Sweep or Vacuum, Which is Better For Hard Wood Floors?

Do you have hardwood floors at your residence? If yes, then how you prefer you to clean them? You can use a broom to sweep all over the surfaces.

But, wait. Is it effective enough?

Because no matter how carefully you sweep, some of the dust and dirt always escape without your knowledge. The next effective option is to grab your vacuum and clean the floors in a better way.

Why Vacuum is Better Than Broom?

You can move all the dust and dirt from the wooden surfaces and collect them into a dustpan. This cleaning process is easy to follow, but not the most effective.

How? Because when you sweep the floor using a broom, some of the dust particles become airborne, multiple bits enter the corners and crevices wherein you cannot even take them out without using special tools.

sweep or vacuum hardwood floors

Mopping the floor after sweeping it with a broom is common is households. After mopping, the moisture binds with the dirt and forms a diluted mud. It’s the reason the water becomes brown and even black after you wash the floor mop.

A vacuum cleaner works differently and collects all dust and dirt inside a dust bag or canister. It collects the dirt from the floors as well as takes them out from the crevices leaving minimal or no waste to worry about.

But, is it possible to use any of the vacuum cleaners? Well, you cannot use any harsh cleaning machine on the delicate wooden floors.

Vacuums Suitable For Hard Wooden Floors

You cannot use any of the standard vacuums to clean the hard wooden floors. Most of these devices work using a brush roll or beater bar to dig deep into the carpet bristles and remove all the dirt. When you introduce such a vacuum over hard wooden floors, the beater bar might damage their finishing by removing the luster.

Some of the vacuums allow you to turn off their beater bar and even remove it altogether. Stick and canister vacuums could be the best for hard wooden floors because most of them don’t include a beater bar.

vacuum for hardwood floors

Even such a component is available, it comes as an attachment that you can easily remove while cleaning hard wooden floors. Try a stick vacuum like BISSELL 81L2W that can perform better than a broom or floor mop.

The most important factor in a vacuum is its suction strength. There are some multi floor vacuums available in the market. If Stick vacuums available for hardwood floors are generally available with powerful suction. Some of them are equally effective on the carpet as well. If you have carpet and hardwood floor both you should go for any of  the best vacuum for hardwood and carpet and area rugs available.

How Frequently You Should Vacuum The Hard Wooden Floors?

You should vacuum clean the floors in the same pattern you use a broom, which is after every couple of days. If you have pets like cats or dogs in the house, then you should use a vacuum cleaner every day.

Once a week, use a mop to get rid of stains that you cannot remove using a vacuum cleaner. Try the above-given cleaning methods and your wooden floors will keep shining like new for decades.


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