Shark Ion Robot 750 vs Roomba 690 [Robotic Vacuum Comparison]

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If you don’t have enough time to clean up your house, you can buy the best robot vacuum cleaners to do the job for you.

The Shark ion Robot 750 and Roomba 690 are two of the most recommended robot vacuum cleaners in the market.

Although these two robot vacuums are used for the same services, they have unique features that separate them.

Some of these features may make one device to be more superior and helpful as compared to the other one.

Shark ion Robot RV750 vs Roomba 690 Comparison Below:

Here we tried to find out the similarities and differences between these two popular robot vacuum cleaners.

The Similarities Between the Shark 750 vs Roomba 690  Robot Vacuum Cleaners.

  • Both of the vacuum cleaners can be controlled with the use of a mobile app.
  • They both use a rechargeable lithium battery.
  • They both have double cleaners for collecting debris and other dirt.
  • They are equipped with sensors that protect them from bumping into obstacles while cleaning.

Difference Between the Two Robot Vacuum Cleaners.

  • Roomba 690 is equipped with an adjustable head that enables the device to clean different floors including the hard floors While Shark ion does not have this system.
  • Shark ion robot 750 can be set to clean when one is not in the house, unlike Roomba which you have to be around for easy control.
  • Roomba has been voted to be better in collecting animal furs and hairs from the floor as compared to the shark ion robot 750.
  • Roomba has three cleaning systems that ensure the house is left looking all sparkling clean, but Shark ion only has one mode.
  • Shark can be set for voice control while Roomba has to be remotely controlled.

Let’s Check What Are The Key Features of the Two robotic vacuums below?

Shark Ion Robot Vacuum 750 Review


Shark Ion Robot 750 Specifications:

With a precision that exceeds all expectations, Shark is a global leader when it comes to vacuum cleaner. The brand itself is not among the biggest in the world, but they have created something that makes cleaning a pleasurable activity.

This Shark ION ROBOT 750 Vacuum is an automatic cleaning device with two side brushes that spin decisively to pull in dirt from edges and corners with so much ease. It is also quite small, able to move under furniture to pull in debris easily.

shark robot vacuum 750

And if you have kids like me, the Shark ION ROBOT RV750 Vacuum will provide a convenient way for you to clean.

The Shark RV750 vacuum has a proximity sensor system that enables it to identify and avoid obstacles as it navigates the corners of your home. While it possesses the performance power of a shark, it is also very precise and user friendly.

If it does get entangled, it features a detangling mechanism that helps to take out the object that has clung to it. What’s more, you can do all of this with the comfort of your smart phone. The WiFi connectivity allows you to remotely control the system using your device.

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The Pros of Shark RV750:

  • Comes with 2 extra side brushes for replacement.
  • It has a slim profile, allowing it perform cleaning under furniture and appliances.
  • Sensors help it to navigate easily around the home without bumping into objects.
  • Can be controlled remotely with WiFi connectivity.
  • Battery gives you at least 1 hour cleaning before autocharge mechanism takes effect.
  • It is self cleaning, including disentangling objects that stick to the brushes.

The Cons Shark RV750:

  • May not be able to clean every part of the entire home.
  • May get stuck by frequently running into obstacles.

RV750 Shark Ion Robot Reviews, Features & Functionality:

So what makes Shark ION ROBOT 750 Vacuum tick? A number of factors are responsible for making this product a highly sought-after vacuum. These include;

  • Smart Sensor Navigation Technology

With this feature, you don’t need to worry about manually moving around to direct your vacuum’s movement. The tool features a smart sensor that ensures it turns around and finds another way when it runs into static objects like furniture.

  • WiFi Connectivity

This is what gives you the freedom to connect it to your mobile device for convenient control. As long as you’re within range, you can remotely control your cleaner, instructing it to perform your desired cleaning functions.

shark ion robot vacuum review

  • Easy-Empty Dust Bin

This is another important feature that enhances the usefulness of this vacuum. Shark ION ROBOT 750 Vacuum has an attached easy-empty dust bin that holds all the dust and dirt the machine collects, so that you can easily empty it when you can. This keeps the dust intact, ensuring that it does not return to the floor you have just cleaned.

  • Easy-Charge System

Perhaps, this is the most amazing feature here. It is, for me, what defines this machine as a true robot. The battery can only last for one hour per cleaning. However, you don’t even need to get up from where you are. Once the vacuum runs out of power, it turns itself off, locates its connected charger and begins to recharge. This is amazing.

  • Detangling Technology

I have used several vacuums in the past and I know how tough it is to manually take off the pet hair and other items that clog to the cleaning brush. With ROBOT 750, that is not the case. A detangling technology ensures it is self cleaning. You’ve got nothing to worry about.

Final Words

There was a time in human history when brooms were the only tool used for cleaning the home. Then came floor brushes, and eventually, vacuum cleaners. But even vacuum cleaners have evolved exponentially in recent years.

All of these developments are introduced to make cleaning easier, faster and more enjoyable.

The Shark ION ROBOT RV750 Vacuum is one of the best roomba alternative & good automated cleaning systems on the market. It provides all-round convenience for anyone who desires it. If what you want is a truly comfortable vacuum system for basic home cleaning, this may just be what you need. With amazing features, the product truly deserves all the rave reviews it is getting.

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Roomba 690 Robotic Vacuum Review

Mobile compatible for control: The device is compatible with the mobile phone which allows the user to control it from anywhere. Meaning you don’t necessarily need to be around the house for the gadget to do the cleaning. Also, there are some apps such as voice apps that you can use for easy control it.

Patented 3-cleaning systems: The systems are equipped to ensure that the device leaves the floor looking sparkling clean.

Intelligent sensor: The sensor guides the robot cleaner under the furniture and helps it evade any obstacles.

Auto-adjusting cleaning head: This is a feature that assists the device to reach to different corners of the house and carpets.

The Pros.

  • It is influential in eliminating debris and dirt.
  • It is adjustable to reach various lengths.
  • Cleans even under the furniture.
  • Has a sensor for smooth movements.

The Cons.

  • The battery does not last for long.
  • It is hard to set it for cleaning when you are not around since it can quickly get stuck.


Thanks to technology that our work is easy since there are different devices and tools that we can use for various tasks and services.

From the information above we can see that both robot vacuum cleaners are useful and convenient in different ways. If you need a reliable vacuum that will clean your home even when you are not around the shark ion 750 robotic is the right one for you. For those with different floors, consider Roomba 690 since t is adjustable to reach different areas.

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