, that is what they made for.

Ladies and gents, men and women; let me introduce you to the latest stress-free vacuum on the market. Many of you might have heard of the robot vacuums, but not many of you may know about its benefits, one of which includes effective cleanup, and a stress-free process of control. The iRobot Roomba vacuum cleaner is one of the best robot vacuum cleaners around, and this review is to reveal some of the Roomba’s best features.

#1: iRobot Roomba 860 Vacuum Overview

The Roomba 860 is one of the 800 series best models. It has a state of the art technology, not as advanced as the 880 or even the 890, but it sure is worth giving a try. It has an in-depth clean feature that digs deep into the dirt to try and suck it out. This dig-deep feature is all thanks to the aero force technology that has the power of up to 5x the air power, meaning it can suck out the dirt a whole lot deeper than the 700 series, and all the other series preceding it. It is truly revolutionary


Some of its key features include but are not limited to

  1.    3x battery power;  to last till when the work is done
  2.    Has a strong cleaning mechanism; it won’t leave a spot until the said spot is clean.
  3.    An adaptive device that it can be able to adapt to your home.
  4.    It is rechargeable, meaning you do not have to replace batteries.
  5.    It has a control system that the owners can use to direct it as to where to clean and where not to clean


  •    Adaptability
  •    3x battery power, for a lasting job
  •    It is rechargeable


  •    Cannot clean thick rugs
  •    Cannot get into really tight corners


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#2: iRobot Roomba 880 Vacuum Overview

When you’re talking about the Roomba 880, you’re merely referring to beauty in the form of a machine. The Roomba 880 is one of the best models in the 800 series models. Why? Because it has all the great stuff, including a WIFI connectivity feature, plus an Alexa app, which also helps with the control of the robot.

This particular brand of the Roomba robot vacuum has a deep clean mechanism that properly sucks out all the tiny debris and pet hair on the rug or floor. It can also remove all the stuck on dirt instead effectively leaving no trail of dirt, all thanks to its dual brushes and 5 x aero force power mechanisms.


Some this model’s pertinent features include

  1.    It has an iAdapt navigation mechanism that makes the machine adapted to your home in no time.
  2.    It also has a virtual wall light that can make it to even see in the dark, and it can clean three rooms at a go.
  3.    It has 2x the battery capacity, which enables it to carry on the work to a considerable extent before it dies out for recharging.
  4.    It has a tangle-free extractor, which ensures that the hairs don’t get clogged in the vacuum.


  •    Can be used in the dark, due to its lights
  •    Has a good navigation system
  •    It has mechanisms to prevent clogging


  •    Only 2x the battery life, compared to the 860 model.

#3: iRobot Roomba 890 Vacuum Overview

When you want to consider the holy grail of the Roomba robot vacuum cleaners, ranging from the 800 series to other series preceding it, then the Roomba 890 should come to your mind. This model of the Roomba robot vacuum cleaners is truly mind-blowing. It has a WIFI connectivity system, as well as the Alexa system that ensures for more effective control of the machine.

It cleans all kind of floors, and some types of rugs, making it the best models for the 800 series.  It uses up to 5x the air power, with a 3-stage cleaning system, all thanks to the aero force mechanism.



The key features of this illustrious beauty are

  1.    Has an intelligent navigation system that makes it adapt to the home very fast.
  2.    Dirt detect tech that is so advanced; it has a 99% efficiency rate
  3.    An app that helps you control the mechanism easily, and from anywhere
  4.    Pet-friendly
  5.    It also has a voice-activated-control, that enables its users to directs its navigation.



  •    An excellent navigation system
  •    Voice-activated control
  •    Pet-friendly
  •    Can enter tight spots
  •    Dirt detection mechanism
  •    Home-based app for easy control



  •    It can’t do well on thick rugs

Roomba 860 design

The design of the Roomba 860 is unique. For one, it is very portable, small enough to go under furniture and cupboards, plus you because of the camera in front of it; it can adequately maneuver through the homes.

Its 3 stage cleaning system makes it possible for the vacuum to properly clean a spot before it leaves for the next place. So that it doesn’t get clogged on the inside, it has a tangle-free extractor, which is useful in unclogging the vacuum.

It has a clean button, all you have to do is press the button, and you’re good to go, sit back, relax and watch the cleaner bots do their work.

Roomba 880 design

The Roomba 880 design is similar to the 860 model with just some minor differences, some of which will include; a timer on the cleaners, so you don’t have actually to bother yourself in pressing the clean and stop button.

Also, the 880 model has the aero force system, which is familiar to all the 800 series. However, the cleaning power will vary according to the model of the 800 series. The 880 series has a 5x cleaning power, meaning you have a clean and thoroughly deep clean, which will be able to clean off stuck on debris and dirt. You also have the advanced maneuverability of this vacuum that enables it to adapt to your home.

Roomba 890 design

The 890 model of the Roomba 800 series is the best of its kind amongst all the previous series. Why? You may ask; well it has an auto recharge system which makes it stand out from all other models. With an auto recharge, the vacuum can charge itself when it’s getting low so that it can finish the job. Here is the kicker; it knows where it’s charging point is, thanks to the iAdapt technology, how cool is that?

It has a Dirt-detect technology, so that, it doesn’t matter where the dirt may be, it will reach the dirt. Thus it can go through extremely low furniture. With a cliff-detect sensor, you don’t have to worry about your robot falling off the stairs.

The difference between the 860 and the 890 is the removal of the schedule button on the 890 that was on the 860.

How the Roomba 860 cleans

Like all the 800 series (with just a few minor tweaks), the Roomba 860 navigation system is not as complicated as you think, in fact, it is not complex at all. For better navigation, the 860 model has an iAdapt mechanism and a camera that helps it to properly navigate through the home so that you will not need to tell it where to clean. It can clean hard floors and light rugs effectively. It does this, with the aid of the aero force mechanism which has a compelling cleaning system of about 5x the cleaning force. With the support of the brushes underneath the vacuum which helps to soften stuck on debris, the job is made even more comfortable.

The vacuum can clean underneath furniture, which makes it very useful and helpful for those who may not be able to those tight spaces. The only disadvantage of this model is that it cannot be used on thick rugs. This is because the vacuums are light, and may fall over; thick carpets need stronger vacuum devices. Finally, the 3-stage cleaning system ensures that the spot is properly cleaned.

How the Roomba 880 cleans

The 880 model of the Roomba robot vacuum cleaner has almost the same cleaning features as the 860 model, but it has some other fantastic features that make it stand out from the 860 model.

It features a 3-stage cleaning system that goes deep into the dirt and digs it out. It ensures that the spot is clean before it moves on to the next place. When it spots dirt, it doesn’t matter where the debris is, all that matters is how it can get to the trash and take it out.  There are several cleaning modes in which you can set on your robot cleaners; once it is set, where a spot is stuck, it takes its time to take it out properly

The Roomba 880 has a 5x power cleaning feature that works wonders. This level of aero force power makes the job a whole lot easier, and more effective, in that it suctions power something.

It cleans under furniture and can go as much as three rooms, but unfortunately, it cannot go more than 2x the battery level, it would need to recharge.

There are two brushes on the vacuum that are also essential for an adequate cleaning job.

How the Roomba 890 cleans

This model of the Roomba robot vacuum cleaner is the most fantastic vacuum in the 800 series; there is no emphasizing that point. The 890 has it all, starting from dirt detect tech to even an off the cliff sensor, that makes it know when it is on the cliff of a staircase, thus preventing it from falling over.

Let me tell you about the cleaning power of this model.

The first thing you should know about this model is that it has a dirt-detect system. With dirt detect tech, it can locate any dirt in your home, and coupled with the iAdapt system; it can know all the parts of your house you may not even know of.

The next thing you should also know about this model is that it can clean virtually every kind of surface, rugs or hard floor, all thanks to the 3-stage cleaning power feature. So when the floor gets harder to clean, the machine then steps up a level to match the power of the dirt.

Finally, with an off the cliff sensor, the vacuum can navigate all through the house without bumping into a wall or falling off a stair, and the best part is since it can charge itself, it is immaterial where the charger may be, it will locate the place and re-charge itself. Therefore, it can clean all the rooms at home, be it upstairs or downstairs.

Accessories and parts of the 860

Getting the accessories of the Roomba vacuums is not an issue; however, there are some parts and accessories of the vacuum that is peculiar to this series of the Roomba vacuum cleaner.

Here are some of its peculiar accessories

You have the batteries that come in handy when the other battery is old and worn out, plus getting it from the right source will mean it is an original. When you get the original, you can have the assurance that it will last for an extended period.

You can also replace the wheels on the vacuum cleaner when the original ones are worn out and can’t work well on hard floors and rugs. This wheels also enhances the efficiency of the vacuum regarding speed in work

You can also replace the brushes on the vacuum cleaner. The brush kit is essential to the proper cleaning of the floor. With a good brush kit, you can effectively clean a particular spot to be spotless.

The virtual walls are also useful in the navigation system of the vacuum

The replaceable aero force system is needed for those who may be using rugs all through their homes because the aero force power is strong enough to suck into most rugs.

Accessories and parts of the 880

The parts for the 880 models don’t differ from that of the 860 model, in that, the things replaceable in the 860 robot vacuum, are the same as that of the 880 model.

Thus, you can get a 3500 amp power battery that can last you a very long while, and that can be used over an extended period, during cleaning.

You can also get the brush set that is very affordable when your old sets are bad. The six arm side brushes are the latest thing on the market today, and they sure can deliver.

The chargers are also another thing to consider when buying a part of the vacuum.

There are some fantastic wheels you can get for the vacuum that is high enough for it to get on the slightly thicker rug than the light rugs you use.

As part of its accessories, the 880 model has a virtual wall that makes it have a better navigation system and stay within the walls of its navigation.

There is also the tangle free extractor that comes in handy, to untangle every pet hair and other entangling objects that may clog the system of the robot vacuum causing it to malfunction.

Accessories and parts of 890

The fixtures for this model are a bit hard to find. It should be hard to see though, after all, it is the best 800 series Roomba vacuum out there.

Some of the accessories include, (these accessories can also be used on the 860 and 880 model);

The front caster replaceable wheel helps as a suitable replacement for an old wheel that may have too much traction on the ground and may not even be able to move on rugs.

The extended power battery that ensures that the vacuum can last till when the job is done.

The side brushes that come in 3 packs that help to scrub out the dirt on the floors effectively.

The tangle-free extractor for debris helps so much in keeping the vacuum in good shape, ensuring that it doesn’t get tangled when picking up pet hair and other entangling substances.

There’s an aero force bin, which is just for the 800 series, to be able to accommodate more dirt.

There are three high-efficiency aero force filters that you can replace with the old and worn out ones.

We have the dual mode virtual walls for better navigation and an integrated home-based charger.

Roomba 860 vs. 880 vs. 890 maneuverability compare

One thing we should bear in mind is that the maneuverability of these three robot vacuums is somewhat similar, with only a few distinguishing features.

The first model for clarification is the 860 model. The model itself has no WIFI connectivity, which can only mean that its navigation and maneuverability will be off, a little bit, as it will only have to rely on the boundary markers which may sometimes not be enough.

The 880 maneuverability is a different ball game altogether. It follows the virtual walls and adapts to the home and all the rooms. Thus it can go underneath the furniture to get to where it needs to go, and it goes in a pattern, straight then side.

The 360-degree turn on the Roomba vacuums is what makes it easy it to turn and clean any spot, irrespective of where it is. The vacuums normally brush up against the walls when they are side spinning, and with the edge detector, the 890 can prevent itself from falling off the ledge or stairs.

Filtration comparison

Filtration in all the 800 series models is almost the same thing. The filtration system helps the vacuum to be able to distill the dirt from going into its vital parts. Filtration also helps to prevent entanglement and to clog in the system. Amongst all the 800 series, the 890 has perhaps the most intrinsic filtration system that ensures that nothing goes into the vacuum, with almost a 100% success rate.

Battery comparison

The 880 power capacity is the weakest amongst the three models here. For one, it has only 2x the extended life, thus making it last for only a short amount of time.

The 860, on the other hand, has a 3x extended power life, meaning it can probably last through the entire usage of the vacuum for the day. So, while the 880 model can clean only three rooms, with its battery strength, the 860 model can clean even more rooms, thanks to 3x its extended battery life

The 890 model has the best battery life around. With up o 4 or 5x its battery life, it can clean an entire home without breaks. And like that is not enough, when it is about to die out, it goes for recharging.

Performance comparison on carpets, hardwood floors, and pet hair

The performance of all the three models differ on carpets, hardwood floors and when picking up pets hairs

For the 860, for carpet, it has a 91% success rate on low carpets. The percentage is reduced however on high carpets to about 88%, which is not so bad, considering that it can’t do so well o thick rugs

For hardwood floors, the 860 model is a master of it. It has a 98% success in cleaning the floors, leaving it completely sparkling. These percentages are just rough estimates, as a concise and definite test result has not yet been gotten.

The vacuum does well with pet hair and has a mechanism to untangle the tangled pet haircut in their system, to prevent clogging.

The 880 model has a bit of a difference from the 860 model, so that it thrives well on a hardwood floor, with a whopping 98% cleaning rate. On low carpets, it has a 91% cleaning rate and an 88% cleaning rate on high carpets. That’s something right?

The 880 is good with pet hair and can take it out in no time. The pet hair feature is one of the distinguishing features of the 800 series from other series.

The 890 model of the Roomba robot vacuum cleaner is perhaps the most efficient cleaning machine around. Although it has the same percentage of cleaning success as the 880 and 860 models, one should appreciate the working capacity of this wonderful machine.

Final recommendation: Roomba 890 is the winner

The reasons why the 890 series will win the 860 vs. 880 vs. 890 contest are numerous. The first will be that, it has more features than the previous models and series in general; there is the ‘off the cliff sensor,’ ‘the dirt detect sensor’ and the entire features it has.

It also has an auto recharge system, which means therefore that until the work is done, it would not rest.

Other salient features include the voice recognition, the scheduling feature, the remote control, etc.

It is therefore not an issue to be contended as to the best 800 model Roomba robot vacuum cleaners on the market, regarding performance and efficiency, the 890 model carries the gold.

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