Best Roomba For Carpet- Does it Works on Thick Carpet?

We all know that, iRobot roomba is the pioneer in the robot vacuum industry.

Roomba is also a great product to clean hardwood floors or pet hair but How roomba perform on carpet?

In today’s guide we are going to reveal the best roomba models for carpet cleaning & find the answer -does roomba works on thick carpet?

Best iRobot Roomba For Carpet 2020

iRobot Roomba 980
iRobot Roomba 960
iRobot Roomba 880
iRobot Roomba 690

1. iRobot Roomba 980 Robot Vacuum for Carpet

roomba 980

After going through some research, it is safe to say that the 900 series of the irobot Roomba robot vacuums are probably the best irobot products because they seem to have all the good stuff. Things the other series has and more.

This vacuum does the job until it is completed. The charge and resume feature of the vacuum makes it a very effective and high performing robot vacuum out there today. It can clean the entire levels of the room, completely, before it goes on to the next room.

Not only does it clean carpet, but can also tackle all kinds of floors, with not just the air force alone, but also with the multi-surface brushes, which keeps the vacuum close to the surface of the floor for the suction to do its work.

The vacuum has 10x the powerful force, making it one of the most powerful vacuum cleaner for carpet and hardwood floors on the market today. When the vacuum gets on a carpet, the air force increase to 10x the normal force, making one of the most effective cleans in the history of vacuum cleaning, and on carpet too!

The 10x air force has a 3-stage process, which makes the work productive and efficient. Together with the tangle-free brushes and the lifting suction, the 10x air does well to remove all the stuck on debris and pet hair for suction.

The vacuum covers multi-room, much more than three room. It achieves this coverage due to the iAdapt feature that makes it adapt to your home and then, seamlessly navigates the rooms of your homes or offices. It also keeps a track record of all the room locations. It is so good at locating where all the dirt and dust hides, thus it can navigate through the beds and furniture to get to the dirt, even if the dirt is in a hard to reach the place.

The Roomba 980 doesn’t rest, the only time it stops is when it wants to recharge, after recharging, and it will continue the cleaning till it’s done. The amazing aspect of this feature is how the robot can locate its charger and properly connect itself.

The vacuum also has an app and a voice control feature that makes it easier for the owner to control the vacuum, and they can do this with minimal effort. With the app, you can control it to do all manner of stuff, including, one or two passes, boosting the vacuum behavior and final edge cleaning.


The only limitation this series of the irobot roomba vacuum robot may have is that it may not be able to work well on thick carpets. It may also have issues getting the dust of the really tight spot. I think this is their no. 1 flaw, or limitation.

2. iRobot Roomba 960 Robot Vacuum

irobot roomba 960

The first thing you should know about this particular brand of irobot Roomba vacuum is that the vacuum is a next-gen tech. It has all the perks of vacuuming. It has a high-performance rating, and consumers have a very strong reliance on the product. This vacuum can navigate through the entire level of the rooms in your home, seamlessly and properly.  It stops to recharge and then resumes its work, until it has gotten the job done, perfectly.

This vacuum is truly one of a kind; aside from the fact that you can control it with voice control, it also has an app which makes the work all the easier. You don’t have to worry about manually setting up the vacuum to work; you could wake it up with the app on your phone.

What’s even mind-blowing about this particular vacuum is the fact that it self-charges itself so that it can get the work done. It only means therefore that all you have to do is press the clean button on your phone or the vacuum itself, and you’re good to go. How cool is that?

The vacuum is so strong that it can tackle any floors. With the auto adjust feature, the vacuum automatically adjusts to the new floor, to enable it efficiently to clean the floor.

It has up to 5x the power are, which makes the vacuum very strong and deeply removes all the debris on the ground. As if that is not enough, it also has the tangle free brushes that also help in the cleaning. So it has the air power debris remover as well as the multi-surface and powerlifting suction; that has got to count for something.

It covers multi rooms and has dirt detect technology so that while it covers each room, where it detects dirt, it pays more attention to that dirt

Because it can remove even pet hair from the carpet, it, therefore, makes it pet-friendly and can be used even when you have pets around.


This brand of irobot Roomba vacuum is almost faultless, except for the fact that you cannot use it on thick carpets; it would just throw the vacuum of balance.

Another limitation would be that it only has 5x the air force, while other robot vacuums have more.

3. iRobot Roomba 880 Robot Vacuum


Getting all the dirt from the floor or carpet is something that most vacuums try to do, but can’t do well. So why go through the trouble managing something that is not giving you what you want, when you can switch to something that can. You can use the iRobot Roomba 880 robot vacuums if you want to know what it feels like to have your carpets deeply sucked clean. The robot vacuum on its own uses the aeroforce cleaning pattern/system; delivering up to 5x the air force, which effectively displace the stuck on debris and then suck it out. Plus you don’t need so much to maintain this particular robot.

You can also design or set your vacuum to auto clean, seven times a week, without having to disturb yourself in setting it to be work. Once you set it, you’re good to go.

It also has guided room navigation, telling it the numbers of rooms in your homes it needs to clean. This way, the robot can conveniently clean up three rooms without any form of control. All you have to do is set it that way.

The cleaning power is so deep and strong that you should have no problem when it’s done cleaning a particular spot. This cleaning power is thanks to the Aeroforce 3-stage cleaning system that provides all the power the vacuum needs to properly suck out the dirt.

It has two battery lives, which makes it last longer when, especially when it’s almost done cleaning a particular spot, and the first battery goes out, the second battery steps in and completes the job.


It is very hard to find a limitation to this piece of beauty; however, they are some not so notable flaw.

First off, the robot vacuum doesn’t have a multi-room navigation system. The most it can do is three rooms, and that’s it. Suppose you’re in a hurry, and you need it to clean all the room, and they are five rooms, what then?

It also doesn’t have an entire level of cleaning.

Although this may not be an issue for some, it is an issue for others. The issue is that it does not have voice control; neither does it have wifi connectivity.

4. iRobot Roomba 690 Robot Vacuum

iRobot Roomba 690

The irobot Roomba 690 robot vacuums is a one of a kind robot vacuum, which has been rated as a high performance and efficient vacuum. The irobot vacuums have a wifi connectivity feature which makes you be able to connect to the vacuum from anywhere within your home or cleaning area; you could even say the vacuum is a next-gen tech.

It has a 3-stage cleaning pattern that gives the robot cleaner the ability to clean the floor, tiles carefully and properly. With a strong enough suction, it can remove and lift off any form of dirt, from small particles to larger debris on the floor. And thanks to the dirt sensor detector, the robot vacuum, detects the dirt and gives more attention to the spot, to thoroughly clean out the dirt from that place.

The robot vacuum has two cleaning brushes. This number of brushes helps it not only to perform better but also to clean off the dirt properly, and to remove dirt effectively, so while one loosens the dirt, the other brush gathers the dirt together for the suction to take place. With this amazing feature, the vacuum can easily get rid of pet hair and large debris on the area it cleans.

roomba 690 accessories

With an auto adjust the cleaning pattern automatically shifts from cleaning the hard floor to cleaning carpets. The auto adjust when it adapt its height to help keep the multi-surface brushes in close contact on the carpet, which then translates to a clean floor or carpet.

You may be wondering, seeing that the robot vacuum is round, will it be able to clean the wall edges? The answer is yes. The robot vacuum has a 20-degree angle feature, which gives it the ability to sweep the debris from wall edges.

Having an intelligent navigation system is one of the amazing things about this robot vacuum. The robot vacuum can make up to 60 decisions per second; this makes it adapt better to your home.

The Roomba robot vacuum has voice recognition and an app you can control it with, making the experience a lot better.


Like we said when we started, the rugs like this cannot be used on thick carpets for obvious reasons. One of the reasons would be that the robots don’t have the suction power, to take on thick carpets.

Another limitation is that the voice recognition and the app control have to be done in close range, for it to respond.

The robot can’t clean tight spots and corners, due to its shapes. Yes, it can clean the walls, but it can’t clean the nooks and crannies and all the tight spots.

How Robot Vacuum Works:

The navigation of modern day robots has advanced, compared to what was attainable in the first generation robot vacuums. Now customers of the robot vacuum rely on it navigation skills to a very large extent when using the robot to clean the house, trusting its relative autonomy.

There are few robot cleaners topping the market, and that is the Roomba, the Neato & Dyson. These robot vacuums are the best in home cleaning; with an improvement in their cleaning prowess, they can clean a lot better and with greater efficiency too.

Although they seem to be competition between these two robot cleaners, the Roomba robot cleaner, appears to be taking navigation skills to a whole new level.

The I.R sensor in the Roomba is replaced with a camera and an S.L.A.M algorithm of some sort, making it better and more efficient at navigating.

Yes, Roomba is good, but Dyson outranks all the other robot vacuums. And because it is tall and effective, it is also the most expensive. The only disadvantage you might experience is that Dyson may not be able to go under low furniture.

Does Roomba Works on Thick Carpets?

Not to bore you with so much persuasion but, no, it can’t. Using Roomba on a thick carpet is not worth it, it will be so low and ineffective. With only a few points I’ll tell you why you can’t you the Roomba on thick carpets.

Aggressive beater bar: When you use the Roomba on a thick rug or carpet, the beater will flip open the carpet tile a lot better; when this happens, the dust on the rug is stirred up and redistributed effectively. Robot cleaners do not have the aggressive beater bars; if it did, they would burn batteries a whole lot faster.

Weight: when the carpet piles are dense, they push the robots out of the carpet entirely. So for you to be able to suck out the dirt on the carpet, you would need a heavier vacuum; one with so much weight as to withstand the dense nature of the carpet. Using a heavier vacuum, as it takes the suction ducts a little bit deeper in the carpet piles. Robot vacuums need to be light because they work on batteries, meaning they can’t work on thick carpets

High suction: flowing from the point above is the issue of high suction. When dust is stirred up by the beater bar, it is the high suction that normally helps to suck the dust. Most of the robot cleaners on the market today have a very low suction capacity, lower than even stick vacuums in some situations. With their low level of suction, they will not be able to suck out all the dust effectively.

The number of passes by a robot vacuum on the same area: sometimes you’ll need to go over a stain or patch over and over again before it goes off the carpet. With robot vacuums, this is not the case. Robot vacuums pass over a spot one time. It will never pass through that spot again. One of the reasons why they won’t over the same spot is their battery capacity; they don’t have strong enough battery to be going over a place they may have gone before.

The Bottom Line:

Now you’ve got the best roomba for carpet cleaning, just go through your preference enjoy automatic cleaning!

You might have heard a lot about robot vacuums, probably good stuff too, but I will not expect that the machine is completely flawless. Not that it has major flaws, but I wouldn’t expect that you put the machine on a very high pedal stool.

Yes, some manufacturers may claim that the robots are perfectly capable of cleaning without human help; this is not entirely true in most cases. The robots are good, but they will need the support of some kind, to better expedite the process of cleaning. So it would be a good idea that you the humans do your best to prep the area for cleaning, with due diligence.

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