BISSELL 9595A Review

There are a lot of cleaning tools available on the market but none of them outperforms a vacuum cleaner.

Cleaning your carpets and bare floors with a vacuum cleaner not only eliminates dirt, dust and allergens but also maintains and prolongs the life of your carpet.

Cleaning the stairs is among the most difficult jobs that you can encounter if you do not have the right vacuum cleaner.

You can imagine struggling with a heavy machine that can make the whole cleaning experience boring.

This is why I appreciate the BISSELL 9595A because it does a smart job cleaning the stairs. This is a perfect machine that every home owner should go for if you want to enjoy cleaning stairs without experiencing problems with your machine.

Using this machine will leave you with immense levels of satisfaction. The product is part of the reputable Bissell line. I’ve always been a user of Bissell products and that is the reason why I went for this Bissell in a rush.

Innovative Brush Design

The brush for this device is really unique. The uniqueness it has enables it to offer better cleaning of your surfaces. It is designed to rotate down into the carpet for better cleaning.

Dirt usually resides embedded in the depths of the strands of carpet hairs. Having a device that can offer you the ability to reach deep into these crevices and remove dirt is surely cause for celebration.

Cyclonic System

The system of suction on this vacuum cleaner is the reliable cyclonic system. This system ensured that maximum suctioning power is generated to be able to scoop out all bits of dirt from your surface in one sweep.

Apart from this the cyclonic system also ensures that the suctioning of the device remains constant despite varying levels of power.BISSELL 9595A Review

Turbo Brush Tool

Among the valuable accessories that come with this product is an impressive turbo brush tool. The purpose of this brush tool is for special cleaning of stairs and furniture and upholstery.

All these surfaces aren’t your normal surfaces, and they require different tactics to ensure that the dirt on them is completely scooped out. This makes the turbo brush an extremely useful piece of equipment.

Easy Empty Dirt Tank

The dirt tank is what holds dirt in this vacuum cleaner instead of the usual dirt bags that are found in vacuums that use bags. Bags usually cause lots of problems while disposing because they pollute the environment.

Bagless vacuums are, therefore, preferable because they are easier to handle. This vacuum has a dirt canister in place of a bag, and the dirt canister is easily detached and emptied when full.

One Pass Technology

One pass technology is fundamental technology that ensures that a vacuum can offer maximum cleaning in one go. Usually the problem with vacuums is that they take a lot of time to clean one place.

You may have to run it a couple of times over a surface for perfect cleaning. With one pass technology this isn’t necessary. Time is saved and surfaces are left much cleaner in the end.


  • The device is upright.
  • Features the impressive one pass technology.
  • Removes embedded dirt easily.
  • Has long lasting brushes.
  • Has warranty.


  • Noise levels are more than average.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the weight of one device?

A: One device Weighs 15.1 pounds.

Q: What attachments are to be found within?

A: A turbo brush tool.

Q: Is the foam filter washable?

A: Yes, the foam filter is entirely washable.

Final Verdict

A lot of the work that goes into creating the perfect vacuum is concentrated on the suction, the filters and the weight of the product. The Bissell vacuum cleaner scores all these excellently.

It weighs just a couple of pounds heavier than ten and is upright for convenient use. It is the perfect vacuum cleaner to have.

On top of everything the vacuum features one pass technology, a move designed to take vacuuming to the next level by offering faster and more efficient cleaning.

After using this device for a number of months I’m impressed with its overall cleaning on the stairs recommend the machine to anyone looking for a quality vacuum cleaner for cleaning stairs.