Hoover Cyclonic Vacuum sh20030 Review

What differentiates the Hoover Cyclonic vacuum is that it does not make use of batteries. One can use them for hours, provided that it presents a real working experience. The corded cyclonic vacuum sh20030 seeks to provide excellent cleaning capabilities. Hoover has many light weight vacuum cleaners such as this one, and it is an exception in the sense that the 8 pounds make handling the easy.

Also, the designers of this machine have done a great; the wind tunnel technology provides a better and deep cleaning capability and with the inclusion of multi-cyclonic suction your filters are kept fresh and clean for longer and thus preventing loss of suction.

Equally, one other design feature that makes this machine an attraction is that its brush can be switched off thus making it good at cleaning different multi-surfaces and on top of it has edge cleaning capability thus enabling cleaning of edges.


Under its control options the machine has two important distinct features; wind tunnel technology and multi-cyclones.

The wind tunnel provides for more suction and hence the filters are kept fresh. Secondly, the multi-cyclones make sure that the air is flowing as much to avoid loss of suction. Its input power is about 220 watts which are little but very efficient.

Dust Capacity

This machine is a stick vacuum, and therefore, the amount of accumulation of dust is small however this characteristic makes it easy to empty by just pressing a single button the lips will flip over quickly. The cylindrical container has about one-quarter of the capacity of space where dust storage is.

Filtration System

This vacuum lacks the HEPA filtration and instead it comes with washable foam filters so that you do not have to acquire new filters regularly, and the fact that the vacuum has multi-cyclones implies that it stays clean and fresh for a longer time.


It is small and comes without accessories which mean the swivel steering supports its maneuverability. The power cable is 20ft long which quite long so that one does not need to plug in and out now and then. Other vacuums tend to provide much noise.

However, this vacuum produces medium noise so you can enjoy your radio or TV while doing the cleaning.  Additionally, the vacuum has a reclined handle in addition to the low profile base and thus making it easier to reach below the furniture in order to clean.

Weight, Dimensions, and price

At 9.3 pounds, the vacuum is very lightweight. It is 10.6x 8x 25 inches and has an attached nozzle that is 11inches.  The vacuum retails at 58$ on sites like Amazon and has an additional brush roll controls which are conveniently placed on the handle to give it the much needed ergonomic advantage.

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  • Suitable for small floors
  • It is lightweight and thus making it quick to move it around
  • It is important to note that it can also clean pets in addition to floor surfaces.
  • Its low profile gives it the advantage of being able to clean below the furniture and hard to reach places
  • It is silent and thus does not interfere with your entertainment as you clean
  • The long power cable makes it convenient for far placed energy sources.


  • Its dust accumulation pot is Hence, you will have to empty it now and then.
  • The vacuum is unsuitable for surfaces that have large debris and thus making it annoying.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What’s the best way to clean carpeted stairs?

A: The upholstery will work best to regularly clean stairs

Q: Cleaner is not picking up?

A:It maybe be blown worn out and needs to be checked by an expert but before that, test thebag to see if it is full, and check for possible clogging.

Q: My carpet is getting fuzzy; is the vacuum the problem?

A: No. the fuzzy effect is likely due to as result of slack yarn twist and wild fibers

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Final Verdict

This vacuum cleaner is very much easier to store owing to its smaller size and it is best suitable for quick jobs but has the disadvantage of not being able to pick bigger debris as aresult of its low power. Apart from that, it is an excellent cleaner, and it will meet most of your demands.

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