Pure Clean Pucrc25 Review (How Good a $100 Robot Vacuum)

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The PUCRC25 automatic robot vacuum cleaner is one of the most famous & inexpensive robotic cleaners by PureClean.

It can be the best choice for robot vacuum lovers who want to get an affordable and roomba alternative robotic vac without spending thousands of dollars.

PureClean robot vacuum Pucrc25 might be a perfect choice for home and office uses.

Since it’s saying an intelligent machine; Does it becomes more reliable than the work staff hired for the same purpose?

Is this one time investment can help you to get rid of messy, mud and dust filled floors?

In today’s guide I’m going to review this cheap robot vacuum under 100 bucks.

Let’s check how good it is?

Pure Clean Pucrc25 Review:

So, what works for this automatic robot vacuum from PureClean? Here is a look at the Pucrc25 review you need to know.


Ø Self-programmed: The wireless robot vacuum cleaner is finely tuned with advanced programming that traces its path across the room and uses anti fall cliff sensors to detect the upcoming obstacles.
Ø Handy-to-carry: The vacuum cleaner occupies minimal space for storage and its small size (11 inch x 11 inch x 2.9 inch) helps it to propagate under the beds and couches too. With a small size, its capacity to store waste is 0.2L with a weight of 4.7 lbs.
Ø Power usage: Pucrc25 robot vacuum consumes 110/220V power and a Ni-MH 14.4V, 850mAh battery is embedded in it. The battery is rechargeable and takes merely four hours to get fully charged.
Ø Operation mode: The robot vacuum has dual rotating brushes that facilitate auto or random, spiral and edge cleaning modes. The maximum operation time consumed is 55 minutes.

Pure Clean Pucrc25

Pucrc25 Key Features:

That is not all the things that makes this Pure clean robot vacuum pucrc25 review worthy.

Here is a look at a few other features you can find useful as well.

Bag-less design:

The vacuum has a bag-less design and the dust collection bin opens automatically for quick disposals.

Versatile Surface Cleaning:

The vacuum facilitates cleaning on multi surfaces and floors like hardwood, linoleum, tile, low or high carpet floor, etc. this makes it ideal for complete home and office cleaning.

Pros and cons of Pure Clean Smart Robotic Vacuum Pucrc25

So, what works and what doesn’t when it comes to the Pure clean pucrc25?

The Pros

The small size of the vacuum allows it to clean the places where even we can’t go like the back side of the commode seat.

It works in a quite random pattern and bumps in into everything.

It works great for those who have pets in their house. The vacuum takes in all the hair and specks without consuming much time.

The Cons

The company doesn’t provides good after-sale services. The vacuum works well for 3-4 months and then starts having technical problems.

The vacuum doesn’t make much noise while operating as compared to other vacuum cleaners.

The company claims that it takes only four hours to charge completely. In practice, the time required to fully charge the product is about seven hours and operates for only one hour. Also, the battery life keeps decreasing over time until the product becomes good-for-nothing.

Pucrc25 Reviews


1) Does it work well on concrete as well as laminated floors?
Ans. The vacuum robot is fabricated to work on flat surfaces. So, it will work great on concrete as well as laminated surfaces. Although, it may not work well on rough and coarse surfaces.

2) Does it make unbearable noise while operating?
Ans. The answer is yes as well as no. this is because the vacuum operating noise is comparatively less than the traditional vacuum cleaner but it’s not quite enough. You won’t be able to watch television or enjoy your favorite songs while the machine is at work.

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