Benefits Of Steam Cleaning

Buckets, stain removers, and mops are the typical components of our daily cleaning. But, today we are going to talk about an effective and environmentally friendly method of getting a sterile house – steam cleaning. We will read some of the benefits that are precisely described out experts.

Traditional cleaning equipment mainly focuses on giving you a clean appearance, but steam cleaning has some added health benefits. One of the reasons why steam cleaning is gaining popularity after each passing year. We will shed further light on the positive aspects of steam cleaning.

Chemical free. Popular stain removers and shower cleaners consist of bleach and ammonia that gives you a shining appearance. However, these chemicals make negative impacts on health. On the other hand, steam cleaning not only gives you a clean appearance but also kills 99.9 percent of bacteria. Using heat and water, a steam vacuum gives you a clean, but chemical free house.

Kids friendly. Regular cleaners and stains removers contain Sodium Hypochlorite that contains corrosive oxidizing agents. It provides eye burning effect, skin irritations, especially to the kids and pets. That is where the steam cleaning differs. Due to the non-toxic nature, steam cleaning is a better way to keep your house clean and safe for kids.

Non-allergic. People who suffer with asthma have great benefits from steam cleaning. Due to natural steam, heat, and water, it never triggers any allergic reactions. So, you can use a steam cleaner to wipe out any surface that is not sensitive to heat without worrying about your health.

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Even if you use a regular upright cleaner, there are chances that it can cause respiratory issues and increase the chances of allergic reactions. However, steam cleaners do not come with any such sufferings.

Eco-friendly. Apart from being safe for your health, kids, and pets, steam cleaning is also environment-friendly. Steam cleaner only uses water to collect the dust unlike traditional cleaners composed of chemicals, which drains off for the time being but comes back to our water supply.

Choosing steam cleaning is not only safe for you, your house, kids and pet but also safe for the air, as no gases are released into the atmosphere while cleaning. Also, you get a clean, sanitized house free from any toxic smell.

Cost effective. We talked about several health benefits, but do you know that a steam cleaner can also be cost-effective in the long run. In case of regular cleaning, you will need stain removers, brushes and if you’re using an upright bagged cleaner, it needs replacement bags after regular intervals. While in case of a steam cleaner, the initial cost may be high, but after that, all you will be using is water and electricity.

Improved and versatile cleaning. If there are any spots or residual left behind by any of the other cleaning methods, a steam cleaner can wipe them as well. Using high-temperature steam, a steam cleaner surpasses the efficiency of any other vacuum cleaner or cleaning methods. Steam cleaning not only gives you a shining house but also keeps you free from bacteria and all other dust borne microbial.

Apart from improved cleaning, steam cleaners also give you the versatility to clean almost any surface in the house. Whether its washroom tiles, stone countertops, leather upholstery, wooden or any other floor type. A steam cleaner will thoroughly remove all the dust and debris from any surface and gives them appearances like new.

Effective in mold cleaning. Frequent in washrooms, mold produces harmful mycotoxins. Several stain cleaners do not remove them; they blend mold with the surface. However, power cleaners with steam can remove the mold and prevent its regrowth as well. The high-temperature steam removes mold and all other microbial not only from the surface but also from the cracks and crevices.

Pathogen killer. Several potent pathogens are present in your house. You cannot see them, and most of the different cleaning methods will be unsuccessful in removing them.

We stated several times that steam cleaning removes bacteria, viruses and other microbial. However, steam cleaners are also well capable of killing active pathogens like Salmonella and E. Coli from your house. Steam cleaners penetrate deepest of the corners, and it removes dirt, debris and all such pathogens with the use of hot water molecules.

Helps to remove airborne allergens. One of the most active allergic triggers is airborne. Examples include dust mites and pollen. Steam cleaning takes care of these allergens and gives you an allergy-free atmosphere.

Recent studies say that one of the ways to protect your kids from asthma is to give them an allergen-free environment since early ages. So, steam cleaning is sufficient to keep your children safe from these allergens that are commonly found in the polluted air and dust.

Eliminates pet odor. If you are a pet owner, then you must sense their smell, especially around the area where they hang out most of the time. Steam cleaning not only gives you freedom from such odor but also kills flies, their larva that can irritate your dogs.

Retains natural freshness. We discussed several times that steam cleaning does not produce many fumes to leave your house smelling toxic. It kills any bad odor and gives you a natural and fresh feel in the home. Even there are steam vacuums that leave lemon fresh aroma after cleaning. There are other variants available as well. You can always check on Amazon for such innovative products.

Time Saver. With high pressure heated steam, a water-based vacuum gives you shining results within a short period. Also, you have the peace of mind that you are safe from any illness and not making a negative contribution to the environment.

Easy to use. A steam cleaner or a mop is lightweight in comparison. Also, there is no need to scrub the floor while cleaning. Scrubbing can give you an arm ache, but with a steam mop, you can clean the whole area without even bending once. This feature comes handy if you are old or suffer from any back problems.

Energy efficient. You will be surprised to know that a steam cleaner consumes less electricity while cleaning in comparison to a regular vacuum cleaner that works on air pressure. So, if you include a steam mop or vacuum in your house, expect some low numbers on the electricity bills.

Space saver. While using a steam cleaner, you will save a lot of space in the washroom and other drawers. As we have discussed, a steam cleaner can give you one-stop cleaning solution to clean any heat insensitive object. So, if you have a water based vacuum, you will not only make savings on removers, brushes, etc., but you will also save a lot of space.

Read all the benefits. Do not settle just for a clean house. Go for a clean, hygienic and fresh house free from allergens, molds, microbial and all other pathogens.

There is no need to get professional help for steam cleaning your home. You can purchase a water-based vacuum cleaner. Check for all the accessories and attachments, so that you can clean all the areas, surfaces, and materials with the vacuum. Happy cleaning.


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