Shark nv751 vs nv752 Compare

The Shark rotator Truepet Powered lift away vacuums are already a very popular series in the market.

In this article we’re going to compare Shark NV751 vs NV752 models and will try to find which one is the best to buy.

Check the Comparison in Specifications below:

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Shark NV751 Vs NV752 Designs Differences & Similarities

There are many other models in the shark series, but if your choices are the ones above, then you have good taste in vacuums.

One of the closest features both of the models have is the fact that they are both 3 in 1. Meaning they both perform 3 in 1 functions, making it a standard vacuum. The first feature they both have in common is their lift away pod or canister, which allows and gives the user the ability to extend the vacuum for a farther reach, like underneath couches and furniture. This feature is one of the reasons why customers recommend the product to others because it matches the infomercials they watch.

One of the minor difference between the nv751 and the nv752 is the colors. They have different colors; nv751 has a Lavender color, while the nv752 is deep red, this is the only difference you can see in their outward appearance.

The steering of the nv752 is preferable to the steering in the nv751, it has more flexibility and can conveniently maneuver the homes without much lifting, and its TruePet dust feature is perhaps one of the most distinguishing features of the 752 from the 751, which is why customers prefer this model to the 751.

The control of the 752 is more adaptable than that of the 751, meaning it can adapt to surfaces like hard floors, low and high tile carpets and other it can turn slightly well on these kinds of floors. The 751 model, on the other hand, has a bit of a hitch when it comes to impervious surfaces.

How the Shark NV751 Vs NV752 cleans

The cleaning pattern of these models is almost similar with only a few differences.

The cleaning pattern of the shark nv752 is simple. It has a sort of dynamic steering, with a shock-like design (like those on cars) that makes it able to maneuver and go through furniture and couches like its nothing. It has a high suction that is controlled with a touch of a button, which makes the cleaning a lot more fun.

With the button control, you control the lift away canister which makes it, very easy for you to reach hard to get places; the brush-roll continues to spin while it is on the lift away mode. The HEPA filter helps to trap the dust and all the allergens, preventing them from flying in the air, which makes the cleaning neater. On hard floors, you, it is easy to pick up debris and pet hair, thanks to the motorized TRUEPET brush with the profound cleaning power.

The only difference that the nv751 has when it comes to the cleaning feature is that it has to use more force and energy than the 752 model, to dig out the dirt and debris from high pile carpets.

Another cleaning feature in the 752 that is not in the 751 is the 2 in 1 dusting genie, which gives its users a 99.99% cleaning efficiency and dust free upholstery.

Shark NV751 Vs NV752 Maneuverability

The maneuverability of the nv752 is very sleek and smooth to control. With a dynamic swivel steering, you can control the nozzle, directing it where ever you want, it to go, plus with the lift away canister, you can conveniently clean under the chairs and furniture.

There is even a light at the head of the vacuum that makes it easier to see and control. You can also maneuver the 752 model with it buttons, controlling it wherever you want it to go.

The nv751 series maneuver is the same with that of the 752 models, they have the same maneuverability feature, with the dynamic swivel steering, LED light and the surface and lift-away modes, which makes cleaning more efficient, just like the shark nv752.

Shark NV751 Vs NV752 Pros and Cons (200)

Shark nv751


  •    It is affordable
  •    It has an anti allergenic feature
  •    Can also use for multipurpose cleaning
  •    Detachable canister and can be emptied quickly
  •    Amazing and easily replaceable filters
  •    LED light, to help in dark areas
  •    Microfiber pads are easy to wash
  •    A lift away design
  •    Can clean hard to reach areas
  •    A 30-foot long cord, to cover large areas
  •    Have buttons for cleaning convenience


  •    The cable is not retractable
  •    Heavy for little persons
  •    Difficult maneuver for beginners

Shark nv752


  •    It is affordable
  •    Very easy to use with buttons for cleaning convenience
  •     Has a detachable canister
  •    Has a powerful suction
  •    Excellent for cleaning pet hair
  •    LED light for darker spots
  •    Good and dynamic swivel steering
  •    Can clean all kinds of surfaces
  •    Has a motorized attachment that you can control with your hand


  •    Has a small dust cup
  •    It is heavy for persons to use
  •    It cannot separate fine dust from debris, making the dust go to the filter.

Shark NV751 Vs NV752 size and dimensions (100)

The formats of the nv751 and nv752 are almost the same thing, (but Amazon list them as the same thing). For the nv751 model, its size and dimension are about 13.2 x 11.9 x 45 inches, and it weighs about 15 pounds, which makes it kind of to lift and use.

The nv752 is almost the same, but Amazon state that it is the same thing; it dimensions are 13.2 x 11.9 x 45 (some sites may describe it as 13.2 x 11.9 x 47), with the same 15 pounds; in lift away mode, about 7 pounds is lifted making it 8 pounds.

The vacuums are not precisely lightweight of heavy either which make it very easy to use. Also, try to look for a shark series model with a 30-foot long cord so you can maneuver your home efficiently.

Shark NV751 Vs NV752 Accessories and Parts

For the NV752, it comes with some cools accessories that make maintenance of the product very easy. It has a TruePet tool, which is the distinguishing feature of the nv752, the dusting genie and the hard floor genie that aids the smooth workings of the vacuum. It comes with an upholstery accessory, making you able to get to high parts, a canister paddy that helps support the canister. There is also an accessory bag that you can put all your pieces like the brushes, the dust cups and all the other minor elements that comes with the vacuum.

The nv751 is not like the nv752, it does not have a TruePet tool, and no genie kits that would have made it on par with nv752, but it has other accessories and parts like the dust cup, the brushes, and other necessary components like the LED lights and the filter cups, that comes with the vacuum.

Cleaning test

Hardwood floor performance

For the 752, it is impressive on hardwood floors. The 2 in 1 dust genie, helps to gather and suck the dust off the ground takes it to the dust cup. The nv752 can pick up debris and allergen that is stuck on the wooden floor, with little stress, thanks to the powerful suction.

The nv751 is good on hardwood floors, but not as good as the nv752 model. It doesn’t have the suction power strong enough to remove stuck on debris and allergens, that is why customers complain that they don’t like the performance of the nv751 model, that it doesn’t clean thoroughly, which facilitated the need to make a better nv700 series vacuum cleaner.

Carpet Performance (low and high pile)

Because of the high suction power that the nv752 has over the nv751 model, the former prevails better on high and low tile carpet than the nv751 model. The 752 model has the power to adapt to the surface area and either increase or reduce the intensity of the suction power (depending on the surface) so that it can effectively remove the debris and allergens on the carpet. People still fancy the nv751 shark model vacuum cleaner, the only problem they have with it is, its brush can’t work on well on high tile carpets to brush out the debris.

Pet Hair Removal

One of the reasons why most customers will prefer the nv752 to the nv751 is the pet-friendly (or pet-friendly) compatibility. One of the major complaints of the users using the nv751 is that it doesn’t do well with pet hair. According to them, the pet hair, most often than not, entangles the brush and reduces its efficacy and ability to loosens debris for the suction process to be comfortable.

The NV751, on the other hand, is a lot more pet friend; it can conveniently get rid of pet hair without you trying to free and untangle the brushes. Its filter is also excellent and can separate dust from pet hair.

What is the best bang for the buck? Overall value compare

When you want a run for your money, if you’re going to get a vacuum that will work well, seamlessly and with as little human intervention as possible, then it will be good that you evaluate the pros and cons of both the nv751 and nv752. Considering the nv752, you’ll see that the working and designs of the vacuum are unique, but don’t take my word, consider the following.

With a reasonable and fair price, it is important to note, very few vacuums are affordable and fit into your budget plan, but one of the fantastic things about the nv752 is that it can fit into any middle class and low budget plans

You want a vacuum that should not only be elegantly designed, but also one that can give you all the benefits that a vacuum can provide, like a satisfactory cleaning experience, and look at the evidence above you; it is settled that the nv752 cleans with a 99.9% efficiency rate.

If you’re a pet person, I’m reasonably sure that you would not want pet hair flying around, so you would need a vacuum cleaner that will be able to clean the pet fur with a 100% certainty.

Summary of the Significant Difference

The first notable difference between the nv752 and the nv751 are almost self-evident. The suction powers of both vacuums are distinctly different. The nv752 can quickly clean up high tile carpets, but the nv751 can’t achieve that seamless clean without some extra human effort.

Another very distinguishing feature of the nv752 from the nv751 is the TruePet dust feature. The reason why most user, (which are pet owners most of the time) use the nv752 model, is because it works well with pet hair, and doesn’t get the hair all tangled in its brushes.

There is also the 2 in 1 dusting genie feature in the nv752 model vacuum, which makes cleaning easy. Although this feature is not available in the nv751 series, it doesn’t mean that the vacuum doesn’t clean thoroughly.

Bottom line

Over the years, home cleaning was becoming a more tedious task than even reading, and so people didn’t have time to clean their homes. One of the reasons for the cumbersome nature of cleaning homes was the fact that the tools that were used then were rather crude and manual and so, it would require a lot of energy to clean house.

Most persons who did not like this method of cleaning their homes had to look for more straightforward methods. Quite surprisingly, they found a way to make cleaning fun and easy. So you could say that vacuums are lifesavers.

Within the years, the vacuums became smaller and more efficient and less stressful, which is why we have a variety of vacuums out there

The Winner:

From all indications of things, it is very evident that the nv752 series of the shark vacuum series is the winner. In line with the performance and function, it seems that the nv752 outmatches the nv751 almost entirely, except with a few similarities like the same length of cord, LED light, button controls.

But when it comes down to performance, it is certain that the nv752 wins the challenge.

It has features like the 2 in 1 dusting genie, a pet-friendly, and tile/carpet friendly. It also has a high suction and surface control suction strength; all features the nv751 is lacking.





Comparing various things and customer feedback The Shark NV752 is the Winner here.

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