Does Steam Kill Fleas?

Even smartest of the dogs cannot escape fleas. If your pet is also dealing with these parasites, you stand an easy chance to save it without resorting pesticides or other toxic chemicals at your place.

One of the most straightforward solutions is high-quality cleaning. First of all, you can bath all your pets using a flea shampoo. Then, you can clean the carpets, upholstery, cushions, line, and furniture, because these are the first places where fleas can take shelter. To clean your house and other materials, there are a wide variety of options available.

However, the most effective way to get rid of pets is steam cleaning. It is not only smooth and pure but also a sure shot flea solution. So, before investing in any of the other products or cleaning devices, you should try a steam vacuum.

Let us discuss more about the steam cleaners, their effects on fleas and other parasites.

Why Invest In a Steaming Unit?

Cost-effective. If you have multiple pets in your house or you are dealing with heavy flea infestation after regular intervals, then it is a wise decision to invest in steam cleaning. A handheld steam cleaner is much inexpensive than purchasing pesticides year after year.

Most of the steam cleaners use a nozzle to release steam with a temperature of more than 200 degrees. At such high heat, fleas or any other insects does not stand a chance of surviving.

You can also take professional help if you are residing in a heavily infested area. Nowadays, you can also rent a steam cleaner at an affordable price.

  1. Suitable For Almost Any Surface. Several surfaces and materials can be treated using a steam cleaner. Steam cleaners can treat carpets, curtains, fabrics, furniture and all the areas where your pets mostly hangout.
  2. Kills All The Pathogens. The best part of using a steam cleaner in your house. With fleas, you can also get rid of other pathogens like dust mites, ticks, bed buds, etc. Steam cleaning also kills scabies, ringworm spores, and other infection causing virus and bacteria.

You can also use the steam vacuum in the bathroom or kitchen to remove staphylococcus, E. coli and other microbial. Apart from cleaning the infestation, there are different materials where you can utilize a steam cleaner. Objects like the gas stove, oven, or any other heat insensitive materials can be easily cleaned using steam vacuums. You can also utilize the vacuum to ironing washed clothes.

How to Use a Steam Cleaner Against Fleas?

If the infestation is active, then we recommend that you use the cleaner once a week. After a couple of weeks, you will realize that you do not have to use it frequently. Never use the steam on your pets as it will result in severe burns. You might be aware of that, but we mentioned this to make sure no one is hurt. After all, prevention is better than cure. Follow the given steps while once you are ready to start the cleaning process.

  1. If you have small kids, make sure they are not present in the cleaning area. Remove your pets as well.
  2. Steam clean the blankets and cushions that belongs to your pet. Use the cleaner in all the other areas where your cat or dog usually rests.
  3. Crevices and cracks are familiar places where fleas keep their eggs safe. So, pay extra attention to these areas.
  4. Once you are done with the pet areas and their objects. Make sure to clean your mattress, pillows, box spring, and other beddings. You can also wash the pillow covers and other removable items in warm water.
  5. Clean the windows as the final step. You can also use a steam vacuum to clean your garage, car, porch or any other outdoor area where your pet spends time.

Can a Regular Upright Vacuum Cleaner Remove Fleas From Your House?

If a steam cleaner is an effective weapon against fleas, what about regular vacuums?

Are they sufficient enough to get rid of these parasites? This is a common question among the buyers. Let us answer the same here.

Common fleas that plague cats and dogs can be removed from the house using normal air pressure based vacuums. However, it might be temporary because these insects have multiple life stages.

Adults consume blood from their host and lay eggs on their body. Here, the host is your pet. Once it rolls down on the floor, eggs get distributed around into carpets, cushions, furniture, crevices and many other places where your pet goes. These eggs hatch within two to fourteen days giving life to a new set of fleas to irritate you and your pets.

If you are taking the help of a regular upright to get rid of the fleas, you need to vacuum clean the house daily for the next eight weeks. If not done correctly, you can see their emergence even after two months of vacuuming. It’s where the steam cleaner is comparatively better and takes less effort as you have to use a steam vacuum only once a week.

Other Steps To Control Fleas

  1. After every couple of months, sprinkle diatomaceous earth powder around the premises where you notice flea infestation. Leave the powder for 60 minutes and then vacuum the area.
  2. Cut the lawn grass to the minimum possible height and stop flea carrying animals like squirrels, possums, and rodents on your house.
  3. Remove the clutters from your garage and backyard.
  4. Feed your dog with a nutritious diet that should include brewer’s yeast and little amount of minced garlic. You can also consult the vet if you need to make sure about its food.
  5. Bath your dog after every fifteen days using a chemical free shampoo. Lemon solution and vinegar can be used for the final rinse, as both of them are effective in cleaning the fleas.
  6. Combing the pet with a very fine-toothed comb is also useful.

Prevention And Treatment

The best way to control the fleas or any other infestation is to control them before they spread. We are mentioning some of the steps that you can follow to protects your dog from fleas and other parasites.

  1. After the playtime or walk, thoroughly inspect your dogs and brush them to remove dust and insects. If you notice any of the flea falling on the ground, then make sure you kill it by removing its head from the body.
  2. Consider grooming your pet’s hair, especially in the summers when the infestation chances are high. This step will not only stop insects from hiding in its hair but will also keep your dog fresh in high temperatures.
  3. Keep a check for skin infections on its skin. Look for itchy and red skin or bite marks. Excessive itching is a common symptom of flea infestation. Once you notice any of these, consult a vet to get the recommended medicines.
  4. You should also consult a vet if you see any change in the behavior of your dog or cat, like lack of appetite or energy.

Bottom line

If fleas are a problem for you, then steam cleaning is the right solution. We suggest you to try it yourself to see its excellent results. If you think that the infestation is too heavy to be controlled by you, then you can always take professional help. You can check some of the best steam cleaners for pet owners here. (We can use our hyperlink here)


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