Best Water Vacuum Cleaner [Reviews]

This guide will help you find the best water filter vacuum cleaner to buy in 2020.

Water based vacuums use H2O to collect the air filled with dust and debris from the surface.

In some cases, these vacuums can give better cleaning results than any upright or cylinder based vacuums.

In other words, you may expect a better cleaning from a water based vacuum cleaner without the mess of dust bags, filter replacement, or cleaning dust bins. These are also helping people suffering from allergies related to dust or pet hair.

Let see how effective they are and can challenge the uprights that are already gaining the attention of homeowners.

Our Top Rated Water Vacuum Cleaner 2020


Water Filtration Vacuum Cleaner Reviews

Here are the Top 4 water based vacuums of 2020.  Read reviews and details below:

1. Kalorik WFVC 43331 Water Based Vacuum Cleaner

Kalorik WFVC 43331 BL Blue Pure Cleaner Air-Water Filtration Vacuum

One of the most uniquely designed water filtration vacuum cleaner, Kalorik WFVC 43331 BL Blue focuses on offering the best cleaning results.

Excellent air purification. If you have Kalorik Blue in your house, you do not have to worry about the allergens, bacteria, and dust particles. Reliable filtration of the vacuum gives you a clean and sanitary air free from 99.9 percent of allergic agents.

Large water basin. Due to extensive water storing capacity, the Kalorik water vacuum does not require regular water replacement. Due to the substantial liquid storage and excellent cleaning results, you can use this vacuum for both residential and industrial purposes.

Easy to use. Its caddy design allows you to roll it anywhere, even on the carpets. It also requires comparatively less maintenance.

Auto-stop option. You do not have to monitor the vacuum constantly. Why? If it is unused for a while, the vacuum automatically shuts off and saves the electricity bill for you.

Compatible with all floor types. Whether you have carpeted floor or hardwood, it works on both. Apart from that, Kalorik Blue works on all the upholstery furniture and all other materials.

Accessory storage. Blue comes with onboard accessory storage. So, you will have all the weapons nearby while you are battling with dust and allergens.

Kalorik WFVC 43331 is a unique vacuum that we can confidently recommend to all the home or office owners. It gives desired cleaning results on all kinds of surfaces, including carpets.


  • Affordable
  • Large water/debris capacity
  • LED indicators
  • Lightweight and easy to carry


  • Limited functions
  • Comparatively cheap build quality


2. Rainbow Vacuum E2 Water Filtration Vacuum

Rainbow Vacuum E2 Blue E Series Tank Canister Water Flitration

A list of water filtration vacuums is incomplete without the Rainbow cleaning system, the original water-based cleaner. From a modest direct selling item to one of the bestselling water filtration cleaner, the Rainbow cleaning “system” earned the respect of the buyers because of the endless features it has to offer.

An extensive list of accessories. Rainbow cleaning system comes with many accessories, including brush rollers, a power nozzle for carpets, hard surface tools, upholstery attachment, and even a variety of wands.

High-end material. Where many of the other brands tried to reduce the prices with innovative technologies and some of them also lowered the construction quality to offer affordable cleaning solutions, the Rainbow System is still focusing on using high quality for constructing the vacuum cleaners. Due to sturdy design, the vacuum is made to last.

High RPM. It runs at 23, 000 RPM, which is on the upper side. Due to the same, the Rainbow system offers unmatched suction and cleaning performance.

Great for animal hair. What is the benefit of a cleaner that cannot remove all kinds of dust and debris from your house, including the stranded ones? However, the E2 blue series vacuum works effectively on pet hair, even against the stubborn ones.

LED lights. Another favorable property of the vacuum is its bright lights in the front of the floor head. Using the illumination, you can clean the dark corners without any trouble.

The Rainbow cleaning system is a long-lasting and robust vacuum; However, only due to lack of innovative or high-end features, it is on the second position on this list.


  • Sturdy built
  • Versatile and powerful
  • Strong suction
  • Compatible with all the surfaces


  • Expensive vacuum and costly spare parts
  • Looks classy but old school
  • No option to turn off the power brush


3. Sirena Water Filter Vacuum

Sirena 2-speed water filtration vacuum

As per our research and findings, the Sirena 2-speed Royal Line Pro is the best water-based vacuum cleaner in our list for 2020.

Sirens call the vacuum as a total home cleaning system. After filling its tank with a small amount of water, you can use the vacuum to clean dust and debris from any surface; you only have to use one of the given accessories. Let us see what it has to offer.

Power Nozzle: It comes with a Sirena Nozzle that is very effective in removing animal fur. If you want to use it, you have to use a trigger that spins a brush while you are cleaning carpets, and once you hit the hard floor, you have to stop the brush.

For cleaning carpets, you need to press the trigger that’ll turn on the spinning brush & leave the trigger when you are on hard floors.

Heavy duty. It’s a heavy-duty cleaning machine. However, it is massive, and you may face problems while carrying it through the stairs. If you are using the vacuum for industrial purposes and you have a lift, then you can consider this cleaning machine. It works well for you if you have an immense cleaning area in the house.

Overall, the Sirena 2-speed vacuum can work best in a home with different surfaces. It works on carpets, hard floors, and other materials alike so that you can see a dust-free house. Also, it has HEPA filters that pick up dust and allergens better than any other vacuum.


  • Useful attachments
  • Combined filtration of water and HEPA
  • Trigger operation cleaning options
  • Best water vacuum on carpets
  • Effectively clean animal fur


  • Expensive
  • Heavy


4. Karcher Water Based Vacuum

Karcher water filter vacuum cleaner DS 6.000

Our second entry is the Ds 6.000 comes from Karcher. The vacuum from the Japanese manufacturer is considered safest for individuals who have asthma or any other allergy. It collects all the allergens, bacteria, and dust particles so that you can always get a clean and sanitary house.

Compatible with all floors. DS 6.000 effectively cleans carpets, thick rugs, furniture, and all the other elements.

Easy to use. A soft handle gives you a firm as well as a natural grip and complete control over the vacuum.

HEPA Filtration. The new water filtration vacuum from Karcher comes equipped with HEPA 13 Filter combined with water filtration. So, it is a three-stage filter mechanism that is capable of catching 99.9 percent of allergens from the atmosphere. If you or anyone from your family suffers from any airborne diseases, DS 6.000 is nothing less than good news for you.

Convenient storage. The vacuum can be parked in two positions – one when the vacuum is in use, and there is another upright position where its floor head and wand attaches to the central body via a pair of clips.

Cleaning the house can be time taking and tiresome, especially after a long working day. However, if you have the right cleaning tools like DS 6.000, you will able to get a dust-free and clean house within a few minutes.


  • Easy to assemble and use
  • Strong suction
  • Works on all surfaces


  • Expensive


Advantages of Water Filtration Vacuum

Now, it is time to discuss some benefits of the water-based vacuums. Once you know the positive aspect of a water filtration vacuum cleaner, you will be in a better state to decide the right one for you. You will also see why the water-based cleaners are better than uprights and cylinder based vacuums.

Air filtration. The primary feature where this vacuum overshadows any other category is air purification. If you have a water-based vacuum cleaner in your house, then you do not need to purchase an air-purifying device. What a way to save money?

Effectively cleans pet hair. As we stated earlier, there is no use of a vacuum cleaner that cannot give you a clean house, including the dust particles, allergens, and pet hair. Water-based vacuums are comparatively superior in cleaning animal fur. It does the job better than any upright or cylinder vacuums. No matter how much your four-legged friend is shedding, it can collect even the smallest furs. Suction power is comparatively durable, as well.

No filter cleaning. Upright or any other vacuum cleaner inhales the air to remove the dust and debris, filter the air, and then push it back to the atmosphere. While filtering, all the dust attaches to the filter, and you need to clean it after a few cleaning sessions. However, a water-based vacuum uses a different mechanism; it has water to catch the dust, so you do not have to worry about clogging or cleaning the filter.

Aid for allergy. If anyone in your house suffers from any dust-related allergy, the best you can invest in is a water-based vacuum cleaner. It absorbs all the dust as well as allergens and leaves no space for them to escape. So, there are less or no chances of allergens spreading anywhere to trigger any reaction.

Easy to use. Because of the wheels, it is easy to carry a vacuum cleaner with water tank. Also, you do not have to empty the bin or throw out dust bags. Overall, a water-based vacuum requires less maintenance, and you do not have to waste your time in emptying dust bags or bins.

Works for both dry and liquid dust. Every day is different. On some occasions, you will find some bare soil, and another day you may find coffee on the floor. That is where a water filtration vacuum excels, as it cleans both dry and wet waste with the same power and efficiency. You must wonder, what are the limitations of t vacuum, is there any?

Amazing add-ons. Most of these vacuum cleaners come with some fantastic additional features like aromatizing, humidifying heseand dehumidifying. Stain washing and steam cleaning of furniture is an attraction as well. So, with a clean house and pure air, you are also getting some other unique features in the water-based vacuums that are not available in any other variant.


How to Choose a Water Filter Vacuum?

When it comes to choosing the right water filtration vacuum for your house, we suggest you should know about some of the distinguishing features. Here are some of those factors that you need to consider.

Suction power. Whether it is a water vacuum or any other cleaner, the first factor that you need to check are the suction strength, as this is an essential factor that decides cleaning results. This is the force that will collect the dust particles and other waste.

Filtration. Water filtration vacuum cleaners come with two types of filtration systems: primary and dual. The primary filtration works on the simple principle where the dust is trapped in water and then filtered using spiral plastic filters. Double filtration has an additional HEPA filter to purify the air released by vacuum.

Vacuums with dual filtration work better to give you clean air. As there are multiple filtration stages, the air released back to the atmosphere is free from dust, bacteria, and allergens. So, there will be fewer chances of triggering asthma or any other dust-related allergies.

Cleaning requirements. Some of the vacuum cleaners models work well on carpets while several others are good on hard floors. You should know what are the floor types in the house so that you can purchase the right vacuum.

Cleaning area. The next thing you should check is the size of the home or office that you are going to clean. Once you have the idea of the cleaning area, you will be in a better position to purchase a water vacuum. For example, if you have a duplex or a house with multiple floors, you should not buy a heavy water-based vacuum cleaner. And, if you have big rooms to clean, then you should look for a vacuum with wheels.

Versatility. Purchase a water filtration vacuum that can clean most of the materials in your house, including carpets, hard floors, and other materials. It should also have all the accessories that you need to clean various areas of the house, including the corners that are difficult to reach.

Comfort. Look for a comfortable handle and LED lights. A soft grip will help you to clean the house without any stress on the wrist while the LED lights will be helpful if you are cleaning a dark area.

What is a Water Filtration Vacuum?

As the name suggests, water filtration vacuums use water as a cleansing material, mainly pressurized water, to trap the dust and debris. The air it releases is refined, free from dust particles, bacteria, bad odors, and germs. Apart from that, it can quickly pick up both dry and wet messes.

How Does a Water Filtration Vacuum Cleaner Work?

When it comes to working, water filtration vacuum cleaners use water to trap dust and other waste inside the main tank. The dirty air comes inside from the main floor head where the dust settles with water. The moist air revolves in the container where spiral plastic filters catch the dust. Water drips back to the tank, and vacuum releases clean and fresh air. In simple steps:

  1. The vacuum sucks air containing the sand.
  2. The motor pulls the air and dust inside the water tank, where all the dust particles mix with water.
  3. The air, which is now moist because of the water content, will keep moving through the tank to pass some spiral plastic filters.
  4. The filters will separate the dust containing water droplets from the moving air, and water drips down to the tank. Now the air coming out of the vacuum is free from dirt and allergens.


Investing in a water filtration vacuum is a good thought. We discussed some of the best water-based vacuums manufactured for different audiences. The Sirena cleaning system is perfect for those with lots of carpeted floors in their house. It can easily tackle even the thickest carpets and give you optimum cleaning.

Rainbow E2 Blue looks old school and is expensive. However, the vacuum is very versatile and gives you effective cleaning from ceiling to floors or any other material in your house. Kalorik WFVC 43331 is a first vacuum that gives you a lot if you look at its price. DS 6.000 is one of the best in terms of suction power and filtration.

The best part is, you do not have to deal with dirty bags or canisters. So, we have don’t our part; now it is your turn to make the right decision by choosing the right water vacuum.


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