Best Dirt Devil Vacuum Reviews 2018

After going through various reviews I know you are at a point of almost giving up in further searching.

Well, count this as your last stopover and you have just found what you were looking for.

A vacuum cleaner that is good for your money.

In today’s post we’ll show you the 5 best dirt devil vacuum cleaners 2018

#01. Dirt Devil UD70105 Breeze Cyclonic Vacuum

The UD70105 Dirt Devil Breeze is the right machine to purchase if you want to clean your stairs easily and comfortably.

Considering performance and durability, comparing to other vacuums at the same range well I find this to be at the top of the class.

The vacuum gives me easy time when cleaning it is light and weight (stated to be 7pounds) and its maneuverability is great. Great handle with grip and is retractable.

Also, another advantage is that my house is well packed and I’m limited to storage. The Dirt Devil consumes less space and I just loved it. If you are thinking of replacing your vacuum with a new one just consider this one and you will love the results.

I may not be able to cover all the features of the Vac, but I’ll try as much as possible to cover those that might be useful.

Easy To Assemble And Simple To Use

As a consumer, it’s always good for the manufactures to consider that  not all customers are that elite on machines, and the manufactures of UD70105 Dirt Devil got it right as you need almost no knowledge on vacuums to get it started.

Its parts just snap and fit well and they are compact and do not fall off when using the machine. Has an accessibly on/off button and the dirt cup easily detaches by just a press of a button.

Cyclonic Filtration Technology

It uses a cyclonic Filtration Technology where the intake of air is shot through a conical filter and dirt is trapped when the air cycling round. In the same process the dirt is separated with size.

The dust cup is well sealed to contain the dust inside and also its baggless this saves you money for replacing bags.

Automatic Height Adjustment

When dealing on different carpet textures you will consider a machine that easily switches from one carpet type to another Dirt Devil serves that purpose just right. It has height adjustment settings that help you switch through different carpet heights.

On Board Tools

This baby comes with on-board easy to use tools and help in the purpose of cleaning various areas. The Extension Wands to reach spaces beyond our hands touch, dusting brush for cleaning furniture and Crevice tool for cleaning the hard to reach and hardcore dirt.

It also comes with a bagless dirt cup thus is sizable enough and empties with a downfall thus no remains of dirt are left behind.

Long cord

If you have limited power out source in the room this is an advantage plus as it has 25feet long power cord. You don’t have to interrupt your cleaning now and then by relocating from one power source to another.


  • Light weight can be carried around when cleaning.
  • Durable and easy to maintain
  • Small easy for storage
  • Quality Performance, it performs well on different floor types and carpets.
  • It has a powerful suction.


  • From reading other reviews some users find it to be loud, as for me it’s a machine it allowed to sound I don’t count that as a reason why not to get it.
  • I do wish it had a retractable cord rewind but does an issue I can deal with all in all it’s a good vacuum cleaner.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can it work on various carpet heights?

A: Yes It works on different carpets as it auto adjusts.

Q:  Do I need to clean the filter?

A: Well you have to get the filter manually and clean it after every cleaning to avoid clogging.

If you are out and about searching for a vacuum that gets the work done on your stairs but the budget becomes a restriction, this is the option for you. I give it a five star, Its powerful Durable and low cost on maintenance.

This is a machine that can never disappoint you. It works well to serve the purpose it was made to perform. You can give it a try, and I’m pretty sure it will amaze you.

#02. Dirt Devil UD20015 Review

The Ud20015 is another excellent vacuum from the dirt Devil series that offers ultimate cleaning perfection.

Your surfaces will never be the same again once you start using this wonderful piece of machinery. It is built to function at the highest levels without need for worry about its coping abilities.

It is the perfect vacuum for small to medium sized rooms; it will make light the job of cleaning these surfaces. I own one of these vacuums. Initially when I read reviews commenting on how awesome and effective this vacuum was I was skeptical.

My experience with vacuum cleaners has been quite terrible. I rarely find vacuums that work perfectly, and even when I do they turn out to be the wrong vacuums for the kind of surface I want to work on.

Dirt Devil UD20015 vacuum therefore pleasantly surprised me with its quiet efficiency. I have had it for a number of months and I feel no need at all to go for another vacuum. If serves our purposes completely and our house is totally dust free these days.

Wide Cleaning Path

This vacuum has been designed in such a way that the front is wide enough to cover a larger floor surface than all other normal vacuums.

Because of this, a larger amount of floor can be accessed and cleaned at once with this vacuum. This is a big advantage because you get to clean more surfaces and take a shorter time doing it.


The advantages of a bagless vacuum cannot be overstated. Vacuums that use bags require that the user have bags in the first place. Then there is the process of fitting them and detaching them once they are full.

Then comes disposing of the bag, and you just can’t throw it anywhere because plastic bags are a major pollution headache. Thankfully, this vacuum is totally bagless. The dirt is collected in a canister, which is some sort of inbuilt mechanism that keeps all the collected dirt.

8 Foot Stretch Hose

The hose on this device is up to 8 feet long. The reason for this device needing a hose is because if uses mains electricity to function. This is itself an advantage since the device need not rely on batteries which can run out in the middle of a job.

The length of cord means that a user can comfortably clean small spaces such as dorm rooms and living rooms without any concern over whether the cord can hold.

#03. Dirt Devil Vibe SD20020

I can’t imagine life without a vacuum cleaner. I have a pretty large house that only a good vacuum cleaner can manage to keep clean and fresh.

I have cats and dogs in my house, and they often shed off their fur everywhere. I don’t want to bump into a dog fur in my food, and so I clean my house regularly. In fact, what has really helped me so much is the Dirt Devil Vibe SD20020 vacuum cleaner.

This is one classy piece of technology that any household would be lucky to acquire. It tackles dirt with so much power, and can cover even the most hidden of places.

Dirt hiding in corners, cracks and soft materials are all accessed and suctioned without compromise. I’ve been using mine for sometimes now, making sure my house is clean and fresh all the time. The cost of using it is also pretty low.

Quick Release Cord

The vacuum cleaner features a readily release cord that makes it easy for you to do your everyday cleaning work with it.

This is just one of the many features of the Dirt Devil Vibe SD20020 that help make your vacuum cleaning a walk in the park.The process is stress free, and so much fun, thanks to the ingenious design and convenient features that makes this machine a great choice for any household.

Quick Cleaning

I have a very huge house that would take me ages to clean if it were not for my Dirt Devil Vibe 3-in-1. With this great machine in the mix, I can do away with dirt in my house in just a few minutes.

The vacuum cleaner has enough power to provide fast and easy cleaning. The moment you turn it on, just know you will be done in just a few minutes.Dirt Devil Vibe Vacuum Cleaner Review

Easy-to-Empty Dirt Cup

This is another convenient feature that the Dirt Devil Vibe SD20020 has that can I consider a great addition. Vacuumed cleaning can be difficult if you struggle with the emptying of the dirt cup every time it is full.

That is solved for you in this machine. It features an easy to empty dirt cup that allows you to dispose of the collected dirt hassle free so that you can continue with your cleaning process.

On/Off Brushroll

This is another very important feature found in this machine. It boasts brushroll that can be turned on to agitate carpeted surfaces and off for hard surfaces. There are some vacuum cleaners are not good with carpets, but not Dirt Devil Vibe.

All the dirt hiding in your carpet will be eradicated within a very few minutes, giving way for a fresher look. After the cleaning, no traces of dirt will be found.

Lightweight Design

This is a really thoughtful feature that most vacuum cleaner have. The Dirt Devil Vibe 3-in-1 is super lightweight, making it easy to move from room to room as you do your cleaning.

Many people avoid vacuum cleaning simply because their vacuum cleaners are heavy. But with this model, everything is even easier with its lightweight design. Even my 4 year old son can push it with a single hand.


  • High power for better performance
  • Detachable handle
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to empty dirt cup
  • Accesses hard to reach areas


  • Short power cord
  • The dirt cup is too small

Frequently Asked Question

Q: What is the size of its cleaning path?

A: The vacuum cleaner has a cleaning path of 10 inches, which is a decent size for a stick

Q: How long is its power cord?

A: The power cord is 15 inches long. This is long enough.

Q: How close is the power switch to the handle?

A: Unfortunately, no power switch on the stick handle. You just have to bend down a bit to turn the machine on.

Every good thing must have its limitations too, but with Dirt Devil Vibe, its strengths reign over the disadvantages.

The machine is very handy, easily accessing even the hiding debris, dirt, and dust. It might not be the best in the market right now, but you can be sure that it will transform your house into a small heaven on earth.

No one want to stay in a dirty environment, and this product will eradicate even the most notorious dirt in your lovely house.

#4. Dirt Devil SD20505 Power Air Corded Bagless Stick Vacuum for Hard Floor

This vacuum uses a 10-amp motor that provides extremely powerful suction. But that’s just the start of the many benefits it can bring you.

It features a cyclonic filtration system so that it doesn’t lose suction power as the filter becomes dirtier.

That makes it very maneuverable, and you can use just a single hand to carry it. The wheels are sturdy as well. You can pretty clean a very large are without having to move the plug to another socket, as the cord is 20 feet long.

You can reach deep under lots of furniture because of its low profile. The cleaning head is only 1.5 inches tall. It’s bagless so you don’t need to keep getting vacuum bags regularly.

But the dirt cup is also very easy to empty. You just basically need to press a single button as you hold it over your trash can. It can make vacuuming a very quick process, since the cleaning path is 11 inches wide.

It’s fairly quiet, although that’s compared to other powerful vacuum cleaners. It doesn’t take up much space to store. You can even hang this. But the plastic casing may not be all that sturdy, so be careful when you hang it in a closet along with other pieces of equipment.

#5. Dirt Devil SD20000RED Simpli-Stik Lightweight Bagless Stick Vacuum

This exemplifies the very nature of stick vacuum cleaners, which are supposed to be streamlined for significant weight reduction.

This bagless vacuum weighs less than 4 pounds! It’s also a 2-in-1 vacuum, as you can detach a hand vacuum unit as well. It’s not surprising that it’s the best seller among stick vacuums on Amazon.

You can use this for a wide variety of cleaning functions. You can clean the hardwood floors, and you can also use it to get rid of the pet hair on the couch. You can even use this to clean your carpet.

The suction is good enough for pet hair on hardwood floors as well. Its light weight makes it very maneuverable and you won’t have any problems lifting it from room to room and from floor to floor.

The wheels roll smoothly as well. It comes with a crevice tool onboard, so you can easily get the dirt in the various cracks and crevices. It’s a bagless design so there’s no need to constantly replenish your vacuum bags.

The filter is also reusable, so you don’t need to keep buying filters too.It’s very easy to use, as it comes with the no-frills philosophy that represents the stick vacuum niche.

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