Oreck Commercial XL2100rhs Upright Vacuum Review

When cleaning homes with wall to wall carpets, dedicated vacuum cleaners come in handy which will help to achieve a deep clean on carpets?

The Oreck Commercial XL2100RHS is a commercial grade upright vacuum whose price is that of a consumer grade. It can withstand day to day wear and tear of a vacuum cleaner.

Given that most vacuum cleaners weigh over and above 15 pounds, Oreck Commercial xl2100rhs weighs in the vicinity of 8 pounds which gives it the advantage of light weight a factor which many potential customers take into account before or while considering purchasing vacuum cleaners.

At a glance; the vacuum cleaner has 35 ft long power cord, hand controls for easy maneuver and handling. It has a bagged system and has received good reviews from consumers who have bought and used the vacuum cleaner.


When dealing with bare surfaces, this vacuum is not the best of vacuum cleaners to use because its brush roll cannot be turned off hence reading to the vacuum cleaner scratching surfaces more so when handling hardwood.

However the Oreck Commercial xl2100rhs is the best companion in thewall to wall carpets, with its motor running at 6,500rpm, it enables deep cleaning into carpet strands. Itslittle 8pound weight makes this vacuum cleaner easy to move around when the swivel steering is not working.

Oreck Commercial XL2100HS Review

Suction Power

Oreck Commercial xl2100rhs comes with a direct power suction which can handle not just the dust accumulated in carpets but also larger debris from the carpet or the bare floors.

Additionally, the cleaner can remove tiny pet hairs which might be on the carpets or floors.  The 12-inch brush roll is wide and forms an essential component of the vacuum cleaner which boosts its effectiveness and efficiency as it rotates at 6500 rpm enabling easy suction of dust into the dust inlet suction.

With an input power of 480 watts,it is essential for those interested in reducing power consumption.

Dust Capacity

Oreck Commercial XL2100RHS has 11qt. dust capacity which implies that they are ideally suited for home use and not so much for commercial settings.

Additionally, the cleaner is fitted with advanced excellent filtration system which improves its cleaning capabilities. The bagger on the inner side automatically closes itself when the need arises courtesy of the Sanibel system incorporated into the vacuum cleaner.

Weight and Dimensions

The vacuum cleaner weighs 8.2pounds and thus improving its handling easiness. It has dimensions of 6 x 13 x 35 inches making its storage quite easy.

The Oreck Commercial xl2100rhs cleaner comes with a one-year warranty and is available in affordable price ranges for its peers in the same category.


The vacuum cleaner has been manufactured to meet the needs of hard to reach for cleaning areas such as under the furniture essentially due to its low profile but very sleek design.

Its handle can be bent over, and it offers you an impressive 6-inch clearance for cleaning sideways. Equally on ergonomics, much has been done to improve the handling of the handle spindle.

With only two screws available to facilitate assembly, it does be concluded that it is a plug and play kind of equipment.  Its35-foot long power cable allows one to do his cleaning businesses seamlessly.

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  • Its suction delivery is quite good.
  • Durable in the long run
  • Easy to use
  • Very light in weight


  • Lacks the self-propulsion ability thus has to be pushed
  • It is hard to push on high carpets
  • Slightly expensive

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What height adjustments should the nozzle be set at?

A: Based on the carpet type, choose whichever is suitable.

Q: What’s the best way to clean carpeted stairs?

A: The upholstery will work best to regularly clean stairs

Q: Cleaner is not picking up?

A:It maybe be blown worn out and needs to be checked by an expert but before that check bag to see if it is full, and check for possible clogging.

Q: My carpet is getting fuzzy; is the vacuum the problem?

A: No. the fuzzy effect is likely due to as result of slack yarn twist and wild fibers

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Final Verdict

In conclusion, this vacuum cleaner proves to be a great saver on cash spent, when looked at from the perspective of quality/price ratio it has the best ratio when compared to its competitors.  Equally, it has a quick brush roll. Hence, it has proved to be reliable as a result.

It provides cleaning ability to extensive areas and consequently leaves no dirt path, and its automatic floor adjustment means it automatically adjusts itself when moving from carpet to surface floors.

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