Eureka Airspeed AS3030A Bagless Upright Vacuum Review

Another quality product from Eureka is the perfect and beautifully made Eureka Airspeed. Vacuums are seldom meant to be beautiful. They merely perform their functions and when finished they are stored away from sight.

The Airspeed AS3030A is a different kind of beast; however, it is designed with such care and precision that it ended beating out most other vacuum cleaners.

I remember that I took some time to get used to this machine because I had owned another one for the longest time prior to this one.

It however never crossed my mind to doubt the effectiveness of this beauty even once. In the end after I had used it for some time, I got to understand all its little quirks and modes of operation.

It is only then that I truly appreciated how amazing the machine is. I got to explore all parts of it and the result is that I know much about its working. Below we’ll get into these features a bit.

Optimal Airflow Technology

Airflow is absolutely essential to the best vacuum cleaner. For suctioning to work properly there must be adequate air flow to the device.

If you need a vacuum cleaner that works well, them definitely you must check out the air flow. I am glad to say that the air supply in this device is top notch, allowing for proper circulation and effective picking up of sand and debris.

12 Amps Power

Another important part of the vacuum cleaner is without a doubt that the motor. The motor is what keeps the machine running smoothly. A vacuum cleaner with a low quality pump isn’t very useful to a user.

In this device a user is assured of a powerful 12 amp power provision system that ensures the motor functions at full capacity. With all this power, my house is vacuumed in just a few minutes, and the results is still awesome.

Suction Power Maintained

It is important for a machine to be able to generate suction as this is the use of a motor in a vacuum cleaner. However of even more importance is the keeping of this suction maintained.

This device is able to do just this, and keep the machine running smoothly for the longest time. This is one area that I feel the company did a good job on.Eureka Airspeed Review

HEPA Filtration

HEPA filtration is one of the most important features in a vacuum cleaner. A vacuum cleaner must be able to identify components of air that are not pure and filter these foreign components from going back to the atmosphere.

In this device this particular kind of filtration enables the total cleaning of any room and enable users to fully appreciate how vital this job is.

Flip Bottom Dust Cup

The dust cup is what’s to be used for collecting all dust. It is a very easy component to. Clean in this machine.

Unlike other vacuum machines that require a user to have disposable dust bags, this one features one of the manufacturer’s very own that should be able to make the work of cleaning. The ease with which all these accessories make work easier makes this one of the best vacuums out there.


  • Retractable cord.
  • Bagless for extra convenience.
  • Convenient for hardwood floors as well.
  • It is an upright vacuum cleaner.
  • Extremely lightweight.


  • Comes at slightly higher prices than other vacuums in this range.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there overload protection?

A: Yes overload protection is allowed, and this comes out as very convenient.

Q: What are its decibel upper limits!

A: The upper decibel limit in this vacuum cleaner is 83 db.

Q: What other accessories are there present in the bag?

A: Crevice tool, stair and upholstery nozzle, and a dusting brush among other features.

Final Verdict

Vacuums come and go but quality products are here to stay. It isn’t often that you find a product that offers so much quality without compromising on the standards that made it stand out in the first place.

This is a vacuum made with the user at heart. Attention to detail is top notch, and the accessories make it one of the most convenient and flexible vacuums in market.

It works for a variety of surfaces perfectly, not spoiling them and leaving them spick and span. I highly recommend to everyone.

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