Eureka AS2111A Review As One Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner

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Eureka AS2113A Review-Bagless Upright VacuumPeople do say cheap is expensive, but not Eureka AS2111A bugless upright vacuum cleaner, It is here to disapprove the phrase.

With Eureka multi cyclonic airspeed one vacuum you get your cleaning done well in just a good cost.

It has great suctioning power and it’s easy to use.

This came as a replacement of my older vacuum after a malfunction problem, and I had a hard time finding the perfect replacement as I could not meet the cost of most that I desired, after a couple of reviews I decided to settle on this one.

I had my doubts as I thought the reviews were over-exaggerating well it’s such a shame when I was proven to be wrong.

AS2111A Eureka Bagless Upright Vacuum Reviews

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Eureka Airspeed AS2111A Pet Vacuum Features & Benefits:

The AS2111A eureka  has various features which are essential for cleaning needs and I totally love it. If you are stranded on choice, as you have a budget to meet and expecting results then Eureka AS one is right choice for you. Below are the features I found interesting.

AirSpeed Technology

Eureka multi-cyclonic AS2111A has the ability to remove more dirt & clean deeply by moving more air. The airflow can be controlled via the controlling switch, so the airspeed facility can be utilized where it’s necessary.

Easy To Set-Up

I hate it when after buying equipment, for me to use it, I will have to buy other tools to set it up and use it. Well Eureka AS one does not give u such a tough moment, you need no expert to come and assemble it for you.

Just get the user manual and you will find it easy, the parts just snap in perfectly and you do not require any external tool.Eureka AS ONE AS2113A Upright Vacuum Cleaner Review

Quick Dial Switch

Another amazing feature about this machine is the ability to comfortably switching from floor to onboard by just turning a dial switch.

It doesn’t give you a hard time unlike other vacuums where you have to dismantle parts and switch them, exposing them to risks such as falling. In this you dial from floor to tools or vice versa and you get the job done.

Great Suction Power

It has short air path with very limited twists and bends, thus reducing the distance dirt has to travel to the dust cup thus creating great and effective suction power as there is good amount of air flowing through the vacuum.

Also the switching dial cuts out air flow completely and concentrates the suction flow to the required end, this ensures performance and efficiency in cleaning.

Different Height Adjustments

Wondering on how to clean different carpets that vary textures and different heights? Eureka performs well on various carpet heights as it has 5 different height adjustment function. In addition it has scuff resistance for the care of your furniture.


The weight is only 8 pounds, so people whom are fan of lightweight vacuum cleaners will be happy using this upright vacuum.

Maximum Cleaning

With a low flat-like front head it can reach under furniture and get rid of those stubborn dirt that take hide from other cleaning equipment.

With extension wand, brush and crevice too this machine is definitely designed for multi-purpose. The floor nozzle covers 13 inches cleaning path.


  • Easy to assemble
  • It is light in weight about 8 pounds can carry around with ease
  • With various adjustment functions and onboard tools can serve for multipurpose
  • Effective and powerful cleaning including Pet hair.
  • Its multi cyclonic cycle separates large debris and fine dust.


  • Some people might have an issue with the 19 feet cord but well for average homes it’s the right size.
  • I found it to be a little loud but well for the purpose it serves you will forget about the noise.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the Filter reusable?

A: Yes the filter is reusable and long lasting. When through with cleaning, wash the filter and let it dry ready for reuse

Q: Does it come with disposable dust bags?

A: No it is bagless saving you time, money and energy with no bags to replace.

Q: What tools am I required to have to set it functioning?

A; No tools required. Its compartments just fit in nicely with less effort.

Final Verdict

Making the right or wrong decision is an eternal personal judgment that we live with, but choosing Eureka AS ONE AS2111A definitely making the right choice. It is cost friendly, durable, Maintainable, and does its job perfectly well.

I’ll let you judge the price on your own, and trust me it’s just good for the money and gives great results.

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