Finding The Best Vacuum for Hardwood Floors and Pet Hair

Meta description: Do you have hardwood floors, and a pet that sheds hair? Then read on to find the best vacuum for hardwood floors and pet hair for your money.

Not everyone uses a carpet at home, especially when homeowners have a great hardwood floor to show off. Carpets can also be problematic when you have pets like cats or dogs, as the pet hair can burrow deep into the fiber.

So if you have a car and dog and you don’t use carpets, you may want to get the best vacuum for hardwood floors and pet hair.

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So how do you find the best vacuum for hardwood floors and pet hair? To make it easy for you, we have compiled a list of excellent candidates you can choose to use.

1. BISSELL PowerEdge Pet Hard Floor Corded Vacuum

BISSELL PowerEdge Pet Hard Floor Corded Vacuum

This is one of the more excellent vacuum cleaners if you have a hardwood floor and you have pets that shed hair.

The main reason is the revolutionary “V shape” base, which lets you get rid of big and small bits of debris from your floor.

The big pieces of dirt and debris are funneled into the center section path, and then the arms of the V suction off the smaller particles.

The V shape makes it easier to clean around furniture legs.The head can swivel, which also makes maneuvering along the floor easier. It’s very light at less than 8 pounds, which is good for your hardwood.

It’s also light enough that you can use a single hand to lift it. This is a bagless vacuum, so there’s no need to keep on buying vacuum bags. There’s also no need for any attachments when you’re trying to pick up the pet hair.

It employs the iconic cyclonic tech, which allows you constant suction because the particles aren’t blocking off the filters. There aren’t any bristles, so the pet hair doesn’t collect on it. The suction is very powerful, although that means it can get a bit noisy too.

2. Hoover FloorMate Deluxe Hard Floor Cleaner

Hoover FloorMate Deluxe Hard Floor Cleaner

This comes with a regular handle, but there’s also a version with a foldable handle that makes storage much easier.

This one is designed for hard floors, including hardwood, laminate, ceramic, vinyl, and marble. It can actually wash the floor and then help dry it afterwards.

You have different modes for you floors with this gadget, including wash, scrub, and dry. It resembles the cleaning process for carpets. You end up with a much cleaner floor, and the drying time afterwards is much shorter.

The controls are very easy to use. It’s not all that hard to figure out, as you don’t have any complicated controls to master.

It’s very light at less than 14 pounds. That’s 8 pounds lighter than a previous version. It’s very maneuverable, although the short cord does complicate things a bit. But it can get into the corners with no trouble.

It’s also comparatively quiet, as it doesn’t cause as much of a ruckus as other powerful vacuum cleaners. It comes with a cleaning solution, but even with just water you can really get rid of a lot of dirt from your floor. Dust balls and pet hair are no problem for this baby.

3. Hoover FloorMate SpinScrub with Bonus Hard Floor Wipes

Hoover FloorMateSpinScrub with Bonus Hard Floor Wipes

This is a Hoover, and that means high quality that pretty much outshines most of vacuums from China. The company has been in this business for a hundred years.

This bagless vacuum also washes and dries the floor as well. It uses a 2-tank system so you don’t get the dirty water back on to the floor.

It’s great for pet owners, and some reviewers who own lots of cats and dogs have reported that it can handle pet hair very well indeed. Pets can also make lots of tracks on hard floors, and this device can really get rid of all that dirt.

The controls are all laid out nicely. You just turn a small dial to vacuum, then you turn it to washing, and finally to drying. The brushes can wash and scrub the floor very gentle so that it doesn’t mar the surface.

It already includes the detergent you need as well as 30 wipes for hard floors. The dry function very well, so you can have it nice and dry in minutes instead of hours.

The power cord is 27 feet long, so you can pretty much clean an entire room without having to unplug and plug frequently. It’s built to North American electrical standards.

4. Dirt Devil SD20505 Power Air Corded Bagless Stick Vacuum for Hard Floor

Dirt Devil SD20505 Power Air Corded Bagless Stick Vacuum for Hard Floor

This vacuum uses a 10-amp motor that provides extremely powerful suction. But that’s just the start of the many benefits it can bring you.

It features a cyclonic filtration system so that it doesn’t lose suction power as the filter becomes dirtier. 

That makes it very maneuverable, and you can use just a single hand to carry it. The wheels are sturdy as well. You can pretty clean a very large are without having to move the plug to another socket, as the cord is 20 feet long.

You can reach deep under lots of furniture because of its low profile. The cleaning head is only 1.5 inches tall. It’s bagless so you don’t need to keep getting vacuum bags regularly.

But the dirt cup is also very easy to empty. You just basically need to press a single button as you hold it over your trash can. It can make vacuuming a very quick process, since the cleaning path is 11 inches wide.

It’s fairly quiet, although that’s compared to other powerful vacuum cleaners. It doesn’t take up much space to store. You can even hang this. But the plastic casing may not be all that sturdy, so be careful when you hang it in a closet along with other pieces of equipment.

5. Dirt Devil SD20000RED Simpli-Stik Lightweight Bagless Stick Vacuum

Dirt Devil SD20000RED Simpli-Stik Lightweight Bagless Stick Vacuum - Corded

This exemplifies the very nature of stick vacuum cleaners, which are supposed to be streamlined for significant weight reduction.

This bagless vacuum weighs less than 4 pounds! It’s also a 2-in-1 vacuum, as you can detach a hand vacuum unit as well. It’s not surprising that it’s the best seller among stick vacuums on Amazon.

You can use this for a wide variety of cleaning functions. You can clean the hardwood floors, and you can also use it to get rid of the pet hair on the couch. You can even use this to clean your carpet.

The suction is good enough for pet hair on hardwood floors as well. Its light weight makes it very maneuverable and you won’t have any problems lifting it from room to room and from floor to floor.

The wheels roll smoothly as well. It comes with a crevice tool onboard, so you can easily get the dirt in the various cracks and crevices. It’s a bagless design so there’s no need to constantly replenish your vacuum bags.

The filter is also reusable, so you don’t need to keep buying filters too.It’s very easy to use, as it comes with the no-frills philosophy that represents the stick vacuum niche.

Things to Consider in Choosing a Vacuum Cleaner for Hardwood Floors and Pet Hair


If you have hardwood floors you don’t really want heavy vacuums that can damage the surface of the hardwood. Besides, the heavy weight can make it more difficult to maneuver the vacuum. See the top 5 light weight vacuum cleaners.

No beater or rotator brushes

These brushes have thick bristles that can dig into carpet fiber, so these things can also damage hardwood floors as well. If the vacuum does have these things, then they should have an off switch so you can keep them off your hardwood.


Felt or rubber padding can help keep the vacuum from scratching the hardwood floor. Sometimes these can also help protect the wood furniture from any scratches.

Strong suction

You really want this feature, especially when you have dirt in the grains of the hardwood floor. Also, strong suction can really get rid of the pet hair too. In some cases, there’s an additional material that can really attract hair.

Best Vacuum for Hardwood Floors and Pet Hair

Final Verdict

If you have hardwood floors, you have to be really careful when you clean it. But these vacuum cleaners can make it much easier for you without having to break your back in the process. All these vacuums are very light, and they don’t have any attachments that can harm the beauty of your floor.

Having pets can make your vacuuming chores even more difficult, but then again it’s understandable if putting up with pet hair is a downside you can live with. But these vacuum cleaners mean that you don’t have to live with that problem at all.

So take a look at these options for best vacuum for hardwood floors and pet hair. Check the prices on Amazon, and read the reviews as well. You’ll find that all of them offer a lot of value at very reasonable prices.

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