How To Clean Hardwood Floors

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A lot of real estate and home owners are investing in hardwood made floors. This is because this kind of the floor is easy to maintain and does not require much time and money in cleaning since there are simple steps and procedures to follow.

Also, note that hardwood floors do not require expensive or unique products and equipment for cleaning.

Steps and Requirements for cleaning Hardwood Floors.

Required cleaning items and their purposes.

  • checkDry Mop or Vacuum: You can use either of the two items to sweep off dirt and other debris before you start to clean.
  • checkA Mop: A mop is used for cleaning the floor.
  • check​The Soap( if required) and Water: If you are cleaning the floor using water, you will need soap to help you in ensuring that the floor is sparkling clean.
  • check​A Dry Cloth: You can use one of the two items to make your floor shine.

​The Cleaning Procedure:

Clean The Floor

The first step requires you to remove all the items in the area that you are cleaning. Such items include the furniture, tables and other movable things in the room.

Ask for help when moving furniture or any other bulky item and avoid dragging them since this can damage the floor.

Another tip that can assist you in ensuring that your floor is secure when moving the furniture is by using furniture pads on the legs to prevent them from scratching the floor when you drag the seats.

Use a Dry Mop or Vacuum to Sweep

A dry mop or vacuum cleaner help in gathering all the debris and dirt from the floor to make the actual cleaning easy and smooth.

Just like other floors which you are required to sweep before cleaning, hardwood floors also need you to eliminate the dirt before the actual cleaning process. If you are a pet owner, ​a pet hair vacuum ​cleaner would be wise to utilize.​

Mop the Floor

Add soap in the water and dip your mop to clean. Make sure that you completely squeeze out the water from the mop when cleaning to ensure no water is powered on the floor as it can easily damage the wood.

Work by moving your cleaning mop back and forth and ensure that you work against the grain of the floor and do it gently too.

Note that this method of cleaning is suitable for use in polyurethane hardwood floors but when it comes to lacquered or shellacked floors, avoid using water as it can easily stain the wood.

Shine the Floor

​After you are done cleaning the floor, it is always advisable to dry the floor and bring out the shine look whereby you can easily achieve this by rubbing a dry piece of clothing in a circular motion.

If you have area rugs or carpet within your wood floors, make sure to utilize the ​​vacuum suitable for wooden floors ​as well as carpet.

Other items that you can use to reach this look is the wood floor cleaners which you can easily access in various outlets.

Just make sure that you purchase a cleaner that is compatible with the texture and color of your floor.

But if possible, use a clean cloth for this purpose since it is soft and natural, no chemicals present unlike in cleaners which are likely to alter the look of your hardwood floor. Only use the cleaners ones in a while.

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