Shark Vacuum nv501 vs nv502 [Shark Rotator lift-away Professional Vacuum Compare]

Shark Rotator Professional lift-away Upright vacuum NV501 vs NV502 – Check the differences, product overview, comparison & best price.

When you are looking for a high-quality vacuum you really can’t go past the Shark Vacuum range. They have an established reputation for enduring quality and value for money.

Here we compare two rotator lift away professional upright vacuum cleaner models from Shark Vacuums, the NV501 vs NV502 to determine which is the best fit for different consumer needs.

The Similarities Between Shark Rotator Lift away NV501 vs NV502

There are many similarities between the Shark Rotator NV501 and the Shark Rotator NV502; they are both lightweight, weighing a maximum of 15.5 pounds, they both featureAnti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology and HEPA to protect the user from contaminants and allergens and theyboth include a Dusting Brush, 12″ Crevice Tool, straight nozzle and Premium Pet Power Brush as attachable accessories.

Both models also feature a 1.3-quart dust cup capacity, a hose length of8.4 feet, a cord length of 30 feet and a cleaning path width of 9.5 inches. They LED swivel steering is included in all models in the NV500 range as is the portable charging pod.

Differences Between Shark Model NV501 vs NV502

The price point is a key difference, as the NV502 is about $50 to $100 more expensive than the Shark Rotator NV501. The increase in price is largely due to the included accessories with the NV502 also including an under appliance wand and a car detailing kit that is not available as included accessories with the NV501.

The vacuum remains unchanged although the NV501 is available in a variety of colors including green, red and purple, unlike the NV502 which, at this point, is available only in red.

01. Shark Rotator Professional lift away 501 Overview


Pros of The Shark Vacuum nv501

The Shark Vacuum NV501, like the rest of the NV500 series, is an excellent low noise, highly efficient professional upright vacuum cleaner.

The rotation and swivel functions allow for maximum ergonomic comfort and angle versatility.

If you are looking for a more affordable vacuum cleaner that gives you a versatile and professional clean then the NV501 is a great choice.

Cons of The Shark Vacuum NV501

The NV501 does not have the car detailing kit. This is a highly popular and versatile cleaning kit that allows for professional quality car detailing that would otherwise be unachievable.

02. Shark Rotator lift-away Professional Upright Vacuum (nv502) Overview


Pros of The Shark Vacuum NV502

Like the NV501 the vacuum is excellent for professional level cleaning, with the portable stand and excellent reach providing maximum flexibility. The differentiating point between the NV501 vs the NV502 is the included accessories.

The NV502 has a car detailing kit that is perfect for professional car detailers or those who wish to include car detailing as part of their service. It is also a great purchase for car enthusiasts, or even just those who like to maintain a thoroughly clean car.

Cons of The Shark Vacuum nv502

The extra price for a car detail accessory kit will make this vacuum cleaner considerably less desirable for those who don’t need the extensive car cleaning abilities of the kit. It is possible to clean your car without the kit, it is however much less thorough and more time consuming and awkward.

Final Thought on Shark model NV501 vs NV502

Consumers who want maximum versatility and know that they will use the car detailing kit should really consider the NV502. However, if you can’t see car detailing in your future and you are looking to save a little money then the NV501 is the model for you.



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