iRobot Roomba 805 vs 880 Review & Comparison

When you take a look at both the irobot Roomba 805 and the Roomba 880, you would think they are the same product.

However, it is when you make a detailed glance that you spot a few advantages one has over the other.

But not everyone knows enough about how a robot vacuum works and what it offers overall.

In this post we’ve covered Roomba 805 vs 880 side by side comparison, differences & similarities- to help you deciding which one is the best.

So it is highly necessary to go down in detail to each feature and part of both so you can eventually find the best one.

Roomba 805 vs 880- Which one is Better?

roomba-880-reviewWhile the Roomba 805, for example, has a black design line on the brand name, the Roomba 880 has a light-grey one. Other differences are the shape and the dimensions, in which the Romba 880 looks slightly smaller than the Roomba 805 due to a more sleek design.

Even though the Roomba 805 does its job entirely well at a much lower price point, the performance and overall features of the 880 give a push that’s unmatched.

The Roomba 880 is packed with everything needed to clean a complete house effortlessly, and it even charges itself when required, something the 805 does not.

The Roomba 880 is the best choice in here.

So, there’s practically nothing about the Roomba 880 that could hold it back from being the best option here.

Roomba 805 VS 880 Specifications:

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Both are excellent nonetheless, with very similar technological and physical features that set both away from the crowd. Take a look further into this robot vacuum comparison so you can learn a little more in-depth about both.

iRobot Roomba 805 Review

roomba-805-robot vacuum

The Roomba 805 is a fast, inexpensive, and reliable vacuum robot for people who want reliability with some cutting-edge features only the 800’s models offer.

From the AeroForce cleaning system for 5x better air power up to the iAdapt Multi-Room navigation that makes it adaptable and unstoppable at any home, this device is an affordable option not to overlook.


  • Excellent set of innovative features that add convenience
  • Price around $300 is a bargain for its quality


  • House navigation reading system is not as reliable as expected
  • A little hard to clean (especially when wet or moist)

Watch iRobot 805 Unboxing:

Bottom Line

Will keep your home clean without a problem, as long as you know how to configure the device correctly and create the right path for it not to get stuck.

Also, at its price point, you won’t get anything as consistent or useful. But it could be slightly problematic when it comes to cleaning it. Overall, it is a terrific option with a few minor drawbacks.

iRobot Roomba 880 Review

iRobot roomba 880 vs 805 comparison

Marketed as an updated and more reliable version of the 805, the irobot roomba 880 one offers a wide array of similar features such as the iAdapt Navigation and AeroForce systems.

It also comes with a few additional features nonetheless, such as an updated lithium-ion battery and a highly convenient scheduling option.


  • An updated version of all features from 805
  • Excellent XLIFE Extended Life Battery feature for superior battery life-span


  • Extremely expensive for such meager changes from other cheaper versions
  • The iAdapt Navigation system is not as trustworthy as it seems

Bottom Line

The device offers an x10 multi-cleaning system for more debris and dust that’s no different from what previous versions present, as well as a highly durable battery with XLife feature.

It is a little larger than other similar models yet provides a much more efficient performance, despite having a huge price. The 880 will keep your house clean effortlessly nevertheless, with the right configuration.

The Design of the Robot Vacuums

Roomba 805 Design

A Roomba is an automatic circular vacuum, sleek enough to fit under beds and other similar furniture. This one is in black with the brand name on a black stripe in the middle and a greenish power button in the middle below the strip.

Other functions buttons are also located below the middle CLEAN button in black color. The organization of buttons is practically the same on both the 805 and 880, which makes it useless to focus on this.

This one comes with 18.2 inches large by 16.5 inches wide and 5.5 inches thick dimension, while the 880 is slightly thinner.

Roomba 880 Design

The only difference from the Roomba 880 when compared to the 805 is the smaller design.

While the 805 offers more than 18 inches in diameter and 16 in width, the 880 provides 13.9 inches in both, making it more symmetrical and thinner as well with 3.6 inches thick, a difference of almost two inches from the 805.

On the other hand, the 805 has black stripes on the front and black buttons while the 880 offers a gray line & buttons which not only help with visibility but also look more appealing.

The design of the 880 remarks on a sleek pattern, but it could lead to less area covered, more versatility and mobility at the same time.

How They Actually Cleans?

How Roomba 805 Cleans

Both 805 and 880 come with the iAdapt Navigation System and the AeroForce Cleaning System, both incredibly useful and efficient for more reliable performance at home.

The navigation system allows the device to map out the entire house with range sensors, avoiding obstacles while cleaning. And the 3-Stage AeroForce aids in cleaning more effectively, agitating, brushing and suctioning dust, debris, and even moist filth.

It comes with standard filters that make cleaning it slightly faster.

Its standard Lithium-Ion battery that can offer up to 1 hour of straight cleaning before needing a charge. The charging times may vary between half an hour and one hour. You will need to recover and bring the device from the floor to the docking area and let it charge.

This means cleaning may not be the most convenient when it comes to a low-charge device, mainly if it gets stuck and does not move correctly.

A slightly more prominent design, however, may help the 805 to perform better while cleaning. It will undoubtedly hold more filth and keep more inside – thanks to its overall construction.

How Roomba 880 Cleans

Even though the Roomba 880 is practically the same product regarding cleaning features, the design and a few other additions can improve cleaning performance exponentially.

First off, there is the HEPA filtration system, which is more convenient than the standard filters making cleaning a lot healthier by capturing allergens but also makes cleaning faster.

On the other hand, the iAdapt Multi-Room Navigation System comes with a new function that improves cleaning – it will go back to docking and charge itself when needed.

The iAdapt program is also slightly better as it can go to multiple rooms despite not being entirely reliable while scanning the environment.

On the battery side, you will receive a longer life with the XLife feature of the 880. This makes the cleaning process a lot more efficient for at least 20 minutes in each charge when compared to the 805.

And of course, thanks to the automatic docking system, charging will be a piece of cake as long as the product doesn’t get stuck.

The battery, whatsoever, offers quicker charging times, more power, and even becomes more convenient when the device gets stuck, reducing self-discharge.

Compare by the Accessories

Accessories & Parts of Roomba 805

The Roomba 805 comes with a standard set of parts and other accessories to improve the performance of the device.

AeroForce High-Efficiency Filter: More useful in capturing the dust and debris from your house’s floor. Especially useful for hair and even moist dirt and similar, this filter is one of the most reliable capturing up to 7x more filth.

Tangle-Free Extractors: Perform excellently in places with pets where hair abounds. This will impede the device to get clogged with any material. Even if it is wet dirt or any other kind of debris, these extractors will keep your machine running and cleaning effectively.

Virtual Lighthouse Barriers: Keeps the device going from room to room, thanks to an infrared system that analyses and decides on where to go to avoid obstacles. Allows users to set up the invention in a roomy place and let it do its work.

Accessories & Parts of Roomba 880

Excellent set of features, simple yet with a few additional ones apart from the originals that come with the 805.

Tangle-Free Extractors: Comes with the same extractors as the 805. These accessories will help to prevent clogging inside the device, especially with things such as hair and damp filthiness.

HEPA Filter: Using the same AeroForce filtration system with an additional HEPA evolution, you will obtain the same efficiency but highly effective performance. Also grabs more dust and debris from the floor while keeping storage full.

Charging Dock: This vacuum comes with a charging dock that sends a signal to the device to go back, making the process highly convenient.

Virtual Wall Barriers: An Infrared scanner that tells the machine where it is at. It is the perfect system for avoiding obstacles in rooms while reducing repetition and coming back to the same place twice.

Remote Control: Lie on your bed or couch and turn the device on/off without problems. Using a robot vacuum has never been as easy and comfortable as it is with this accessory.

Roomba 805 & 880 Maneuverability Comparison

The highly reliable iAdapt Multi-Room Navigation system on both devices will improve the overall performance regarding maneuverability. However, one being smaller than the other has a slight advantage when it comes to going under furniture and moving with fewer obstacles.

In addition, both come with the Virtual Wall Barrier infrared system that improves mobility by adding in scanning the environment.

In the 880, this feature comes with an additional Multi-Room factor, which allows the device to clean in multiple rooms while reducing impacts or getting stuck with objects.

Roomba 805 Dimensions: 18.2 in diameter by 16.5 in width and 5.5 inches in thickness

Roomba 880 Dimensions: 13.9 in diameter by 13.9 in width and 3.6 inches in thickness


Roomba 805 Weight: 8.4 pounds

Roomba 880 Weight: 8.4 pounds


Roomba 805 Turns: 360º

Roomba 880 Turns: 360º

Roomba 805 & 880 Filtration Comparison

Filtration system on both the Roomba 804 and 880 are excellent. However, while the Roomba 805 uses a standard AeroForce High-Efficiency Filter, the 880 uses a HEPA filter which is similar yet much more effective in its performance.

The AeroForce High-Efficiency is said to grab seven times more filth from the floor while keeping it all dried out inside.

The HEPA filters of the 880 not only can go seven times than other options but even offer the chance to clean more dust, debris and moist filth which could contain allergens and the like.

Apart from that, both performances are almost the same, so you get fantastic results in both. But the 880 will surely get a little more from the floor than the 805.

Roomba 805 & 880 Battery Comparison

Using Lithium Ion batteries, you will experience a similar result with both the Roomba 805 and the 880. They are highly reliable and long-lasting batteries that may offer up to 1 hour or more of straight use without leaving anything to be desired.

However, it is the Roomba 880 that wins the battle here as well. Thanks to an XLife feature, the device is capable of going even double the time than a Roomba 805, reducing self-discharge and also providing a longer life over an extended time.

Performance Comparison on Carpet, Hardwood Floors & Pet Hair

Performing on different types of floors and surfaces can be a tough job depending on the design of the product. But both 805 and 880 have no problem going over any surface.


Even though these devices are supposed to be all-surface vacuums, a rug is not their best friend.

Thanks to a very reliable four-wheel design that allows them to go 360º without problems, they can move back and forth and give total turns if the iAdapt system tells them to.

For being too small, the wheels may have a disadvantage on thick carpets. But if you use the device on an average not too thick or hairy rug, it will surely perform correctly, whether you prefer 805 or 880.

Hardwood Floors

On hardwood floors, you won’t experience any change between the two either. The whole construction and design when it comes to mobility are so similar that even in hardwood, they will probably also look like the same product just painted slightly different.

Both perform excellently, but a few positives are on the side of Roomba 880 due to its somewhat superior iAdapt System.

Pet Hair

One thing that makes the Roomba vacuum models so unusual for most automatic vacuum users is the ability to avoid tangling and clogging while suctioning everything efficiently.

The 805 and 880 do an excellent job at it. However, due to a highly superior HEPA filtration system, the 880 performs better when it comes to getting pet hair off the floor without issues.

The Winner: Roomba 880 (Our Best Choice)

Now that you’ve gone through the comparison, you are undoubtedly thinking the same as we are – the Roomba 880 is the winner.

Keeping your house clean and doing so without a lot of stress is quite easily achievable and the iRobot Roomba vacuum cleaner goes a long way to prove so. This vacuum is designed with just what you need to keep your house sparkling and without any undue troubles. If you have been looking for a perfect vacuum to help ease cleaning in your home or office, the iRobot Roomba is a great choice.

Though the specifications of both robotic vacuum cleaner roomba 880 vs 805 seems same, only few differences such as Multi room cleaning facility & The price.

Roomba 880 is kinda modern and latest model comparing Roomba 805. And irobot 880 is much popular (you may check the customer reviews and recent sales trends on amazon)

I’d recommend Roomba 880 As it is loved by most of it’s users.

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