How To Clean The Carpeted Stairs Effectively

In every household that contains stairs, cleaning the stairs is casually overlooked. When it comes down to vacuuming the stairs, how do you clean yours?

It’s not as simple to clean carpeted stairs as it is to easily vacuum the living room carpet. More effort is required to vacuum your stairs. This leads to the staircase not being cleaned as often as it should be.

Make It Simple

Most people already do this but, if you don’t already, set aside one day a week to really clean your home. If you have a plan to follow, the job always tends to be easier to do. It’s made simple by knowing just what to do and how to do it the best way.

The 6 Simple Steps to Clean Your Carpeted Stairs

Here are the steps I follow to clean my carpeted stairs with a vacuum cleaner.

declutter_your_stairStep 1: Declutter

Before you pick up that vacuum cleaner, you must spot clean. Declutter the mess on the stairs.

For example, I have shoes lined up along my entire staircase. I move them out of the way before I even begin. Simply, move any large objects off of the stairs.

Utilize a Carpet Grooming Rake to remove pet hair, scrub deep spots and food strains.

Pick up anything you see that your vacuum won’t suck up or that might clog the vacuum cleaner. You should see nothing on your stairs.

Step 2: Dustpledge-cleaning-the-stairs-min

This is the perfect time to dust or pledge the handrail and staircase spindles.

This way, the excess dirt is pushed onto the carpet waiting to be vacuumed up.

Step 3: Bottoms Up

Now personally I always start at the bottom of the stairs. It makes more sense to me to do it in this order.

Depending on your vacuum cleaner and length of the hose, it’s quite possible you will have to haul the vacuum cleaner step by step with you. That will make the job a little bit more difficult but, it must be done.

Handheld & light weight vacuum cleaners are more handy in this case. You may easily move them.

So plug in your vacuum and set it at the bottom of the stairs and let’s get ready to begin.

Step 4: Get the Corners

You are ready to start at the bottom of the staircase. Pick the attachment that you choose to use. I would say the smaller the better, an attachment that will easily fit into the corners and along the edges.

I use the hose itself. I don’t like adding any attachments to the hose. I feel that using the hose alone is more powerful and effective. The hose does the job perfect for me. It’s your personal preference.

Now work your way slowly up the stairs, going step by step.

Use the hose or attachment to get in the corners and be sure to get the edges really good. On staircases, dirt, and debris tend to cling to the corners and hard to reach places. Move step by step, being sure to get in those nooks and crannies on every single step.

Step 5: Back it Up

Once you reach the top of the staircase, work your way back down. This time you are using the hose or your choice of attachment to clean the entire surface of the step.

Rechecking the corners, making sure each step is as clean as you can make it. If you have a powerful handheld pet vac, you can vacuum dog hair or dust over the entire surface of the step instead of using a hose or multiple attachments.

vacuum cleaning for carpeted stairs in 6 stepsStep 6: A Job Well Done

As you make your way back down to the bottom of the staircase, take a long look back up. See if there is anything you missed.

Hopefully, you are impressed with your cleaning ability. Make sure it meets your standards. Now, the staircase is clean.

The Bottom Line:

Staircases are usually high traffic areas in the house that can get dirty extremely quick.

If you make cleaning your stairs part of your normal cleaning routine, the stairs will be easier to clean every time.

Vacuuming the stairs is an essential part of having a clean home.

Vacuuming the stairs regularly will keep the carpet looking newer, fresher, and of course, cleaner.



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