Bissell Cleanview 1330 Review

Buying a new vacuum cleaner is not all that simple, especially if you want only the best and you don’t know what to look for.

I like vacuuming my house on my own, and that’s why I have some knowledge on these appliances.

There are many of these products in the market that promise heaven but give nothing close to it.

I have had my best and worst moments with different models of vacuum cleaners, and among all the ones that I’ve used; BISSELL CleanView series seems to be the one that I can be proud of.

Specially the Bissell 1330; it features a great design that works well to make vacuum cleaning extra easy and enjoyable, you just have to choose how you want to go about it.

Whether you want to pin those head phones to your ears and listen to your favorite jam while vacuuming your house, or simply listening to the sound of the machine sucking in the tiniest of unwanted particles on the floor, it’s up to you.

Fast and Easy Cleaning

The BISSELL CleanView 1330 is ingeniously designed to allow for fast and easy cleaning. This vacuum cleaner is lightweight and has a highly powerful suction, innovative brush and a superior design that allows for more cleaning on the initial pass.

Where this vacuum cleaner passes for the fast time has been perfectly cleaned, and if it has to pass on it again, it’s just for your own pleasure.

Cyclonic System

TBISSELL CleanView 1330his cleaning machine is designed not to disappoint. I’ve been using mine for quite a while and it is still strong. There is no sign of malfunctioning or wear and tear, and this is made possible by the cyclonic system that makes it possible for the machine to last longer and to have a powerful suction. Mine is really serving me well, and I can tell that it will still continue to clean my house for a longer period to come.

Innovative Brush

The brush plays a very critical role. The BISSELL CleanView 1330 features a highly innovative brush design that really works well to ensure no dust or animal fur is not eradicated. The brush design rotates into your carpet to clean more and thoroughly on just the initial pass.

The cleaner is a powerful piece, and this can be seen in how it tackles dust and other unwanted matter on the floor and carpet.

Convenient Dirt Tank

The BISSELL CleanView features an easy-to-empty dirt tank that I find very convenient. The tank is big enough and doesn’t fill up so easily.

This allows me to vacuum clean my floor for longer before I can empty the tank. Some machines that I’ve owned have very tiny tanks that require regular emptying. This is not the case with this greatly innovated vacuum cleaner.

Washable Foam Tank

The BISSELL CleanView 1330 features a multilevel filtration system and a washable foam tank filter, both of which functions to ensure a better cleaning results.

These features reinforce the cleaning process, and after each cleaning you will love the glossy appearance of your floor. You can tell a superior machine from the number of innovative features it offers, and this cleaner has it all.


  • Lightweight for better control
  • Easy to use and operate
  • Aesthetically superior
  • Easy-to-empty dirt tank
  • Wide variety of use


  • A little noisy

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I use it to clean my furniture?

A: Through the TurboBrush tool, you can use it to clean your furniture, upholstery, and more.

Q: How many filters does the machine have?

A: The BISSELL CleanView features two filters for cleaner air. One of the filters is easily removable to be shaken out and washed

Q: How many settings does it offer?

A: The machine offers five settings for various floor types.

Final Verdict

With all these amazing features, BISSELL CleanView 1330 can transform any floor, carpet, furniture or even upholstery into theshiny, sparkling surface that you want them to be.

Most notable is the level of enjoyment I get from it use. The vacuum cleaner is smooth to push and drag around the house, and within a very short time, even the biggest house will be left clean and sparkling.

Since I bought it, even my older kids enjoy the cleaning process, and now we clean our house more often. So if you are looking to buy a new vacuum cleaner, I would recommend this particular model.

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