Best Shark Vacuum Cleaners (Comparison & Reviews)

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Like the monster in Jaws, the Shark vacuum brand has glided almost under the radar and yet it has made quite an impact in the vacuum cleaner industry.

You may wonder, The Shark alone controls over 20% of the US vacuum cleaner market & gained leadership suppressing the top brand Dyson (According to Mintel research)

In today’s guide we’ll review & compare the best shark vacuum cleaners and help you to buy the best product.

Best Shark Vacuum Cleaner Comparison

Check the 6 Best Shark Vacuum Cleaner; Comparison below:

Shark ModelsTypeWeightPrice
Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away TruePet NV752Upright15.4 lbs
Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional NV356EUpright13.7 lbs
Shark DuoClean Rocket (HV382)Upright9.9 lbs
Shark Rocket Ultra-Light Upright (HV302)Stick7.6 lbs
Shark Rotator Professional Lift-Away (NV501)Upright15.5 lbs
Shark Navigator Deluxe (NV42)Upright15 lbs

Why Choose Shark?

SharkNinja offers 3 basic lineups for its vacuum cleaners;

  1. Shark Navigator
  2. Shark Rotator
  3. Shark Rocket

And they have all consistently received among the best vacuum cleaner reviews in sites like Amazon.

One main reason for the prominence of the Shark brand is that it often offers considerable value for money. They’re very affordable, yet somehow Shark manages to cram so many features into them. Often they make vacuuming much easier compared to when you use alternative vacuums that come with bigger price tags.

That’s the reason so many people love this brand and now it’s one of the most popular vacuum cleaner brand in the world.

Best Shark Vacuum Cleaner Reviews

Here are some models you need to look at, as they represent some of the best Shark vacuum cleaners around.

Remember, all these have the cyclonic suction power that doesn’t clog the filters which causes reduced suction power.

Let’s check the best shark vacuum cleaners reviews below:

1. Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away (NV752) Best Choice

Shark NV752_Best Upright vacuum for hardwood and carpetThe Shark Rotator NV752 is Our Top pick as the best shark vacuum for your multi surfaced floors.

It’s a full sized powerful upright vacuum cleaner with powered lift-away facility you can buy at a really competitive price under $300.

You can also use this shark vacuum as a handheld as well as a canister vacuum with wheels.

Great for pets. It doesn’t just pick up loose dirt, but also suctions pet hair cleanly. Even cobwebs are easy to get rid of.

LED lights: The lights are at the end of the floor nozzle, so you can see where you need to focus your cleaning.

Anti allergenic: It uses reusable HEPA filters in conjunction with the Complete Seal tech, so you don’t have to worry if you’re allergic to various allergens in the air.

Easy switch: If you have wooden floors, carpets or area rugs, the NV752 is the best vacuum for hardwood and carpet you can buy. Easy fingertip controls will allow you to change the mode smoothly.


15.4 lbs.
Hard Floor Hero
TruePet Mini Motorized Brush
Pet Multi-Tool
Duster Crevice
13.2 x 11.9 x 45 inches
LED Lights
On Floor Nozzle & Handle
Fingertip Controls
HEPA Filter with Anti Allergen Complete Seal Technology
Dust Cup Capacity
1.5 dry quarts
Cord Length
30 feet
Lifetime (Limited)

2. Shark Navigator Lift-Away (NV356E)

Shark Navigator NV356E Multi surface vacuum

If you want to save some money but still want to get the best shark vacuum under $200; The Shark Navigator NV356E is a perfect choice.

It’s another top shark vacuum at this price, there is actually very few differences with NV752.

Best for Stairs, Area rugs or Hardwood floors.

There are 3 versions of this, but even the basic model with the standard brush roll is excellent. The other 2 has either the Pro brush roll or the Premium brush roll.

At first glance it’s just an upright vacuum cleaner, but it also comes with a detachable canister body which you can then outfit with a hose so you can clean vertical spaces like walls, stair risers, and the back of furniture.

Easy Steering: Even as an upright it’s very easy to steer, since it only weighs 13.7 pounds and the superior swivel lets you control the vacuum around various obstacles.

Extra-large Dust Cup: This means that you don’t have to constantly interrupt your cleaning sessions by removing the cup and then dumping the contents into the trash can.

Cleaning Bare Floors: It has the “Dust-Away” attachment that comes with a reusable microfiber pad so you can wipe the floor. In addition, the brush roll is and for the bare floor but you can turn that off with a switch.

Long Range: It has a 30-foot cord, so you can clean a fairly large area and up the stairs without having to unplug constantly. Great for people with allergies. It uses the HEPA filter and the Complete Seal technology.

Shark Lift Away NV356E Specifications

13.7 lbs.
Hard Floor Hero
Pet Power Brush
Dusting Brush
8″ Crevice Tool
15 x 11.4 x 45.5 inches
LED Lights
Fingertip Controls
HEPA Filter with Anti Allergen Complete Seal Technology
Dust Cup Capacity
2.2 dry quarts
Cord Length
30 feet
1 Year

3. Shark DuoClean Rocket HV382 (Lightweight Shark Vacuum)

Shark DuoClean Rocket HV382If you are looking for a lightweight option with powerful suction, Shark Rocket HV382 is the best lightweight shark vacuum you can get under $200.

Steering control. This is very easy to maneuver, because it is extremely light in weight at just 8 pounds. It also has advanced swivel steering too.

Upright to handheld. It can turn into a portable hand vacuum easily, just by detaching the canister. This gives you the ability to clean more surfaces

Large dust cup: It’s now twice as large as the dust cup in the original Rocket.

LED lights: You have these lights on the nozzle and hand vacuum so you can see the dirty spots and avoid the items you don’t want to suction off.

Lots of attachments: That includes a motorized brush, a hard floor attachment, a tool for crevices, a tool for upholstery and pet hair, and a flexible hose.

Shark Rocket HV382 Specifications:

Upright Stick Vacuum
Avg Customer Rating
9.9 pounds
DuoClean Technology
Washable foam filters
Dust Cup Capacity
.91 dry quarts
Cord Length
30 feet

4. Shark Rocket Ultra-Light Upright (HV302)

shark rocket lightweight corded stick vacuum hv302

If you want a stick vacuum cleaner, the Shark Ultra-light hv302 is the perfect choice available under $150.

It’s also our best choice for one of the best vacuums for the older person.

From carpet to gentle bare floor cleaning (easy fingertip control to switch), area rugs, or even vacuuming the car, it’s an impressive model by SharkNinja that you can trust.

This multi surface corded stick vacuum has (2) speed brush rolls for deep cleaning carpet and removing embedded dirt from your hardwood floors.

Two powerful settings will help you gentle wooden floor cleaning, so it doesn’t get any scratch.

If you are a person with back pain, want to get rid of other heavy weight vacuum cleaners, get hv302 without any hesitation.

Shark rocket hv302 Specs:

Stick / Handheld
Avg Customer Ratings
Weight (lbs.)
Cord length
25 ft.
Dust Collection
Dust Capability
.42 dry quarts
Filter Type
Washable foam

5. Shark Rotator Professional Lift-Away (NV501)

Shark Rotator Away NV501_Multi Floor Vacuum2-in-1. You can use it as an upright and clean your floors, and as a canister vacuum so you can clean the stairs, the couch, the walls, and the inside of your car.

Various attachments. With these various tools, you can lift up pet hair and ground-in dirt from bare floors and carpets.

Effective filters: The HEPA filters and the Complete Seal capture 99.9% of the allergens so you don’t get it back in the air.

Suction control: You can set the setting of the suction if you don’t want full power for your drapes and rugs.

Easy to maneuver: It is easy to control with the swivel steering, and it also weighs just 12 pounds.

Shark NV501 Specifications:

Average Customer Review
15.5 pounds
12.1 x 45.7 x 12.2 in
LED Lights
Fingertip Controls
HEPA + Washable Foam filter
Dust Cup Capacity
2.2 dry quarts
Cord Length
30 feet
5 Years (Limited)

6. Shark Navigator Deluxe NV42 (Self Propelled Vacuum)

Shark Navigator NV42 VacuumA look at some of the features of the “gold vacuum” version can explain why it has received a ton of rave reviews in sites like Amazon.

The Shark navigator NV42 is another great shark vacuum model you can choose. You can feel the self propelled vacuuming with this model. It can be a budget friendly (Under $150) high performing upright vacuum you can get.

It comes with a power brush that can really get the pet hair. Other attachments. The dusting brush makes it much easier to get rid of dust, while the crevice tool lets you clean nooks and crannies.

Reusable filters: You only need to clean the filters once a month. You even get a spare set of filters so when you wash the original filters you can still use the vacuum cleaner with the spare filters.

Extra-large dust cup: You can probably clean up to 6 rooms before you need to empty the contents of the dust cup. It’s really that large.

Beater brush control: The beater brush is great for the carpet, but they can be hell on your bare floor. Fortunately you can turn it off.

Convenient Cord: It is 25 feet long, which is much longer than the standard 16-feet cord. Also, there’s a cord holder on the vacuum handle so you don’t have to hold it while you maneuver the vacuum.

Shark Navigator NV42 Sepcs

15 pounds
5.5″ Crevice Tool
Wide Pet Upholstery Tool
Dusting Brush
11.4 x 11.8 x 45.5 inches
Washable foam filters
1200 watts
Dust Cup Capacity
1 dry quart
Cord Length
25 feet
5 Year Limited

Things to Consider in Choosing a Best Shark Vacuum Cleaners

HEPA filters: A HEPA Filtered vacuum able to trap even the smallest particles of dust, dirt, and pet hair, so that your allergies don’t act up.

Cyclonic Suction: Normally, the filter traps various particles and dust so they don’t recirculate. But the dirt on the filter can consequently reduce the power of the suction, so you end up having to clean the filter constantly. With cyclonic power, the filter doesn’t get clogged at all, so you always have maximum suction at all times.

Complete Seal Technology: Basically, this system keeps all the dirt particles from escaping the vacuum.

Lift-Away Canister: This is a feature that allows you to detach the canister part of the upright vacuum cleaner, so that you end up with a canister vacuum instead. The canister vacuum tends to be more suitable for stairs compared to uprights. In some cases, these canisters even have wheels.

Turbo pet tool: This is a mini tool that you use to for car seats and couches. They’re great for pet hair too. In fact, one model even uses electrical power instead of air to attract pet hair

Built-in LED lights: These light up the work area so that you don’t miss anything (and you don’t vacuum items you don’t want to suction off, such as your children’s toy.

Bagless Versions: Some of the Shark vacuum cleaners come with detachable cups. You only need to empty them contents into a trash bin when they become full. With this feature, you no longer need to buy disposable vacuum bags regularly.

Final Verdict

Now you’ve checked the shark vacuum cleaners with product comparison & buying guide of the year.

It’s not so surprising why so many love Shark vacuum cleaners. They offer great value for money (especially when you buy them off Amazon), they have a 5-year warranty that’s much better than the 1-to 2-year warranty for other vacuums, and the “never loses suction” promise is always kept.

With the best Shark vacuum cleaners in your home, you can clean your floors, stairs, drapes, furniture, and car interior very easily.

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