Shark Rocket Ultra Light Upright Hv301 Review

This vacuum has been highlyrated when it comes to sucking minute pet hairs on floors but seemed to perform poorly in pull larger debris from bare surfaces. In the cleaning of hard floors,it is quite evident that the vacuum cleaner is unable to pick particles like flour but was able to pick larger particles like those belonging to oatmeal.

Its brush roll is constantly on when running on any surface and thus lacks the automatic surface adjustment feature found in its peers.

The continuously activated brush roll leads to the vacuum cleaner being moved forward when working. Like most of its peers, it can clean under furniture and also, it can reach some hard to reach crevices.

Also, it comes with an additional accessory which include washable microfiber pad for removal of dust.


HV301 provides powerful suction abilities giving an edge over its peers in the same category which apparently translates to better cleaning abilities leaving no stains and dirt marks behind.

 Its powerful suction also means that it can pick larger debris, unlike its competitors. The input power of 500 watts is a good energy saving deal and thus makes it attractive to environmental conscience individuals.

Shark Rocket Ultra Light Upright Hv301 Review

Dust Capacity

At 0.118 gallons as its entire dust collection container, the vacuum cleaner means it can collect dust up to about three average sized rooms. Compared to its peers on the same features and make, HV301 is much superior regarding its dust suction capacity.

Filtration System Efficiency

This vacuum cleaner lacks the HEPA filtration but in it are good washable filters. However the filters are not those high end and top quality filters which would ensure the best dust filtration hence for customers with asthma or allergies then this is not the best vacuum for you.

Weight and Dimensions

The vacuum cleaner weighs 7.5 lbs, leading to its ease of carriage and storage.Equally, the vacuum cleaner can be mounted on a wall hence making it even more suitable for small houses.  Its dimensions are 22.8 x 10 x 31.9 inches. It comes with a five-year warranty which covers material defect, and workmanship provided it is not as a result of misuse by the owner.

Accessories and price

On accessories, the vacuum cleaner comes with crevice tool a dusting tool and a car detail kit to enable cleaning crevice and removal of dust from hard surfaces.  The vacuum costs 196.02$ on sites like Amazon.


The most exciting feature in its usability for this cleaner is its swivel steering which ensures that one can clean a wide area and in different directions while making little moves.

Its light weight makes it also quite easy to control around when much movement is required. On the other hand, however, the light weight of the head means that one has to exert much pressure to enable the brush roll to work on the carpets.

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  • The accessories that come with are quite advantageous
  • The power cord is very long at more than 30 feet thus giving it flexibility
  • Has a higher suction power


  • The suction sometimes fails rather easily
  • After several runs its starts to throw out pebbles and some dirt
  • The dirt cup is rather too small, and the dust cup is not big enough.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q: What height adjustments should I set thenozzle?

A: Based on the carpet type, choose whichever is suitable.

Q: What’s the best way to clean carpeted stairs?

A: It maybe be blown worn out and needs to be checked by an expert but before that check bag to see if itis full, and check for possible clogging.

Q: My carpet is getting fuzzy; is the vacuum the problem?

A: No. the fuzzy effect is likely due to as result of slack yarn twist and wild fibers

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Final Verdict

Shark Rocket Ultra-Light Upright Hv301 is a great vacuum cleaner to have in your house. Its unique design, high power, and low price make it the best.

In conclusion,when this vacuum cleaner underwentevaluation alongside 11 others, it was found to be more superior on dry spillsand bare floors, its noise levels were very high however it is easier to clean and empty the dust cups.

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