Shark APEX Duoclean AX951- Upright Vacuum Review

Shark APEX AX951 duoclean powered lift away vacuum

The Shark apex duoclean ax951 is saying the most advanced upright vacuum cleaner by SharkClean (which is one of the leading vacuum cleaner manufacturer in the cleaner industry)

Today we’ll review this high-end model Shark APEX duoclean ax951 powered lift-away & try to find if this vacuum really worth the price.

There are three models AX950, AX951, AX952 available in the market right now. At the price around $350 this model has Shark’s high-end features specially DuoClean and Powered lift-away technologies.

Shark Apex Duoclean AX951 Review

This uniquely efficient cleaning device is built for convenience. It creates a multi-floor cleaning experience, even for pet and allergen. The upright design means you can stand erect as you conveniently maneuver your way around your home, picking up dirts that even the eyes cannot see.

It features a lift-away mode, allowing you to extend the motorized cleaner’s reach to several corners, including under your furniture. You don’t even need to move heavy furniture and appliances away.

This cleaner is a low-emitting device, releasing 10 times less particles than the HEPA standards.

So whether it’s pollen, pet hair even long hair or dust, be sure the Shark Apex AX 951 will pick it up without releasing so much into the air. With this device, the movement does not take away the suction power.

Plus, I know how annoying it is when a cleaner makes so much noise, scaring the pet and disturbing the entire house. That is not the case here. It produces very little or no noise at all.


  • Has an extendable system that allows you to reach spots ordinarily difficult to reach.
  • Has a LED light that aids performance at night.
  • Feels like self propelled.
  • Offers silent performance.
  • Provides deep clean efficiency, even for thick carpets.
  • It is easy to move around the home with its active-glide technology.
  • At 16 pounds, it is not so difficult to move the cleaner around.
  • It is a sturdy and high-performance cleaner.


  • It’s a bit difficult attaching the canister to the hose after detached use.
  • It is also a little cumbersome.

Added Features/Functions of Shark Apex Vacuum AX951

There are some specific functions that make this product different from others on the market. Among other things, the Shark Apex Duoclean AX951 presents the following;

  • Anti-Allergen Seal

Allergen emission is reduced to the barest minimum with this product. The HEPA requirement stands at ASTM F1977 and down to 0.3 microns. The product emits dirt particles 10 times lower than that standard.

This allows for perfect dirt-air filtration, reducing the release of dust into the air. It also makes the product ideal for users who have asthma and other respiratory health conditions.

  • Noise Reduction Technology

Another unique feature of this cleaner is the noise reduction function. Obviously, it has a strong motor, and produces only a low-humming sound that doesn’t cause any disturbance. It is a quiet vacuum cleaner, making it the preferred choice for many homes.

  • Anti-Allergen Dust Brush

The manufacturer of this product knows that your vacuum cleaner cannot possibly clean everywhere, especially furniture tops and so on. It features nylon fiber bristles that allow you to clear dust and allergen particles and pollen from those places that your cleaner cannot get to, especially delicate surfaces in the home.

  • Duster Crevice Tool

By combining the dusting brush and the crevice cleaning tool, this vacuum cleaner enables you to reach extended areas, no matter how small, tight or narrow they are. It also allows you take the dust off certain surfaces.

  • Multiflex Under Appliance Wand

A pivoting extendable wand helps you clean under and above furniture and appliances. You will definitely be amazed how much dirt this feature will help you clean in your home.

  • Storage Bag

This provides convenient storage for all the cleaner’s accessories. This helps to keep them safe and intact.

Frequently Asked Questions

01. What if You’re experiencing low suction

02. What if Your vacuum unexpectedly turns off

Final Words

Cleaning is a lot of work. Trust me, I know. As a parent of two toddlers, cleaning is almost an hourly routine for me.

If you’re like me, then you’ll agree that you’ll give anything to make that part of your life easier.

This means finding the right cleaning tool that will not only make your cleaning easy but quicker as well.

If you’ve never thought cleaning could be fun, you probably have been using the wrong cleaning device.

Finding the right tool for anything can be a major challenge.

I recently discovered Shark Apex Duoclean AX951, and I’ve never looked back ever since. Whether it’s vacuum cleaning for unseen dust or larger waste items, this is one device you should try.

You may never have to break a sweat. Stick with me as I walk you through everything you need to know about the product.

This Shark Apex Duoclean AX951 review has presented you with all the information you need about the product. It is a great tool to have in your home as it makes cleaning quite easy and convenient. There are not too many cleaners on the market that can give you efficiency, low sound, low emission, and easy access all at once. If you want a cleaning companion in your home, this is worth a try.

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