Eureka Mighty Mite Canister Vacuum-3670G Review [Update 2018]

There are some products that have been with us for such a long time that we take them for granted. The Eureka mighty Mite 3670G canister vacuum is one of those.

It is a vacuum cleaner that has been in existence since the eighties, and there is no greater testament to its quality than the fact that it is still able to compete and do that quite effectively with most of the vacuums manufactured recently.

3670G combines timeless technology along with a durable body to give users a perfect cleaning machine. It is the most convenient vacuum out there ideal for more than one type of surface.

You will find that most vacuums are usually designed for one kind of surface, because they have components, such as a very hard brush, that will cause damage to certain types of floors.

Or it may be that they don’t have perfect components for other types of surfaces. With this vacuum you don’t have such things to worry about. Versatility is assured of totally.

Durable Design

Even back in the eighties the designers understood the need for a machine that would be able to withstand all kinds of stresses. Vacuum cleaners are usually machines that undergo lots of tugging, and it is important that they be made if durable materials.

The materials used in the making of this corded canister vacuum cleaner are the most durable that can be found. Primarily the material used is a hard kind of plastic that is flexible yet strong. With this plastic every kind of stress can be borne.

Power Touch Handle

The handle of Eureka 3670G is equipped with special technology called power handle technology. This technology ensures ease of use which translates to faster cleaning of floors.

There are a number of added technologies to this one, because rarely will the inclusion of one piece of technology be enough to make the cleaning of surfaces a success. These technologies are a deluxe floor brush for maximum removal of dirt from carpet, and a bare floor nozzle.Eureka Mighty Mite Review

Additional Port

There is an additional port on this device that allows blowing air flow to shoot leaves and other kinds of debris easily. This additional functionality increases the chances of your floor getting clean quicker.

This port is a great addition, and I myself find it to be very efficient. It enhances the general performance of the vacuum.


If there is one thing that a vacuum cleaner should be, it is lightweight. Having a vacuum that weighs tens of pounds will be a major inconvenience.

If will cause discomfort to the arm while being moves around , and more than this, any time it has to be carried up a flight of stairs there will be trouble.

This cleaner is one of the lightest there is meaning that the cleaning of stairs and other elevated surfaces will not cause headache.

Adequate Length Of Cord

The device operates by means of mains electricity. The advantages of using mains electricity to batteries are well known, electricity is less likely to cause inconvenience as compared to batteries which can run out at any time.

But any device that uses mains electricity must have a sufficiently long cord so as not to hamper the cleaning process. The length of the cord here is adequate for the work of household cleaning without causing inconveniences.


  • Can be used on a number of surfaces.
  • Long cord for easy maneuverability.
  • Relies on mains power.
  • Uptight for easy use.
  • Bagless meaning there is no need for disposable bags.


  • No retractable cord.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the body made of?

A: Hard plastic that aids in durability.

Q: What sort of vacuuming technology does it use?

A: Short suction technology ideal for short carpets and hardwoods.

Q: Is the brush head adjustable?

A: Yes, the brush head is adjustable.

Final Verdict

They say that old is gold, and in this case they are absolutely right. This is a long lasting vacuum cleaner that has been tried and tested for years.

It has stood comparison with all other vacuum cleaners and is simply one of the best. It is definitely one to have.

So if you want a great vacuum cleaner to help you with notorious dirt and animal hair, try this model out, and I’m sure you won’t regret.

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